Remembering to Give Thanks…


Thank you everyone for your awesome support of my guest blogger the other day! I am so grateful for the positive comments and knowing that it was definitely a subject that people could learn something about. I know I learned a few things too and I have been friends with Christy for 6 months now. So a big shout out goes to her! Sorry it took me awhile to get around to comments and also other people’s blogs. I have been busy the past 2 days! Had to drive 2 and a half hours North to help my mom pack up her apartment and then this morning, we loaded it all up into the truck, drove 2 and a half hours South, off loaded the truck… and now finally I am able to catch up on messages and blogs and such! It is definitely nice to have my mom closer than having to worry about her being so far away, all by herself… I was always terrified of her falling down the stairs and getting really hurt… and also, she does not handle loneliness well. So no worries about that because she is now living just up the road.

This has been such a crazy year so far and we are only half way through it! So much has changed… I have a wonderful support group amongst my friends and have been able to get into shape, have opened a lot more and become more confident, have become a little more financial stable (mostly thanks to my wonderful fiance for providing with a job and also helping with paying bills… it does make a large difference when you are sharing everything with someone else), have been dealing with the emotional pain of losing a parent and also taking on the parental role with another parent… so like I said, long year. Having that support group makes all the difference though!

Before I left yesterday to go up North, I was able to go horseback riding! So that is one goal to check off my list, though I am definitely aiming to go again this weekend. Now all I have left to do is do my work out DVD twice this weekend. It is looking like it is going to be a pretty rainy weekend unfortunately so I am definitely seeing no problem with fitting in the 30 Day Shred.

I need to make up a list for meals for the next week… does any one have some favorite healthy recipes they want to share?

Thanks again!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Stay tune because the Giveaway is going to be happening very shortly!


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