I Eat…What now?


After cheating 3 times last week After eating poorly last week, I was determined to start my week off by getting back on track! And it was hard. All the food I had stuffed down my throat had expanded my stomach and so yesterday was all about shrinking it back down to where it had been at the beginning of last week. It just seemed like I was eating all day yesterday! I could not shake off the feeling of hunger, but I think part of that was I was constantly thinking about food. I had finally gotten to a place where I did not really have to think about it, and just a few nights out has me thrown all out of whack! Regardless, I still ate very healthy yesterday and my body feels a lot better because of it (though I do have a slight headache but that may be from allergies caused by this darn rain…).  Though like I said, I was just hungry all day so even though I made a decent sized dinner (mmm, chicken cacciatore), I still found myself hungry again around 7 while waiting for our car to come back from his first maintenance appointment (have driven it 5,000 miles already…time goes by so quickly).  I was not the only one feeling the hunger pangs either, so was my fiance. The past week had thrown us both out of whack.

So we decided to stop by the grocery store to pick up something snacky while we watched Game of Thrones. In the past, this would have been a very bad decision. Hunger would have lead me to some where sugary like the ice cream aisle or the not-real cookie aisle, and I would go home and eat way more than serving of whatever I had gotten and feel sick and guilty afterwards. Not anymore! This time when we went to the grocery store, I was craving fruit. The strawberries they had were questionably but the grapes right near by looked amazing. So I picked up a bag of those. I then also saw some Laughing Cow Cheese. I had never tried it before but have heard about it… and 35 calories per wedge is pretty freaking amazing. I ended up getting the French Onion flavor and my fiance got his spicy (yuck!). To go with the cheese, we ended up getting some multi-grain crackers with 6g of fiber per serving. Not shabby!


A total of 170 calories versus the 560 calories I would have eaten if I ate half a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food Ice Cream in the past. Or the 650 calories I would have eaten with a slice of cake.


I am not the same person I used to be. I was craving healthy food! Food that filled me up right away and made me feel happy after I was done. It is amazing how much this journey has changed me and how much it continues to change me. I am glad I had the strength to make the change. To change my attitude from “I can’t” to “I do.”

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How has your snacking changed?


17 thoughts on “I Eat…What now?

  1. I notice that I crave healthy food more than I use to. My favorite meal of the day is my post workout protein shake! I still have unhealthy cravings… but they aren’t nearly as bad as they use to be! Another thing I notice is that I forget that I have treats in the house that I would have, in the past, devoured in one sitting. My husband brought me home a diet soda the other day (sometimes I just NEED caffeine), I couldn’t drink it that night because it would keep me up.. so I figured I would drink half with my lunch the next day… but I forgot all about it until I went into the fridge to grab ingredients for dinner to start cooking! That would have never happened before!

    • Exactly… I still have ice cream from when we went to a homemade ice cream place and I got a small bowl… ate like a fourth of it, then wrapped it and put in the fridge and haven’t touched it since! It just doesn’t dawn on me any more to eat junk food! It is just a rare treat. haha

  2. Awesome – it is amazing when you start making different choices because you want to…not because you feel forced to! Great job 🙂 Major points to you this week!

  3. LOVE Laughing Cow cheese! Yum.
    It also melts really well, too – tossed with some whole wheat pasta and veggies, it’s delicious. I also like to spread it on celery or use it as a spread on a sandwich instead of a slice of cheese (way more kick for a lot less calories).

    • Oooh I haven’t tried melting it yet! But it definitely is delicious! I love how low calorie it is… and makes for such a filling snack!

  4. Did you like the cheese??

    My snacking is way different, I used to eat a ton of bread and hard cheese. Sausage, pasta. Whole meals as snacks. Its amazing how my eating in general has changed.

    Also, its ok I too had a crappy cheat filled week, but I somehow managed to drop 4.

    • Love it! Absolutely delicious. And with grapes… it was just like having wine and cheese. :p Oh man, I remember eating whole meals as snacks… it’s like wow, what was I doing?!

      And congrats! That is awesome!! I gained 2, lost 3 so I am technically down a pound! whoo!

  5. I actually craved strawberries the other day… Me! I used to HATE fruit! Everything from the flavor to the texture. But now, I eat strawberries, grapes, apples… and they’re delicious! I’m not sure if I’ve lost any weight, but I definitely feel better just eating healthier food. 🙂
    (minus the chinese food I ate the other day… lol)
    Thanks for inspiring us all Cass! 🙂

    • YOU?! CRAVING FRUIT!? I never thought this day would come!! and I definitely cannot eat bad food anymore. My tummy really hurts now when I do. Ugh =(

  6. I am so glad you tried the Laughing Cow Cheese. I was scoping it out last time I was at the store! It is hard to start back onto the health food when you have gotten away from it for awhile. Your plate looks mighty good though. I think you have provided me a great idea for snacks this week. Thanks!

    • It is absolutely delicious… and it is perfect that the serving sizes are all made up for you. =D So one little block of cheese goes a long way when paired with some crackers!

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