Reasons I Need a Dog and Why Every Meal Counts


1. A dog gets me up earlier in the day and therefore makes me feel more productive.

2. More exercise that does not feel like exercise.

3. Looking into his cute adorable face makes my heart melt and I forget about a lot of things (ok, so sometimes that interferes with the whole productive part…)

4. I get along better with dogs than I do cats. I love my 2 kitties dearly, but there is just something about a person and their dog.

5. Dogs help you meet more people! And people want to hang out with you and your dog. True story.


There are a lot of reasons why I need a dog, but mostly the exercise part has been key while dogsitting my mom’s Corgi. I went on 4 decent sized walks yesterday (probably came out to be a little more than 2 miles of walking). This morning when I got on the scale? I was down an additional pound. It felt amazing. I am now just one pound off from hitting the 220’s. I like to imagine it will be all down hill now to get below 200, but I know it will be just as hard to get there. It just feels so much closer than when I was in the 230’s. I do not know what the mental block is exactly but the 230’s still feel extremely close to my starting weight of 267. I know it is over a 30 pound weight loss(!), but it still feels too close to comfort. For some reason, just one pound into the 220’s feels like I have really made a difference and that I am going down the right path. Am I crazy or does anyone else feel the same way about their weight? Are there numbers just too close to comfort? Numbers that make you feel more accomplished? I could be crazy — that is not out of the realm of possibility!

I know I said I was going to be doing a post this week on budgeting and meal plans, but life got in the way… and then I totally forgot it was Easter this weekend, and I have invited my mom to come down for a home cooked meal (since she hasn’t had many of those for awhile) and just to hang out and get to know the area. So when you are cooking for more people, it is definitely a little bit harder to do a whole post on healthy eating and budgeting when the fiance and I splurged on some extras to really give my mom a nice time… so instead, I promise to do the post NEXT week on budgeting and healthy eating. For right now, my advice is just to cut back on things you have gotten into the habit of doing. Such as putting a teaspoon less of sugar in your coffee/tea, instead of drinking 3 sodas go down to 2, instead of ordering 3 soft tacos get 2, instead of eating out exchange a night for a home cooked meal…etc. It really is easy to become overwhelmed by a lifestyle change and you do not want to set yourself up to fail. Start small and work your way up! I feel like I keep saying the same thing over and over again… but I keep seeing people doing too much all at once and then back sliding. Also this is a lifestyle change… whatever you eat is part of your diet… there is no “off night” from your diet. Those calories still count. Your body is not going to all of a sudden be like “Oh, you’re right… you have been working so hard, please eat whatever you like tonight. This one is on me.” NO! Those calories count. You can eat whatever you like, whenever you like… but if you are serious about losing weight and making a change, you cannot think about this as a diet you can turn on and off. Every meal counts.

I am now off for my 2nd walk of the day and it is before 10!  I could get used to this… on the other hand, the cats are wishing for him to disappear!


3 thoughts on “Reasons I Need a Dog and Why Every Meal Counts

  1. Having a dog can help with the exercise piece. We are working on training our dogs to be better on the leash. They are big dogs and tend to pull a lot – which means the walks are NOT FUN AT ALL. But since we started the training, it’s gotten a lot better. I’m looking forward to the day when it’s not such a hassle.

    My husband and I started a food blog awhile back and some of what you are saying about budgeting/planning sounds like our philosophy. Life got in the way of us posting regularly, but we still have some great advice, recipes, etc on the site.

    Look at the “our approach explained in depth” at the top. Might be sort of what you do, too!

    Congrats on the additional pound lost. I am SOOOO hoping to have weight loss tomorrow on the scale. But i’ll be measuring too – so hopefully one of them will bring good news.

    • Oh no! Yeah I know for a fact that when big dogs want to go somewhere other than where you want them to go, it is definitely a pain to control of them. I grew up with big yellow labs — but luckily, we now have a small little Corgi so he is pretty easy to handle. He can be stubborn but for the most part he is really well behaved

      I love the site! My fiance will especially love it because he loves things with a little kick (I am on the other side of the spectrum… a little spice kills me. haha). And thank you!! I am now 3 pounds away to a 40 pound weight loss!! Heck yeah!

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