I’m Back!


Hi you beautiful blogging world! I missed you!

I know I said I would try my best to post while on vacation, but I was on the go-go-go so much that by the time I sat down or relaxed, I pretty much just fell asleep. I also still do not have much time to give an entire re-cap of the vacation so that will probably have to wait until tomorrow (sorry! I know you guys are just on the edge of your seats!). But I did want to give you some sort of progress report…

Also, I got quite a bit of new followers while I was gone so… HELLO! I am an overweight girl who just came back from a vacation that for the first time made me feel slightly normal. I could really tell the progress I had made and it made me super happy to continue on this weight  loss journey… I could fit in ALL the rides. Seriously. The Mummy Ride at Universal Studios? Totally would not have been able to go on it if I was just 10 pounds heavier! Just 10 pounds, guys. But I got in and felt awesome. I could fit. I did not break the ride or had to be escorted away, all embarrassed and blushing. It was a happy moment and I went on that roller coaster about 4 times. It was amazing. My weight kept me from going on rides in the past, and I mostly just blamed it on my fear of heights… but now, I really love roller coasters. I am becoming an adrenaline junky. I loved every second of it. Disneyland was everything I dreamed it could plus so much more (it made it even better that I was with my two best friends in the whole entire world), but it was another moment where I realized how far I have come. The first full day we were there? We were walking around for pretty much 12 hours straight. Go-Go-Go! I would have NEVER been able to do that if I hadn’t started to get into shape. I would have been dead just walking up the waiting line for Space Mountain. This vacation was awesome in that it really showed me the progress and how much I can actually do.

The downside was… I did not really follow through on what I said I was going to do. I did not do any running (ok, a little with the kids but nothing to write home about). I hardly did my sit ups and push ups. I ate some bad food and drank a little too much, but you see… when you go to new places and get surrounded by a bunch of germy kids… the possibility of getting sick goes way up…  So guess who got sick? I did. By my third day in Disneyland, I couldn’t swallow. My throat hurt so much. Then I ate some spicy food and it all went into my nose. For a whole week, I was sick. I survived on Dayquil. I was not going to just sit around while visiting the fiance’s family in Colorado. I pushed myself to go out and see the sights, and I don’t regret any of it. Of course, this kept the cold around longer it seems… but I am fine with that.

So here is the moment of truth…

Despite not following my plan, and making a FEW (not a lot, mind you) bad food choices, and drinking a little too much…

I only gained 2 pounds. That’s it. I am so excited! All that walking around and just forgetting about eating really paid off. This was not like any other vacation I have had before. Normally, we are all about the food because that’s all my fiance and I really did… but this time, it was about being active and having fun. There were days, all I ate was 2 meals. They were a little bit on the high calorie side, but at that point, it did not really matter. I am so excited just to see a 2 pound gain because I know once I am rested and feeling better, that weight will come right off. I will start running again and exercising here in no time. I actually missed it! Crazy how much my life has changed in just a few months.

So how is everyone’s progress going? I missed you guys! I will be catching up on blogs this afternoon (and probably all week! SO BEHIND. AHHH).

And I will give more details about my adventure throughout the week! (And pictures!)



11 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. only 2 pounds during vacation? i think that’s a major accomplishment based on what you said your last vacations were like. Congrats! I’m so glad you had a wonderful time and it’s nice to hear that you missed working out – that means that you really have changed INSIDE and that’s what really fuels the fire for staying healthy long term. Catch up with you soon!

    • Yeah! I was pretty impressed! With being sick and everything, I was afraid I was going to gain like 10! lol And it definitely has shown a lot of growth! I am excited to get back into routine! I know I am going to reach my goals to be under 200 by the end of summer! =D

  2. Other than being a bit under the weather it really sounds like your vacay was a success!! Congrats on earning the ability to go on the rides you really wanted to go on! I say earn because you really did, with all of your hard work and want for change!

    • Yeah! The vacation was awesome!! I was so excited that I could fit in all the rides and last all day… it just felt amazing. It really has made exercising and everything seem that much more worth it! =D

  3. Yeah, I’m trying to catch up now too, Happy you had a great vacation, welcome back! lol 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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