Fun times and Sore times…


Just when you think you are starting to get into really good shape, you start doing something else differently and your muscles are like “Whaaat?” The past two days I spent more time in the saddle and doing more than I have done in the past year (being overweight really hinders what you feel comfortable doing on the back of the horse).ย  So, there are certain leg muscles in my inner thigh that are super unhappy. So unfortunately, I was not able to do any big work out today which made me kind of sad because I was hoping to accomplish at least the work out DVD. Oh well. I guess everyone needs a break day! I have just been trying to monitor what I eat today as to control my weight and hopefully I will still have a loss tomorrow! I am really excited to finally be at 21something. Oh, I have also added a new page over there on the right! I really couldn’t believe the change!ย  Especially in my face.

Anyway, with being sore today and only being able to do some crunches, it gave me some time to read! I haven’t really read much since College because when you are forced to read novel after novel, you end up forgetting what it is like to read for pleasure. The fiance and I saw The Hunger Games back in April, and I knew after I saw it, that I really wanted to read the books. So for the past few weeks, I have gotten through the first two books of the Trilogy. Oh my Goodness. Just the concept itself is pretty mind blowing. Could you imagine being chosen as a sacrifice more or less because you have to fight to the death against other children? I mean they are all teenagers! I just could not imagine it… so it is even more mind-blowing someone was able to write this sort of story!

Are there any other Hunger Game fans out there? I think I would die within the first 10 seconds… Maybe as soon as my name was called at the reaping… just keel over my shock!

I have decided I really need to learn some skills that would come in handy… because you just never know! Hunger Games… Zombie Apocalypse… Can’t go baking cupcakes for everyone and hoping to survive. :p And my decorating is no where near as impressive as Peeta so can’t even think about camouflaging…

So if you had to defend your life (and others around you), what would you want your skill to be? What do you think that says about your personality?

I do really like the idea of the bow and arrow. Can be long distance, silent (great for sneaking up or not attracting unwanted attention), and helps build upper arm strength! On the downside, as soon as you are out of arrows, you have to figure out how to make more while knives or swords… you can keep using multiple times, but then you have to get close…

Ugh. Can’t even think about it. But I would like to try shooting a bow and arrow. At least once sometime.



14 thoughts on “Fun times and Sore times…

  1. Girl your post randomness cracks me up. Haha I am a big hunger games fan, read all the books before the movie. So good and crazy, too. I just finished my second workout of the day and I’m exhausted. I’m on week four of my summer push series, so proud! I hope to see some good results for the four week mark!

    • Haha yeah… sometimes I will sit down and have a topic in mind… and then by the end of the post, I didn’t discuss the topic at all… lol My mind is pretty scattered like that! haha And second work out of the day?! Oh jeez. I really need to get motivated….Ok, goal today… horseback ride and do Jillian Work Out! And you better see some results… sounds like you are kicking some serious butt!

  2. Hunger Games is on my summer reading list ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually have a huge stack of books I want to read and I just keep adding to it. Reading is one of my favorite things to do, but I find I have so many things that I try to cram into everyday that reading often gets pushed aside…

    • Oooh what other books are you interested in? I am looking for more books to read this summer. I am thinking of starting The Game of Thrones series… but I definitely recommend making time for The Hunger Games. It is pretty intense. Makes you feel all sorts of things!

      • My husband has read all of the Game of Thrones books….he loves them!! Well I may just continue on with the Vampire Diaries books……yes….I am a Vampire junkie!!

      • Haha… I love the show so I am definitely intrigued to see how the books compare! And yay Vampires! I used to be a really big vampire junkie…but then college happened and I stopped reading…so now I am just finally getting back into reading for fun! Though I am sure my passion for vampire romance has not really gone anywhere!

  3. I loved the Hunger Games books. I liked the movie, too, but not quite as much. If I had to choose a skill it would be the survival skills. I’d much rather hide in the trees and watch the people around me starve and kill each other than actually be involved myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah, I can definitely see how the movie would have been a bit of a let I am definitely glad I read the book afterwards. It filled in a lot of blank spots for me! And I need to work on my fear of heights because I have a feeling tree climbing really does come in handy. :p I wouldn’t want to kill anyone either… purely self defense if it had to come down to it…

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