A Week of Ups and Downs… But Mostly Ups


The title applies to not one…

BUT TWO different things.  Emotions and my weight.

I started the week out at 222, got down to 221, spiked up to 226 and am now currently at 224. I know the spike was caused by too much salt and carbs (deli meat for lunch in a WHITE flour wrap. Seriously, Restaurant, invest in some wheat wraps please) and then Spaghetti and Meatballs that night. Even though the Spaghetti and Meatballs were low calorie and reduce sodium, it was still enough to put me over.

Also, my emotions have been everywhere. I have gone from super excited, to kinda down, to just wanting to lay flat on the couch and pretend I do not exist. For those of you who are new and don’t know, I am going on vacation in 5 days! 5 days people! I am finally going to be living out a childhood dream and go to Disneyland. I have never been any place Disney before! I am so excited to go and hug all the characters (because you know I will) and I am actually excited to get my picture taken.  44 pounds ago? Not so much. I would be trying to hide behind all the characters and be ashamed of my face. Not so much anymore. I know a lot of people say “Self esteem should come before the weight loss. You should always love yourself,” but that is really hard to do when you do not feel like you have a lot to be proud of.  Pretty much anyone can sit on a couch all day and eat Doritos. Not everyone can find the strength to work out almost every day and run 3.2 miles. Now when I look into my face, even though I have a lot more pounds to shed, I can at least be proud of what I see because now I am the girl that was ready to make the change. What do you see when you look in the mirror? Don’t get upset at it… let the mirror just be a little reminder every day that you have the ability to change (whether it be losing weight or being positive. Seriously. Happiness shows on your face! It is almost like make up except your eyes twinkle and that’s really hard to accomplish with cosmetics).

A lot of outside stresses have kept me from being fully excited, though. My mom really frustrates me only because I know she is lonely and I cannot do much to help her at this point. I have gotten her an apartment near me, but she can’t move in until June… and well her phone conversation skills are very lacking… asking “What’s New?” five times right after the other… I run out of things quickly. Especially since she calls twice a day. Once in the morning where I tell her what I plan to do, and then again in the evening where I tell her what I did do. It isn’t her fault… she suffers from Bipolar disorder. Her thoughts are just all over the place and it is really hard for her to focus. So anyway… that just wears me out because I am pretty much the only one in my family that deals with her on a constant basis. Also, it has been cloudy… and that just always makes for a sad time.


I have only been blogging for… 4 weeks now? Maybe 5. Anyway, it hasn’t been too long… but it makes me EXTREMELY giddy when I get featured on someone else’s blog! And not just anyone’s blog…

But a blog with incredibly resources and posts (I have enjoyed all the ones I have read/heard so far!). So a big thank you goes out to Eric @ Healthdemystified! And I highly recommend you go follow him or bookmark his blog or something because he covers lots of interesting topics and he also links to other amazing bloggers (and really you can’t lose).

So thanks again!

Tomorrow, I am going to be getting my first ever manicure/pedicure and also getting my hair cut. It has been awhile since I pampered myself…

And though I normally do not post on the weekends, I most likely will be posting tomorrow to let you all know how it goes!

So thank you everyone for your amazing support to a beginning blogger such as myself! I hope to continue to be awesome! =D




13 thoughts on “A Week of Ups and Downs… But Mostly Ups

  1. Whoever said ‘self-esteem should come before weight loss’ probably never had any weight to lose. You’re spot on with your assessment. I know personally, that when I’m overweight, I don’t even feel like looking in the mirror. Hell, I still don’t feel like looking in the mirror half the time. Not because I’m ashamed of what I look like, but because that bitch knows too much about me, and she’s always pointing out my flaws. When I say, “Hey, I can see your stomach muscles now. Yay!” She counters with, “Yeah, that’s great, now what are you going to do about those freckles?” She’s just never satisfied, no matter what. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, so I just ignore her and her snide comments.

    • Pretty much… I mean I think a little of your self worth has to come from working with your body and not doing anything with it… I mean is it mean of me to think a girl really should not love herself to the point she refuses to change when she wears a size 22? I mean to me, I don’t think that girl really loves herself… she is just too lazy to do anything about it. I feel mean saying that… =/ But I think it is true. And I think you are doing an awesome job! You are such a great inspiration to a lot of weight loss bloggers (at least me!) so remember that!

  2. Yay for vacation – you are going to have such a fun time. Enjoy yourself – and I’m sure you will be getting some extra steps in with all the walking at disney land. How exciting! Also exciting – mani and pedi…that is one of my “rewards” i give myself when I’m being on track.

    I’m glad to hear that you are finding self confidence everytime you look in the mirror. I read a quote somewhere that said that sometimes we get depressed about how far we have to go when we should really be focusing on how far we’ve already come. You are heading in the right direction – keep up the great work and enjoy your vacation, just try to make a few better choices every day despite it being vacation to help keep you on track. I know my vacation to Mexico early in the year totally derailed me…i’m still fighting to get back to my pre-vaca weight – so enjoy yourself, but keept it real girl!

    • I am so excited!!! I can hardly contain myself! And definitely lots of exercise is going to be happening! No slacking this time. I have gone out to Colorado a couple of times before… and was such a slacker. I never took advantage of all the natural beauty and it is a shame.

      I love that quote! I really try to focus on the here and now and not try to just concentrate on the future. I know I will not be happy once I am at my goal weight, I need to be happy now!

    • Thanks!!! I am too! This has been a life long dream for me! =D

      I am definitely going to be staying healthy… I may cheat a little bit but I will try to share all the stuff that is really bad so I am not eating entirely bad stuff all by myself. lol I am also planning lots of active activities!

      • Our plan for vegas involves both saving money and me trying to avoid over eating. No buffets, and sharing meals. Most restaurant portions are HUGE! American restaurant portions are even huger. So we can share, I can save some calories and we’ll save some cashola!

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