OMG. I have legs.


I remember at one point in my life being tall-ish. I also remember a lot of my height coming from my legs…

And then I got all this fat build up around my stomach and hips…

I couldn’t see much of my thighs and therefore in my eye, I became short. I know that is crazy. You don’t just instantly shrink down, but when your perceptions change and you can’t see as much of your body, you become short. So somehow, in my mind, I was only 5 feet tall instead of 5’6 tall (not that there is anything wrong with being 5 feet tall!).

Now that I have been losing weight, I have started to see more of my body. I actually have legs now! I can see all of my thighs even when I am sitting down.  Also when I am doing crunches and sit ups. Sometimes I feel as if I am getting a whole entire new body instead of just rediscovering how I used to be. I have become so use to being overweight that my whole perception of myself had become askew. Now if only my boobs would shrink so I could see more of my stomach. I feel like most of my upper body is just boobs, and it is quite annoying. I pretty much have a shelf on my chest where I can set things until I need them again.

Ok… Maybe it is not THAT bad, but still really annoying. It also makes doing some exercises kind of uncomfortable… And I am probably now starting to make my readers uncomfortable… Sorry readers! I will stop talking about the uncomfortable size of my chest… right now.

Back to my legs… since I have picked up running, I have definitely noticed that they are getting more shape to them as well. Now it does not seem like my butt and my thighs are just one big thing. Well… it was never quite like that… but it wasn’t quite as awesome as it is now. My thighs actually have shape and my butt is no longer flab. I feel pretty awesome now when I get into my jeans (especially now that I got jeans in the proper size so they don’t look like super baggy punk pants).  These legs have become strong because I have pushed them to be. I did not give up. I started small (as in barely making it down a block at a really slow run) and continued to push myself (from half a mile, to three-fourths of a mile, to a mile, etc). And it is paying off! Even as my mind is screaming “AH! NO STOP WITH THIS NONSENSE. Watching TV is a WAY better use of your time,” I kept plowing forward. I kept pushing myself to do just a little bit more…

And now these legs that a few months ago I did not realize how long they truly were… carried me 3.2 miles today! I did it, guys and girls! I ran 3.2 miles. I ran a 5k (and a little more).  Me. The girl that hated running. Absolutely despised it. Really couldn’t stand the idea of it. I can go the distance (cue Disney’s Hercules song). So seriously, when you find yourself gasping for air after 10 steps of a jog, remember you can do it! You may not be able to do it RIGHT this moment, but you can build up to it. I know you can!

Now tonight, I am going to make low-fat banana muffins with Carob chips. Has anyone ever had Carob chips before? Kinda like chocolate? So I am going to see how those taste! Also while shopping today, I found these really awesome band-aids!

They are made with Unicorn Tears. Seriously. How would that not make getting hurt, better?


So of course I HAD to buy them. I haven’t opened them yet to find out what the prize is. I am kind of waiting for when I do need them, it will be a nice surprise as I am gushing blood everywhere and it will make the whole situation better… right? Or I may just open it tonight. I haven’t quite decided yet.

All I know is that I am kind of excited for the next time I cut myself shaving or get attacked by a cat.

Tomorrow is Friday! (See how I changed subjects there so you wouldn’t think I am totally loony?) Hopefully my weight will figure out what it wants to do by tomorrow morning. It has been ALL over the place this week. I am hoping to have it settled before we go on vacation! 6 more days until I am soaking up some California rays and meeting my OTHER soulmate (Yup. I have 2. One is my best friend soulmate and the other is my fiance… or that is what I just want him to believe… ;p)

I will let you know what the number on the scale is tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a good one.


14 thoughts on “OMG. I have legs.

  1. I love this post. I remember when I first starting losing weight and I never noticed before that I actually had a collar bone. I think it’s one of my best features now, but it kind of surprised me one day when I looked in the mirror to see it there. I’m not trying to tone up more and I’m noticing more definition in my legs and arms. My clothes are looser and I’m having a hard time finding clothes that fit well, but I’ll have fun shopping for new ones. I hope. Lol

    • It is such an amazing feeling! =) You are like “Wait… I don’t remember that being there!” “Is that really what that is supposed to look like when getting fit?” “What else have I been missing out all these years?!” And sounds like someone will have to be doing some shopping soon! Which will be a nice feeling because then you can go down sizes! I love that feeling! =D

  2. Carob chips are awesome in muffins! Just one question… if your fiance cut’s himself shaving does he get a rainbow or a unicorn? 😉

    • They are absolutely delicious! Omg. Such tasty muffins! And that is an excellent question… I think it would depend on the severity of the cut. If it is a small one, just a rainbow… but if it is a bigger one, it will definitely need that extra healing power that only comes from Unicorns. ;p

    • I have a lot of friends like that…I am just tall enough that I can reach things…but it is still a challenge. haha And that is awesome! I almost got the cupcake ones too… but I am going to be bummed if it is just a sticker… since bandaids are already kinda like stickers…

  3. Band-Aids, chest shelves, running over 3 miles and getting taller. Wow! This post has me smiling so much! I absolutely enjoy your candid style as you describe the differences you’re seeing in yourself (I know exactly what you mean about the height thing – but you’re so right, amazing how your body changes when those cushiony bits of us recede . . . we can run! Cross one leg over the over easier. . . adhere crazy band aids to ourselves with more ease : ) Congrats on running 3.2 miles recently and not giving into the TV! Good for you.

    • Hey! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. =D It is really crazy… sometimes I look in the mirror and I am like… wait a minute… is that really me?! Oh yes, it is!! I am so excited to see how this body of mine continues changing! It makes the journey more of an adventure!

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