Here We Go…


It is Monday… and it definitely feels like a Monday. What is worse is that this Monday is also the Monday right before a vacation…so my motivation is pretty much zilch. Nada. Don’t want to do anything but wait for the clock to strike 6am Wednesday morning and then fly out to California! The weekend pretty much also reflected that. Saturday was pampering day with some walking. Sunday…I barely made it through half a work-out DVD before kind of going a little mental. I can’t believe how much needs to be done before going on a big trip! It just seems like the work is never done… and well, I am a Virgo and I crave some perfection…so I just go a little batty when I know that perfection is just really unobtainable and I should just stop being a little drama queen and just get stuff done. So anyway! I did get a lot done just not much on the exercising front…

One of the things I needed to accomplish before I went on this trip is make Gluten-Free Cupcakes. One of my fiance’s nieces is allergic to gluten, but her sister really wants to be a baker… and since I love baking, I decided it would be awesome to bake cupcakes with her. Well, I don’t want to bake cupcakes that make one girl feel left out because that’s not fair. So my mission was to come up with a gluten-free cupcake recipe and make it so it didn’t taste too bad. Unfortunately, it does not taste like my normal cupcakes but on the other hand it still tastes pretty awesome (I didn’t eat more than a bite. Honest! I had to at least try it… and my fiance tried some too). Also, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and use these gluten-free cupcakes as practice for a baby shower I will be doing as soon as I get back from vacation. The mom-to-be wants Sesame Street Cupcakes, and who can blame her? They are absolutely adorable! The only problem is… I never really got big into decorating. I have always been about the flavor so I definitely wanted to practice before hand instead of coming back from vacation and then launching into a project and finding out I am way over my head. Turns out, they are REALLY fun to make!

Elmo and Cookie Monster! Remember, these were my first time ever really decorating and using fondant. haha So some of them are kinda crappy but I was definitely starting to get the hang of it!


So I got that accomplished on Sunday as well… and the fiance and I also managed to go out to the movies and then out to dinner as well so it made for a very nice Sunday overall. Even if I was a big cranky lazy butt in the morning. Stupid stress and anxiety.

Despite not doing much activity, I was down another pound! WHOO HOO. I have officially lost 45 pounds since I have started on this journey! It feels amazing.

To make this Monday better, though, one of one newest followers gave me an award!!!

So big thank you goes out to Girl of the Hour. Check out her blog!!

The rules are that I have to list 26 things about me in alphabetical order. Oooh boy. Here we go.

Awesome – Despite the ups and downs, the losses and the achievements, and all the icky stuff in-between… I live a pretty awesome and blessed life.

Big Bang Theory Nerd – Love it. Absolutely love the Big Bang Theory. My cats are named Sheldon and Penny, and they totally act like their TV personalities.

Crazy – I am a little bit silly and have strange ideas… my fiance thinks I should write down all my dreams and nightmares because they would make for an amazing movie.

Disney Lover – Love the movies. The songs. The dances. Everything about it. It used to always be my dream to write movies for Disney/Pixar…

Excited – Because in 2 days, I am going to be in Disneyland!!

Fragile – I am really sensitive. I wish I wasn’t so sensitive.. but I will get upset about such small things, and then try really hard pretending I am not upset.

Goober – That’s what my fiance calls me ALL the time.

Happy – I have been a lot happier since I have started on this journey.

Inviting – I like to think that I am really good at making people feel welcomed and accepted! I also love hosting or throw small parties. I just hate the clean up afterwards… haha

Joker – Making people laugh is the highlight of my day. I really can’t stand when other people are sad… it just breaks my heart. At my dad’s funeral, I was the one who started remembering silly and fun moments with him… because I just couldn’t bear seeing everyone crying.

Kidder –  I like to kid around… :p I am getting redundant but it is really hard to think of words right on the spot!

Lover – Pretty self explanatory. I am in love with life, my fiance, my pets, my friends… they all rock my world.

Monkey – Just one of my favorite words. Penny (my kitty) is also a monkey.

Non-judgmental- I do my best not to pass judgement on anyone. I am pretty laid back and easy going. Yes, I get mad at people who go through the drive-thru regularly, but I mostly just am upset because I want to help them and I am not quite sure how at this point.

Obnoxious – I have a really loud laugh and voice… and so sometimes I feel like I am obnoxious. I have been mocked a few times and it makes me sad.

Pirate – I have come pretty close to selling everything, buying a boat and taking my horse, my kitties and my fiance out onto open waters. We would be nice pirates, though! When we sneak onto your ship, we will leave something nice instead of taking it… how does that sound? Still not good, huh? Creepy? Yeah. I guess you are right.

Quiet – I like having silent time where I don’t have to talk. I am actually pretty shy in most situations.

Respectful – I try my best to appreciate boundaries and not say mean things. Unfortunately, my brain is a little haywire so I will end up wording things wrong so I end up sounding insulting when I really don’t mean to be…

Sarcastic – I am also really bad at being sarcastic. I am so bad, that people actually think I am being honest and then I look like a complete douche. So… I don’t really try to be sarcastic anymore because I don’t want to be mean. =(

Talkitive – when you get me on certain subjects, I can keep going. and going. and going. and going. and going some more.

UV Sensitive – I burn real easily. It also goes away quickly without leaving a tan. Thanks, skin!

Victorious –  I strive for my goals! Every small step is a victory to me!

Wordy – I pretty much use 10 words to describe something instead of just 1 powerful word. My English professors loved me.

Xylophone -…. it’s a cool instrument? >.>

Young at Heart – Always a little kid. I can watch cartoons all day and not feel ashamed. I am also extremely trusting, honest, and silly…and it still takes me like 5 minutes longer than anyone else to get a dirty joke.

Zealous – I am passionate about getting healthy, kicking butt, and living life to the fullest!

Wow, that was a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be. Phew. Now I get to choose three lucky people to do it if they so wish! Here we go…

1. – I love her! She is honest. She posts yummy food pictures. She likes the same 80’s music that I do. haha Anyway, her blog is just inspiring, her banner is hilarious and it makes me smile, and her writing style is unique… you just know that she is just being herself and that is what makes it AWESOME.

2. – She is a constant reminder that you need to appreciate yourself now and every day because there are a lot of days in between getting to your goal weight. She has this awesome idea about having a Sexy Day where you really appreciate yourself… at least once a month! This could be anything from looking at yourself naked in the mirror for five minutes, to getting out of your comfort zone and wearing a tighter outfit instead of those baggy sweatpants!

3. – She is honest about everything… even when she has set backs and that is awesome. I am actually pretty scared to admit when I make mistakes! Sometimes I just need to learn to let go sometimes. I am not going to be perfect all the time… need to know when to have fun too! But I love how she just incorporates exercise into her daily life… even if it is bike riding to the store instead of taking a car. I recommend checking her out!

You guys don’t have to do this if you do not want to… I wanted to send shout outs to you anyway! =D

Tomorrow will be my last longer post until I return May 15th! I will be discussing my goals for my weight loss while I am away and what I plan to do… and then when I return, I will tell you how well I did! And hopefully I will be an inspiration to anyone that goes on vacation!

Hope everyone has/had a great Monday!



5 thoughts on “Here We Go…

  1. As for disliking the clean-up part of “I” for Inviting, I happen to enjoy the clean up. I can feel a little rude if I start doing it near the end of a night with friends, but it’s gotta be done!

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