Rainy Days and Crazy Weight


This weekend was all sorts of busy and wonderful. Saturday consisted of playing with ponies, cheering friends on at a horse show, and random road trips to the ocean. Sunday was more of a laid back since it was way more gross out than it was on Saturday. I love that the rain is going to make it all green and pretty out there… but couldn’t it just rain at night? When I am sleeping and don’t care about being outside? Because now when I look out the windows and it feels like I am in a submarine, I get a little disheartened. I have just started to really like running, but unfortunately, I am not so crazy about it that I would go running out in the cold rain. Maybe a warm rain. I would be all for dancing, prancing, skipping down the road if it was warm. But below 50? No thank you.

Anyway, with all the craziness, I managed to eat pretty well and still worked out. Yet I was super surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw…


223. Uh what? That’s 3 pounds less than I was on Saturday! That is kind of insane and I am not quite sure how that happened. I am not going to be surprised if I gain some of that weight back. Maybe from dehydration? Though I have been doing really well on the water (ok, not so much on Saturday with the whole being busy and stuff), but Sunday I thought I did well to rehydrate. I am happy if the weight loss stays, but I won’t be totally sad if it goes away. I know I will see the number again! It would be nice to be at a 44 pound weight loss, though. I truly feel in awe sometimes when I think of how far I come — how easier it is just to move around the house — how much happier I feel pressed up against my fiance…. -cough-

Anyway, the journey has been rough but all the things that have changed and become easier… definitely have made it worth it.

Now for some random pictures from the weekend (actually just of the road trip to the ocean because that was the only time I remembered to take pictures… I always forget that I can take pictures with my phone!)

Pumpkin Light

Also, my fiance brought that rock home. Well actually it is still in our car. He says it will have many uses…

I am not quite sure if he knows what those uses are yet though…

I will admit though, it is kinda a cool rock.


12 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Crazy Weight

    • Thanks! And I just need it to stay focused… I am just one of those people that if I don’t have a constant reminder, I would completely forget. lol Well not completely forget… but I am easily distracted…so it just keeps me motivated! Hopefully when I go on vacation next week, I won’t mess up…

  1. Well done on staying motivated! Your day out looks awesome, we took a trip out to the lighthouse. A day away from it all is so uplifting, a mini vacation 🙂

    • It really is! I love being touristy in my own state… there are just so many wonderful things!! =) I can’t wait for it to be warmer out! This is going to turn into a bit of a road trip blog too… because the fiance and I love exploring!

  2. Thanks Cassy for visiting my post. I have lots of experience at weight management. I personally believe it is more about individual safety than anything; its as important as stopping on time at the redlights and not overshooting the amber. When we flirt with danger, well………..
    i discovered your post last night and enjoyed getting to know you. You are so young, yet you seem to have a good balance of joy and duty in your life. I’ll look forward to hearing more of what you have to say.

    • Yeah… I think I am doing it the right way though! No crazy eating disorders, no cutting out an entire food group, just trying to be more aware and make healthier choices! =D Oh yeah and exercise lots!

      And thanks! I got started young on responsibility but was always taught to keep happiness close to my heart.

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