When You Don’t Feel It, You Need It.


That could definitely sound weird out of context. Oh wait, it is out of context…

Today has been one of those days where you would rather be sleeping than doing anything else, and on top of feeling that way, it is the day where you have a lot of shit stuff you have to do. I started my day with an hour and a half drive to the orthodontist where they spend 15 minutes looking at my teeth and then saying I am ready for surgery, and not doing much else except changing the color of my bands. I cannot wait to have this gosh darn surgery and I will no longer have to do these crazy trips. So after 3 hours of driving in the morning, I came home pretty zonked out… But the fiance and I are also pet sitting and the day was just calling for a walk. So we took the dogs on a mile and a half walk. Wednesdays are also Game Nights. A group of us get together and play games like Dominion, Small World, Catan, etc. Strategy games mostly. Sometimes we throw in the random Mario Party on the Wii or something too. We all take turns hosting it, but we always try to bring things even when we aren’t hosting. So I decided to make dessert.

I know what you are thinking. You are trying to lose weight you crazy person. Why would you volunteer to make dessert? Because when I have dessert to look forward to after a meal, I eat way less of the meal. And when I make the dessert, I know it is low calorie and not so bad for me. So ha! Take that. My mind is weird awesome like that.

I need to work on my marbling skills.


So this is the dessert before it is baked. I will post the recipe tomorrow after I see if everyone likes it. I don’t want to tell you to make something delicious and then have it tasty nasty, yunno? You would never trust me again. But as you can see it is a small dish… and also fruity! So you just cannot go wrong there.

After I made the dessert, I was exhausted. It took all my energy to clean the two bowls I dirtied just to make the masterpiece. I could hear the bed in the other room calling to me “Come on in, Cassy… Come join the dark side… we have pillows.” Oh yes, pillows. Fluffy pillows. Comfort pillows. Pillows I have known for a very long time. My eyes were getting heavy…And then, when I turned to my biggest motivator, I saw this…

Our rescue kitty, Penny. Normally, she is go-go-go, but even she was feeling tired by the week.

Do you know how hard it is to feel motivated when it seems that everyone else is napping? How can you look into that face and feel pumped?!

But I really needed to work out today. This weekend is going to be rough because the weather is going to be gross, and when the weather is gross, I really will not feel like doing anything. I cannot let my determination wane this early in the week. So I ignored the siren call of my bed and the look on Penny’s face, and popped in a work-out DVD. I sweated, grunted, panted, and sweated some more. It felt awesome, and I no longer felt as brain dead and exhausted (crazy how exercise works…).

When you do not feel like doing something, that is probably when you need to do something the most. I feel a lot better than I would have if I just decided to nap…though now that I posted that picture of sleepy kitty…

I can just shut my eyes for a little bit, right?

Anyway, recipes to follow tomorrow! For dessert and also for the dinner I made last night…

Mmmm... Chicken.


So what would you have done… slept or worked out?



7 thoughts on “When You Don’t Feel It, You Need It.

  1. I would’ve done both. I work out in the morning, but come hell or high water, I get my afternoon nap. Sleep is essential for my happiness. I’m like your cat. 🙂

    • haha. I know if I had worked out earlier in the day, I probably would have taken a nap… but I am kinda glad I didn’t because my brain always feels really fuzzy after napping! I am just too good at sleeping so I get into such deep sleeps…

    • haha I am the same way…I just know that when it is icky and cold this weekend, I am just not going to want to do anything…so I have to push myself now so I don’t end up feeling too guilty…

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