Goals, Weight Loss, and Hiking…


A lot of self-realization happened during the hiking excursion on Sunday. Climbing the mountain was going to be my progress report on how far I have come fitness wise, but then we never reached the top of the mountain. We saw it from the ground, we walked around the mountain, but we just never made it to the top… but we did make progress! It was not what we first intended, but it was still something and the memories made in those moments were absolutely priceless. So here is a list of what I learned on the Hike NOT Up Barren Mountain:

1. Goals are Good for Guidance, But Don’t Beat Yourself Up if You Don’t Reach It. My goal was to climb up Barren Mountain. This goal helped form a group of awesome people who also wanted to go hiking and also got me heading out to explore the great outdoors. Things did not go as planned, but I faced my fears of crossing over rickety bridges and also let myself just have a good time. Goals are not always going to be reached when you want them too, but every step towards a goal is a step in the right direction.

2. Support Groups are Priceless. Having a group of positive friends surrounding you as you try to achieve something is wonderful. They help to keep you focused but also to keep you uplifted when you feel like giving up. As we were trumping through the mud, I was afraid everyone was having a horrible time and maybe we should just leave. Instead, everyone was laughing and making jokes… and we ended up seeing some beautiful sights because no one in the group wanted to give up.

3. The Journey is just as important as the Destination. So many times we just get focused about the end of the journey. Once we reach the goal, everything will be awesome… but we end up missing wonderful moments in-between the now and the end. Don’t let the goal be the only thing on your mind. Enjoy all the small changes because those small changes are probably actually a lot more bigger than you realize.

4. It is Good to be Prepared, but also fun to be Spontaneous. My fiance and I definitely thought we had this all figured out. Follow road. Hike Mountain. How hard could it be? In hindsight, we probably should have done more preparation but it ended up being more fun (at least for me) to just try to figure things out as I go along. This can be dangerous with hiking… and therefore we never went away from any trails… but it was fun to see where roads would take us. The same can go for weight loss… it is good to be prepared and have a set plan in motion, but don’t let this keep you from being a little spontaneous every once and awhile!


So that is my list of what I learned while hiking. Now I need to address some other things…

My goals from last week! So, I kind of failed a little bit. My goals for last week were to go horseback riding 4 times, do my workout DVD 3 times, and then run 5k 2 times. This is what happened instead… I did achieve my horseback riding goal (score!), ran 4 miles, did not do the work out DVD, and hiked about 3 miles? maybe 4? It was a lot of walking though and I should have kept better track. Oh well! It was still a lot of exercise last week and I am down a pound! Only one more pound to go until I do a big giveaway! Ok, it is not that big… but it is a giveaway! So yay!

Anyway, I know it is in the middle of the week… but this is what I am looking at to achieve:

1. Horseback ride at least once this week (it is a really busy week with bad weather forecast over the weekend so we shall see…)

2. Do my work out DVD twice this week.

3. Run 2 miles.

Also, I am going to be moving my mom into a new apartment so that will also be considered some good exercise… so it is not as light of a week as it actually looks.

I need to lose one more pound this week to reach my goal for the end of May. 50 pounds! Halfway mark. I can do this!


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