Inspiring? Already? Hurray!


I just started this blog 2 and a half weeks ago because I wanted a place to tell friends and family of my progress and maybe to also inspire them a little to make more health conscience decisions — and so far, it has been working for many! I did not expect to find so much inspiration and awesome people so quickly… but I have! And already have been given an Inspiring Blogger Award… which is mostly a chain letter-like thing that links to other inspiring people that deserve greater audiences!

Here are some of the blogs I have found incredibly motivating and supportive… I haven’t known them for long since I am still a n00b but I recommend checking them out!

1. ThirtyStory – One of my very first followers! She pretty much inspires me every day!

2. Trying Not to be Fat – She is the one who passed the award on to me, and I  just had to return the favor and send people over her way too! She has such entertaining posts… they make me smile every day!

3. Lara’s Weigh Down – This girl definitely understands the mental and physical battles of living life and getting fit! She is a huge inspiration to myself and I am sure she can be an inspiration to you as well!

4. 365til30 – She is living my dream! I just love all her goals… currently she is going on a road trip across the USA… something I hoped to do before I reach my 30’s!

5. thebettermanproject – One man’s journey to becoming a better man… each post is a little bit of inspiration and is like reading a segment of a book. I just love his writing style!

6. Nurse on the Run – Need some running inspiration? Read her blog. I feel ready to go running again today!

7. Claire Cappetta – Raises awareness to some really important issues and is also promoting her own stories and writing!

And… I guess I am supposed to do 7 random facts? Or not well known facts? I am not very good at this…

1. I am a huge kid at heart… I love all things animated, Disney, cartoon…

2. On that note, I am probably more excited than a 7 year old about going to Disneyland at the beginning of May.

3. I am getting surgery on my jaw due to an extreme overbite that causes really bad migraines when I grind my teeth. I also chew on just my molars because of this so now they are way too flat.

4.  I LOVE to bake… but unfortunately, haven’t been baking as much because I am trying to eat healthier and feel like a hypocrite when I shove cookies into people’s faces (“I can’t eat it BUT YOU CAN!”)

5. My two kitties are named after characters from The Big Bang Theory, and they actually act like their on-screen personalities: Sheldon and Penny.

6. I absolutely adore road trips in the summer with the windows down. I love it when my fiance and I are the only ones on the road.

7. I am finally liking the person I see in the mirror after despising that image for so long… I am just afraid people are going to think I am full of myself… but I am just proud of the accomplishments I have made so far.

So yay! That’s that.  I am probably going to write another blog post later today about the Coconut Shrimp and Salad I had last night, and talk about how healthy eating isn’t really that much more expensive in the long run!


4 thoughts on “Inspiring? Already? Hurray!

  1. Yay! Congrats, this is exciting. I didn’t know you had only been blogging for a few weeks – you are an old pro 🙂

    Glad to see that I inspire you – I love blogging communities because it’s so great to find other likeminded people out there that can help you get back on track and stay focused…or just make you laugh!

    • Thank you! =) I am still working on finding my voice but each post, I feel like I am a step closer to the direction I want to go with this… and you are a huge inspiration! Finding people who are writing about similar things… it really makes you feel less alone in the world.

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