Goodbye to Bad Foods, Hello to Better Foods


I think one of the biggest mistakes people do when they start a “diet” is that they cut out EVERYTHING and munch on  carrot sticks or have salads for every meal… I know I used to do that… and then I would become a crazed hungry cavewoman and eat EVERYTHING in sight. Then, I would cut everything out…and the cycle would repeat. Are you seeing the pattern here? When I started this lifestyle change, I decided I was going to do it right. I was not going to say NO to everything, and I was going to be saying YES to a lot more things! In the past 6 months, I have cut out the following:

Chinese Food (it is just not worth the hassle of custom ordering to make it better for me… and I just can never be sure!)

Fast Food (No Mickey D’s, No Burger King, No Drive-Thrus). I know it is convenient, but if you really think about it, how can something so cheap actually be good for you? You are paying for food and people’s wages every time you order something…so you are mostly just paying for wages… which doesn’t say much for the quality of the food does it? Trust me, I worked at McDonald’s for a few years in High School/Beginning of College. I am not entirely proud of the food we served there.

Pre-Packaged Desserts. No cookies that can stay on shelves for long periods. If it isn’t something someone made, then I really have no interest. Why waste calories on something you can have any time? I would rather use up calories on a homemade dessert that you cannot get that often.

And that’s pretty much all I have cut out of my diet. I have cut back on sweets in general and also alcohol. I have an “adult beverage” every so often if it is for a celebration! But because I do not have it that often, it really does not take much to get me tipsy and therefore, don’t need to drink as many liquid calories! So it really does help to cut back and making it more special.

Now things I have said YES to…

New Types of Cuisines! Since getting healthy, I have tried Indian, Thai, and lots of different Sushi. It is interesting to try different flavors and also there is more variety for making healthier choices, I have found. It seems with American Cuisine, a lot of food is deep fried. Or is that just me? It seems when we go to a chain restaurant, it is a little bit more difficult to eat something without worrying  about the calories. So it is has been a lot of fun to branch out and try new things!

Getting lots of fresh vegetables and fruits! Before, I always got processed foods. Veggies that were in cheese sauces and frozen. Fruits that have been dried to the point that they weren’t really fruit and more like candy… so it has been really nice to fill up the cart with fresh vegetables and fruits! And it is a lot more fun planning out meals when fresh food is involved!

Seasonings and Spices! I have stopped relying so much on butter and salt to make food taste better, and have tried many different spices and seasonings instead! It is also a lot better when you can use fresh garlic and onion to make things taste even yummier!

The Organic Aisle. I had never gone down that aisle before until just a few months ago! Crazy huh? But I discovered some amazing Salad Dressings and also Pop Chips by exploring it. I love Pop Chips… especially the BBQ flavor. Like Potato Chips but not greasy! They make for an awesome snack or to go along with a sandwich when you are craving something crunchy.

Chia Seeds… Has anyone ever tried them before? The fiance and I went to a Co-Op Store where they sold lots of organic and chemical free yumyums and products! And this guy went on a speech about Chia Seeds… so I have decided to give them a go. Basically I have started putting a heaping teaspoon in with my blueberry juice and drinking it for breakfast. It is supposed to make you feel full, though I still end up having a late morning snack. But the seeds expand in your stomach, and also have Omega-3’s, protein and fiber. So far it has been working out pretty well… but this is only my 2nd day of trying them! Does anyone else have a Chia Seed story?

So as you can see, you may have to say NO to some things, but there are a lot of things you can end up saying YES to. Just remember, this is about what you are going to be eating for the rest of your life… not just until you reach your goal weight. Start making small goals… maybe try to go a week without eating at a fast food joint, then try to go for 2 weeks, and so on and so on. Try to prepare more meals for yourself. Making a sandwich wrap for on the go is a great way to avoid the drive-thru. Just throw in some lettuce, low-fat mayo, a protein and maybe some cheese, and eat 300 calories worth of better calories instead of eating 800+ calories that you would get at a drive-thru.

Make making your own meals fun! Try new things. Don’t be afraid to try new sauces or side dishes. There are so many foods to try that are nutritious and good for you! So make it fun! Shake up your meal plan and add some color that come from vegetables and fruits.

So what change are you going to make this week? What are you going to try that is new?


13 thoughts on “Goodbye to Bad Foods, Hello to Better Foods

  1. Custom order the Chinese, it is worth it! There is a place i found here in my town that will let me custom order my food up the wazoo and they do an awesome job! And sometimes it is nice not to cook. Chain restaurant can be hard to dine at i agree. I like Bennigan’s though, I can get a boca burger on a whole grain bun with a side of steamed broccoli there.
    You can’t cut out everything, but find ways to make healthier versions of what you love, I still have peanut better and banana creme pie, but make healthy (and quick) versions of it,

    • I dunno… I have such a hard time understanding them… and I figure once it is cut down, it will end up something I could have made myself. And then at that point I would just rather eat sushi. :p And exactly… I have recipes for low-fat cheesecakes… mmm, so good…and I still treat myself occasionally to a brownie or a cupcake. :p

      • You can’t deny yourself the good stuff all the time otherwise it puts you at too much of a binge. I agree on being able to make it at home, And I could eat sushi and sashimi 24/7! I am excited about fining a Chinese place that I can order at, on nights where the kid had a field clean up, baseball and swim in the same night it is so nice to walk in a place an order!! and her fav is Chinese and she won’t eat sushi… yet

      • I do deny myself of Chinese food… it’s just such a slippery slope for me… I just know if I got to the restaurant,to custom order, I would just really want my Sesame Seed Chicken with all the bad stuff… And then I would be addicted again. haha Going cold turkey for some things works better for me. =D

  2. Not “entirely proud” of the food you served there? C’mon, are you proud of it at all? I serve fast food for a living, I’m not proud of any of that “cuisine” lol, nice post

  3. This is a good post today – and an awesome reminder that it’s not about just cutting everything “bad” from your diet – but finding new and awesome things to add to it. I think the part for me is “moderation” – you can have some “bad” foods – but it should be in major moderation! I have some slippery slope foods, too – like Bojangles Cajun Chicken Biscuits. Man – they are good. But once i break down and go through the drive thru for breakfast, it’s all downhill from there. So i’d rather just not go at all!

    • YAY! I am glad you enjoyed it… and it is definitely hard because restaurants like that put things in the food to make it more addictive… so once you give up and eat something like that… then you will find yourself craving it more often. It’s kind of crazy…and a little bit scary. lol

  4. The american cuisine thing is totally true. That’s why I almost always eat Sushi when I’m out, or vietnamese!

    And you’re going about it the right way, crazy restrictive diets, are uh…crazy. Cut out the bad things, have some good things, treat yourself here and there, and you’ll live a happy, long life.

    • Yeah I don’t understand why America became the land of deep frying EVERYTHING… but it really sucks. And after eating healthy for awhile, it really isn’t a comfort food anymore… it kinda really makes me sick afterwards.

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