Dreams Do Come True…


Whatever dream you have, if you really want to make it happen, it will happen! You just have to be willing to do the work! Nothing comes without some sort of cost. For healthy living, you have to spend a little more for some healthier food. I think when it comes to your health, this should be one thing you should not be afraid to spend a little more on. You can do anything if you want it hard enough. You will be surprised what kind of sacrifices you are willing to make if it is something you truly desire.

Besides being healthy and getting more active, one of my biggest dreams has been to go to some place Disney. Whether is be Disneyland or Disney World, it did not matter. I just ALWAYS wanted to go. As I started to pack on the pounds, this dream slowly got smaller. My desire to go was not as great as my desire to be a lazy bum on the coach. I did not want to go to a place where I would stand out with my obese tummy, and feel uncomfortable and tired as I waddled around the park. When one of my best friends got an internship at Disneyland and offered to get me into the park if I was able to get out into California, it triggered that desire again. I  love Disney. Everything about it. I love the characters. I love the story lines. I love the romance and adventure. I really love Disney. But I really did not want to go in the physical condition I was in… the only thing stopping me from living out that dream was me. I seriously doubt I would have made such progress in my health if it hadn’t been for my friend giving me that little boost. I am forever in her debt because she helped me realize how bad I had physically and mentally gotten. I had seriously thought about turning down going to Disneyland because I was fat! I debated about it for days! That is not how I wanted to live my life… hiding and missing amazing opportunities because I was ashamed of myself. I had the power to change who I was and become who I wanted to be. I want to be fit. I want to be able to go 12 hours straight, walking around a theme park, going on a bunch of rides, and feeling awesome. I could have probably done it every single day for a week (if it wasn’t for that stupid cold…). I had the best time of my life because an amazing friend offered me the chance and I took the time to take care of myself so I could enjoy it as much as possible. It was so much fun, and I cannot wait for the next time I can go back.

So without further adieu, some pictures!

It is absolutely wonderful!! I could live there.

I got to meet my other soul mate, Goofy! I love him.

The fiance got a little jealous… so he decided to be a little Goofy as well. I think he pulls it off quite nicely!














I will not be the next King Arthur… :/ Oh well.

But neither will Kevin! So I don’t feel too bad!

We also got to meet a lot of the Disney Princesses! =D I felt like royalty. I am such a little kid! haha

























I would seriously have been so mad at myself if I hadn’t started to change my ways. I still have a long way to go before I am at my goal weight, but the 45 pound loss really did make a huge difference!

Has your weight kept you from doing something you really wanted to do?


4 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True…

  1. yay! that is amazing that your friend inspired you to really get up and go to lose weight before your trip. What good motivation. 🙂 I love the pics.

    My weight has definitely kept me from doing a lot of things i want to do. And even when i was at a smaller size than i am now – i still felt that way. I’m not sure i’ll ever be able to get completely rid of that fat kid thought process. Life’s a journey!

    • It was wonderful motivation! But I am glad the motivation has not gone away now that the vacation is over! I definitely see hitting the 50 pound mark by the end of May! And I can definitely see that… I used to have that mentality when I was smaller too, but now that I have actually been obese, I am seeing myself a little more normal each time I lose another 10 pounds. =D

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