The Game Plan


So tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am going to be starting my 12 day vacation! I am so excited. After a year of a lot of downs, where my only travel was going to visit a nursing home and a hospice… well, lets say… this is just what my soul needed! I seriously feel like a little kid right before Christmas. I am super jittery, anxious, happy, excited, worried, ecstatic… you name it, I am probably feeling a little bit of it! Now I have some goals that I want to stick with. Just because I am away from home, does not mean I am away from my body. I still have goals that I want to reach and I really do not want vacation to be my downfall. So this currently my game plan:

1. Do ab work outs and some strength training every morning on days I plan on doing a lot of walking.

2. Run at least 6 miles while on vacation (spread out over days)

3.  If I have one high calorie meal planned for the day, make sure not to eat a lot at other meals and make healthier choices.

4. Limit myself to 2 alcoholic drinks when I do drink. (I may not even need a whole drink… but you never know).

5. Actively seek out tourist areas with a lot of walking. Especially in Colorado. This time, I do not want to be doing sight seeing in a car (as much).

6. Avoid a lot of sweets and desserts. I know I don’t really need them. I know they are going to be tasty in my mouth, but look crappy on my hips.

7. I do not want to gain weight while I am gone. If I stay the same, that is fine. If I lose weight, even better.


So that is pretty much my game plan. Lots of water, sharing meals, and having a good time! I will be posting periodically with pictures but I probably won’t be able to catch up on everyone’s blogs until I get back!

Does anyone else have any other suggestions for staying healthy while on vacation?



7 thoughts on “The Game Plan

  1. You can do it! And really, make sure you enjoy yourself!!

    The thing I’ve learned about sweets, for myself anyway, is when I do have them, they’re NEVER s good as I want them to be. So I just avoid them by reminding myself of that.

  2. Have a wonderful trip!

    When I’m on vacation I like to leave the car behind as much as possible to actually enjoy where ever I am.

  3. You are going to have so much fun. I think you’ve set up some good goals for yourself. Another thing I try to do when on vacation is to only eat half of my meal! So if you are splitting it with your fiance – that would be perfect! Keeps the portions more in check, but you can still order something you’ll enjoy, especially if you are trying to just keep to one high calorie meal a day!

    Drink LOTS of water while you are traveling – this will also help keep the cravings down. And my last piece of advice would be to try and get your workout in at the start of the day…because when you are traveling once you are out and about, it’s hard to work it in.

    Good luck – you will do great. Looking forward to seeing pics along the way!

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