Would You Be A Lead Character In Your Own Story?


If you asked me that 6 months ago, the answer would have been no. Why? Lets see… I never took initiative nor was I ever very spontaneous. My idea of exercising was the few feet it took to walk from the kitchen to the couch. Does not sound like a character you would be routing for…does it? It was so bad I don’t even think I would have been have even been a supportive character. I just did not offer much to life in general (I know, this sounds really depressing but it is truly how I felt). Now if someone were to ask me that question I would be all “HELL YEAH.” Well maybe I would pause and reflect on it for a little bit. There might be some chin tapping and deep pondering. But in the end, the answer would be yes. I have finally taken over my life (for the most part, I mean like an lead character, I still have some growing to do) and therefore have taken control of my story. Here I was thinking that life was just going to give me what I deserve, but the thing is… life is never going to give you anything good unless you work for it. If I had stuck to hanging out on the couch and eating junk food all day, the only thing life was really going to give me was diabetes and fat rolls.

Not anymore. It is actually a lot more freeing when you finally take a stand to change your life instead of waiting for life to happen to you. The possibilities in front of me now seem a lot more endless than before when I was hoping for some kind of sign to just fall right in front of me. I needed to work on discovering who I was before I could even think about what to do with my life, and though I still am not 100% sure on what I am going to do… I am still a lot closer than I was a few months ago. I also know a lot more about myself… such as, I have very good willpower, especially when it comes to food. I never thought I would since I was always eating, all the time. After I had finished one meal, I was thinking about what to do for the next one. It is pretty disgusting how much food was on my mind. It is amazing the other things you can think about when you aren’t concentrated on eating… such as planning road trips and outings, hanging out with friends, horseback riding, games, reading… I can actually care about all these things and devote the brain power to them instead of thinking food, Food, FOOD.

One of the things that I have planned is going on a hike this weekend. A hike! Me! The fat girl that couldn’t even walk down the street without getting winded is planning on hiking… and not only just planning to hike, but is actually excited to hike? WHO THE HECK AM I? A lead character in my own story, that is who I am. I am so excited to actually be seeking out adventure instead of fearing it… instead of thinking about it for all of 2 seconds and how much energy it would take to do it and then end up saying no. Gosh, what a boring way to live.

Gorgeous. Can’t Wait to Hike Up It. Thanks Random Website for the Picture!


One of the best things about hiking in Maine… you don’t have to worry about getting attacked by a wide range of very scary things. When I was out in Colorado, the idea of Rattlesnakes came up. Rattlesnakes. They bite you! And I am sure it does not feel good. I would be very happy if I could go my whole entire life not getting bitten by one. In Maine, we just have bugs. Lots of bugs. And though they are annoying, they aren’t going to kill you any time soon. Unless you get stung by a bee and are deathly allergic. That would really suck.

So anyway, Sunday I am going to be hiking up that road you see there and going to the top of the mountain. It is 3.9 miles to get to the top so it is going to be quite the walk but the weekend is looking perfect for it (and I hope it stays that way -knock on wood-).

Also, my weight was at 219! I was am so excited I could do a happy dance. I went horseback riding this morning so I am doing well on that weekly goal. On the others? Not so well. Tomorrow I plan on going running! And do the workout DVD. Yeah… that sounds like a plan!

So 2 more pounds until I do a giveaway! So you better stick around whether I am boring or not!


8 thoughts on “Would You Be A Lead Character In Your Own Story?

    • Thank you!! It is really exciting. For the past couple days, I have actually started to feel skinny. :p I know I am not near where I need to be, but I am a lot closer than I was!

  1. I’m playing you a congratulatory song with a full horn section right now. They’re playing “Smoke on the water” by Deep purple. Not traditional, but baddass. Way to go!

  2. Congrats! I agree with that feeling of finally taking control of your own story, your own life. I struggled with that for awhile, too. I’m definitely much more in control now. And when I’m focused on a goal and really trying to be healthy – i feel so powerful. I know that sounds crazy, but i just do – i’m like, if i can do this, i can do anything! (like totally not eating any chips and salsa or mexican food even though it’s my favorite food ever and it was lunch time today). haha

    Take pics on the hike! Looks awesome. I am going to need good thoughts sent my way this weekend as I travel back to Kentucky to visit family. It’s going to be VERY hard to get my workouts in and keep my food in check. I’ll prob blog about that tomorrow before i go! TTYS!

    • I know exactly what you mean about feeling in control and powerful! I am like “Ha! I don’t have to eat such and such…. I have the power to decide what is good for me!” Or after a really good work out… man I never felt so much power before. haha Even as I am covered in sweat and a part of me feels like flopping on the tile floor like a dying fish. lol

      I will definitely be taking pictures! It should be gorgeous! =D And ut-oh! Sending positive thoughts your way for the weekend! I know you can do it! Just plan to cheat a little on something every day…like if you plan to get your drink on one of those nights, just eat healthy all day… or if you know there is going to be a big meal, eat really small. haha I know it is hard but I know you can do it!!

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