In This Together…


For most of college, I was really depressed and frustrated. I did not engage in too much activity. I preferred staying in my apartment and not talking to anybody. When all you are doing is munching on snack food and watching the Psych DVDs over and over again, you can bet your dollar you are going to be gaining some weight… and gaining weight I did. The more weight I put on, it became even more unlikely I was going to go out. Then I was very lucky to meet the wonderful man that would become my fiance. He made me smile and feel loved for who I was…I found more confidence and was a little less afraid of making friends. Yet the bad habits were still there… and though I was a little more willing to come out of my shell, I was still eating horribly and not doing enough physical activity.

I have been pretty much slowly gaining weight for the past 10 years and then finally ballooned to my heaviest in the middle of college and pretty much stuck around the 267 mark for awhile (the weight may have varied some, but I am pretty sure it has been bad for awhile). I am extremely lucky to not be alone in my journey now. My fiance has made it easier to stick with this life style change because he was also willing to make the change for himself… and that has really made the difference. No preparing separate foods at every meal. No arguing in the grocery store. Not so many temptations when we eat out (I can’t help reaching over and snagging some of his food… as long as it isn’t spicy!) We started this journey together, and though I am  more focused than he is… he still is sticking with the plan and eating the meals I prepare and sticking with the portion sizes at least! So I am extremely proud of him. Between the two of us, we have lost over 80 pounds! We have lost a medium sized child!

Not only has getting healthier changed us physically, but it has transformed us mentally as well. Our minds are a little sharper. We aren’t afraid to be so silly in public (Ok, at least I am not so afraid). We have become more creative. As we accept ourselves and grow stronger, our personalities that had been weighed down by all the pounds are finally able to surface more often instead of just coming up occasionally and gasping for air. It has definitely been incredible to be on this journey together. He has been my motivation when I needed a kick start, and he has been my counselor when I have felt like I was just falling apart… He pushes me to do the very best while I just push him to eat less (ha :p).

I could not have made it this far without him, and I am extremely amazed by the people who go through this transformations ON THEIR OWN. Seriously? You people are downright effin’ amazing. I could not do this alone. I would maybe do 6 sit ups in the morning and then eat a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that night while watching sappy romance movies. That would be me because… that was me before I had him. So if you are one of those lucky people to have someone by your side throughout your journey, whether it is a parent, a best friend, a significant other… give them a BIG HUGE HUG.  It would be a lot harder without them there.

He also gives me roses for no reason at all except to earn brownie points...

Sorry for the sappiness to this post… but he is one of many reasons why my journey to awesomehood is well.. going awesomely! So thank you fiance! For pushing me when I want to sit down and eat ice cream, and telling me to have the turkey sandwich instead of the deep fried chicken tenders at lunch.

I appreciate it.

Even when I am glaring at you.

It’s really with love.

Not hate. Ok maybe a little hate.

But mostly love. Promise.



9 thoughts on “In This Together…

  1. Awwwwwww that’s so sweet. Sometimes it just takes that extra person to pull you out of your shell and motivate you. Sometimes it’s another person and sometimes that person is within yourself..hiding..somewhere 🙂 life is all about discovering who YOU are. I think you’re very unique and beautiful and inspiring. Keep up the good work. Hopefully soon y’all can lose a medium size female adult. 🙂

    • Thanks! And I am slowly finding that person inside of me… but it really helps when someone else sees that person too… It really gave me the confidence to change and become healthy. =) And you are pretty awesome and inspiring yourself!! Thanks so much!

  2. Awwwwe! Don’t worry we’re gushy too. He made us a “to do” list this weekend and I think every 3rd word was “kisses”. He’s the gushier one though. Its total role reversal in our relationship. I’m the one who says stupid things and he’s the one giving me the silent treatment about it! lol

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