Almost Victory! But A Weekend of Glory


I am so close to officially losing 40 pounds that it hurts. I look at the scale and I am physically pained. If I had lost just 2 more ounces, it would have been official, but alas… no. I keep gaining and losing the same pound over again. My body (aka my mind) is just afraid of making that leap into the forty pound weight loss… so this is going to be the week where I push myself harder and track my calories a little bit better than I have been (I can be such a slacker…). I know I have become somewhat complacent because I am feeling better about myself. I need to tell myself that just because I feel awesome does not mean that piece of chocolate or brownie sundae is going to make the awesome feeling even better (even though it did taste amazing and it had been SO long… I did share, though!)

This weekend was still incredible even if it did not translate on the scale. Friday, I went horse back riding, and I am finally at a point where I feel amazing and more confident than I have in a very long time. I was even able to go riding outside instead of just in an inclosed/indoor arena (that’s where I feel more safe if I were to fall off). I loved it. I had not felt that good about riding in a very long time. Saturday was an off day for me. The climate changes always throw me off so when it has been really chilly and then suddenly launches into the higher 60’s/low 70’s, I get really bad headaches. Not sure why but it has been happening for a long time. So I ended up just relaxing and napping…. we did have a barbeque that night but I did very well as to not eat too much. I had a lean meat burger made with all natural beef (wow, you can really tell the difference. It was more expensive but worth it to know the cows were not given any chemicals and hormones) on a whole wheat bun, one slice of thin cut cheese, a small spoonful of pasta salad and potato salad. The one thing I did eat a little too much of was this Ambrosia salad that the upstairs neighbors make (excuse me as I drool over the memory). It is a fabulous warm weather dessert. My excuse for having that extra spoonful of it was that it does have fruit in it (don’t mind the marshmallows and such…).

Sunday was the best day overall. My fiance and I met up with a friend for lunch where we had delicious sandwiches. I had what is called a “Greca” which consists of roasted eggplant, roasted red peppers, red onion, fresh mozzarella, and I added pesto to it all on homemade whole grain bread. It was absolutely delicious. I split a small iced mocha latte with the fiance because we both have been there before and know how sweet their mocha lattes are (and therefore probably a lot of calories). Also, I am sorry I did not take pictures more often… I really need to do that. I think my posts would be more interesting… Anyway! Before I get too side tracked, back to Sunday. After lunch, we decided to go walking on the trails in a forest near by. We ended up meeting up with another friend there unexpectedly with his adorable black lab and spent about 2 hours walking the trails together… we ended up walking 4 to 5 miles? I am not quite sure, but it was an absolutely wonderful day. I did not have to sit down and rest at all like I had to do last year when the fiance and I checked out the trails for the first time and had no idea where we were going (I almost never made it out of those woods). The four of us then went out to get drinks at a local restaurant where I drank 1 and a half glasses of lemonade and then split that brownie sundae and also munched on some sweet potato fries. That’s all I had for the rest of the night for food, though.

After we parted ways, the fiance and I went clothes shopping since our clothes were getting SUPER baggy and we needed some new summer clothes for our trip out to California/Colorado (16 days away!). It was amazing to know that I have dropped 3 pant sizes! Also, I can wear Capri pants. I have never been able to wear those! My calves were always too big, but that is no longer the case. I am so excited! That made for a great ending to the weekend.

As soon as we got home, I quickly crashed in exhaustion. Once again, I really wish I had pictures but I am a slacker. I will do better in the future. Promise!

Goals this week…

1. Drink more H20.

2. Lots of H20.

3. Watch calories more closely. No more estimating.

4. Push myself that little extra every day when I exercise.

5. Take more pictures.

6. Continue feeling joy.

What are your goals for the week?


5 thoughts on “Almost Victory! But A Weekend of Glory

  1. Awesome weekend. I still need to blog my weekend update. I was good for MOST of it, but then sort of bombed again last night. *sigh* I’m still working hard though. 3 pant sizes? That is AMAZING! I can’t wait to be as successful as you are right now. I just have to keep my head up and DO IT! My goals for the week: Work out even though my schedule is kinda crazy this week. Drink MORE water (like you), and limit my sweets because I have a few work events this week and i know it will be killer to resist!

    • Yeah, I went down from a 22/20 down to a 16. =) So I am super excited about that. I hope the work outs are going well!! This week has been pretty crazy!

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