I Live for These Days…


(Has anyone else been having problems with wordpress? I definitely published this post and now it is not showing up… so please let me know if I post this twice!)


Weight loss has changed more than just my body.  I have gained a lot more confidence and have opened myself up to more challenges. When you are packing on the pounds, it is much easier to turn down invitations and opportunities. I am happy to say that this has been changing over the past few months. Before, it would sometimes be weeks before I even went out and hung out with friends. Weeks. Now, I feel like I have pretty much something social going on at least 5-6 times a week. That’s a huge difference! I do admit when I was first starting out with losing weight, I was hesitant to go out. It is so easy to get caught up in the moment and indulge in too many snacks or too much to drink — but as I have slowly trained myself to actually pay attention to what my body is actually telling me, I have a lot more confidence in going out and hanging with friends. It is so easy to forget how much we actually deny ourselves when we are so caught up in just eating. I have learned to enjoy company and conversation a lot more or just taking in the scenery. What changes have you noticed as you lost weight or gotten more healthy? Do you find yourself being more open? It is OK to tell me I am just absolutely crazy.

So this weekend was awesome! It was a nice first weekend home after being away. The weather was absolutely perfect. I had a baby shower on Saturday where I made these adorable Sesame Street Cupcakes!

Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster. I also made Elmo cupcakes!


This was my first actual decorating gig and it was so exciting to hear all the people at the Baby Shower oooh and aaah over them! I did not have any cake myself. I was very well behaved. Also, I was very proud of what I actually did eat at the baby shower. I had a mini seafood salad sandwich, some sort of fruit salad, a little bit of cheese, and some raw broccoli. Yum! I was also saving up because later that day we were going to a BBQ place a few towns away to listen to a band that a close friend is friends with (that was a little confusing for me to write… it took me like three tries!). After the baby shower, we had a little time to kill so we decided to stop by a local forest that has trails all the way through it. It was a wonderful day for it. High 70’s. Clear blue sky. My fiance and I decided to walk the bog since we did not have too much time and it was only a mile and a half trek.

Of course I did not have any pockets, so I didn’t bring my phone along with me on the walk. I just did not feel like holding it the whole entire time. Sorry! It was a nice walk though with lots of pretty flowers!

Saturday night was the BBQ place with a couple of friends. I ended up having three rib pieces (not much meat but oh-so-flavorful!) and some Texas Brisket. Delicious. I was starving at this point so I ate everything. The small cup of potato salad and coleslaw. It was delicious and the music was perfect for the mood. We ended up hanging around for a little over 2 hours and decided to leave to meet up with some other friends and have a couple drinks. I probably had a little too much, but looking bad on that day, I really hadn’t been that bad. It was just nice to unwind a little.

We are such goobers. I love us.

And then today… Ah, today was great. I started it going to the barn early because my friends and I wanted to ride before it got too hot. Another great thing about losing weight is that I have started to really enjoy riding again. It was terrible when I just was not comfortable with it and felt awkward. Daisy has noticed a change in my weight loss too and our rides are becoming a lot more productive. Anyway, after riding for a half hour – forty minutes, we decided to give our horses a bath. I ended up being at the barn for a little over 3 hours…that was definitely my work out for the day!

After an awesome morning outdoors, the fiance and I decided to go on a small road trip and grab lunch somewhere. I ended up having a chicken sandwich with a little too much mayo, but I did not have any fries! We took our food to a boat landing and ate while watching people play in the water and a black lab try to figure out swimming. It was so relaxing… I could have hung around the lake all day, but we still had more plans for the day and had to get back…

We ended the night going to the movies to see The Avengers in 3D. The fiance and I have seen it before (not in 3D) but it was definitely worth seeing again! No popcorn or junk food for me.

I feel like this weekend I was still fairly good with my diet and exercise. I was definitely very busy and got a lot accomplished. I have already lose those 2 pounds I gained while on vacation! Heck yeah! But I will see where I am at officially tomorrow!

How was everyone’s weekend?


9 thoughts on “I Live for These Days…

  1. I wish I had your restraint! I made my son’s birthday cake and ice cream this weekend. Now it’ll take weeks to lose what I gained from that project. I’m so :(. You did the right thing! Way to go! Your cupcakes are totally awesome!

    • It seriously takes a lot of effort… the first time I resisted what I ate, my brain hurt because it was just so much habit! It was like “NOOO, eat it! You are supposed to!” It is pretty crazy how much the stuff becomes like habit so you don’t even realize how much you eat! And thank you! They were so much fun to make!

  2. Sorry for my weakness this weekend, sweetie! I ate some things that I shouldn’t have, namely the popcorn at the movie last night. But I DID eat less than half of it, instead of the whole bag! Yay? Haha…

  3. I’ve noticed that I find it easier to forget there are sweets in the house. Before if I brought snack into the house they would be gone rather quickly… Now everything seems to last longer because I don’t need as much of it to satisfy myself. It’s a great feeling.

    • I do that too… I hardly think of sweets anymore. I am just not that attracted to them… probably now I associate those calories with exercise and i know how much I would have to work, to work it all off… and that is just not fair to myself when I have worked so hard already to get to this point!

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