Weight Loss is Hard… Don’t Make it Harder


I have to say weight loss has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. You have to retrain your mind to think about health and not to give in to every single craving (and trust me that is a challenge in itself) and then you have to add in exercise, planning out meals, avoiding temptations, avoid sitting and watching TV for too long, basically change everything about your life. You can see why people would be attracted to easy lose weight fast schemes. Changing your whole entire life and routine sounds exhausting! Who has time for that? But changing your life is a lot easier in the long run rather than relying on weight loss pills and fad diets.

The first thing you have to remember is you are going to be on this diet for the rest of your life. Sounds horrible, right? Carrot sticks and salads for every single meal of my life? No dessert ever? No fattening burgers?! Come on, people. This is me we are talking about. I love cupcakes and chocolate more than any girl I know. My teeth sometimes ache at just the thought of a meaty burger or steak. Do you really think I am going my whole entire life not having any of those ever? No way. I plan on indulging in all those things occasionally, but I just cannot do it ALL the time. Normally about two times a month I go a little crazy and let myself loose because life is too short to be strict all the time. It is also good for your metabolism do that too because your body starts to adapt to your eating habits, and especially if you have been overweight for awhile, your body will fight you every step of the way to remain that way (thanks hormones for being such a pain in the butt!). So you have to mix it up a little bit, you just cannot do it all the time.

Your life is not over if you cannot have McDonalds or Burger King every day. Trust me, they put stuff in the food that actually makes you crave it. They have to because if you didn’t crave it and realized just how crappy the quality of food is, they wouldn’t be in business. I haven’t had fast food in months, and at first when I drove by, I could feel my mouth water a little..  craving that sugar and salt with every bite. Yet as time passed and I kept reminding myself how bad it was messing with my body, the less I started wanting it.  Now when I drive by fast food places they are just buildings and nothing more.

Since I have started eating better, I have actually really enjoyed what I have eaten because now for the first time I am actually tasting what I am putting in my mouth. Before, the only flavors I can really remember is sweet and salty. That is it… how boring does that sound? Sweet and salty. Now I enjoy the taste of garlic, rosemary, basil, etc… lots of different flavors now!

It gets better once you can retrain your mind. You will actually find yourself craving healthier options because the greasy junk food just will no longer seem that appealing (or it will make you sick! Ugh… I tried having a little bit of my fiance’s meaty calzone… and all the grease and stuff really upset my stomach).

Don’t make weight loss harder than it has to be. A lot of people feel like they have to punish themselves when they don’t follow a diet to an absolute tee. That is why I hate fad diets because you have to be exact ALL the time to see any sort of progress… and who knows how long it would take to see that progress? I like enjoying life and being able to let loose on occasion… yeah if I know I am going to be a little bad that day, I might push myself to do a little bit more of a work out but I don’t plan on beating myself up for a week afterwards. Tonight, I am going to a BBQ and I know there will be a lot of chances to be naughty and eat lots of bad stuff… and I will indulge in a little bit of drinking… but I have planned for it. I ate a protein bar this morning, went horse backing (even though she was naughty which I am sure burned more calories), had a turkey sandwich, and then did some baking (mmm, low fat raspberry cheesecake!).

Enjoy your life. You can’t not wait to reach some magical number before you start cutting loose because it will be a lot harder to adapt. A lot of people end up gaining weight back because they just do not know how to retrain their minds. Relationship with food becomes strained, and it is really sad to see. Don’t be afraid to indulge on occasion. Just don’t indulge with every single meal of every single day.



19 thoughts on “Weight Loss is Hard… Don’t Make it Harder

    • Thank you! and exactly… and if you mess up, you mess up. It is not the end of the world or your diet… you just wake up the next day, face the consequences of your decision, and make some healthier choices that week. But come on, life is too short not to indulge on occasion, but you don’t want to make your life even shorter but eating unhealthy all the time either!

  1. Wicked post. It’s so true. I think a lot of diets fail because of all the mental abuse people give themselves. You can’t live with that much restriction. You just have to be smart about it. I’ve had chocolate, and beer, and whatever else on this diet. But VERY rarely and it has to be worth it!

    • Exactly… people have this all or nothing attitude that really makes it difficult to get anywhere. “I can only eat such and such, no this and this” and then they eat some this, and decide “oh well I went off my diet, I might as well go all out and start again next Monday” when diets just do not work like that. Life does not work like that. ..I really just want people to understand that and not be so hard on themselves. :/

      • Exactly! My girlfriend is one of those people. She’ll flip out if she gains a pound or feels incredibly guilty if she eats something wrong. It’s unhealthy, and a little crazy. People just gotta take it easy and not give up if it happens.

      • :/ And that is sad… the worse that is going to happen is you are going to be a little late to make goal weight… so instead of being at your goal for the month… it might be a month and a half… but I would rather reach my goal weight a little late and enjoy life because I know this year or so it is going to take me to reach where I want to be doesn’t even compare to the years I have ahead of me! =D

    • Thank you! I hate seeing how much people beat themselves up over every mistake they make. Weight loss is definitely not all or nothing. You have to go with the flow!

  2. Awesome post! It’s great that you are realizing all of this now….I have had to learn all of this the HARD way…I have lost and regained large amounts of weight a few times since the age of 19! Fingers crossed that I finally have it right this time around!! 🙂 Keep it up!

    • Thanks! And yeah, I definitely didn’t want to spend a lot of my life going through yo-yo diets… I am so thankful for all the resources now and blogs… seeing what actually works for other people has helped a lot!

  3. Every Sunday I take the say off from exercise and logging what I eat. It keeps me sane and allows me to enjoy the same things I use to enjoy on a more constant basis. As a result.. I think I enjoy them MORE because I’m not shoving them down my pie hole every day

    • Exactly! I feel the same way… those cheat foods definitely taste a lot better when I am not always eating them! And I feel like I earned it a little bit more because I am actually working for it and not just being lazy. =D

  4. Retraining your mind is a great way to put it. I feel like my thoughts have become so distorted that I just want to erase them all and start over.

    • Yeah too bad we can’t just push a button and start with a clean slate! It takes time but you can definitely retrain your thoughts!

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