Not The Mountain We Did Not Climb and Other Weekend News!


Map of the area… Look, there’s our mountain!

It finally happened. A mountain was conquered! All 1248 feet of it. Our feet and butts were all over it, or at least on the sides that had trails on it. This weekend turned out to be one of the best weekends of the summer so far (I am sure more of them are to come but it is always good to start off strong!) So lets talk about the weekend!

Saturday was the day of responsibility (mostly). The fiance and I got up early to hit the Farmer’s Market in Downtown Orono (I really need to take pictures of this stuff… good advertising for them! Gosh darn it). Anyway, we love the farmer’s market. I think it is amazing to just talk to the people who actually grew or raised the stuff you see in front of you. You can ask them all sorts of questions and you don’t get that confused or dazed look like if you asked someone at the Supermarket (“What was the position of the fish’s mouth when you captured it?” “Uh… what?” But dude at the farmer’s market would probably have a story for you!). Anyway, we pretty much got all of our meals planned out because of the market. We got a roast to cut up into Ribs for Father’s Day, we got fresh ground beef that my fiance turned into chili that same night (and still have lots of left overs of!), and we got the best bacon in the whole wide world. Ok, it’s true that I have not had bacon everywhere in the whole wide world… but so far, this has been the best bacon ever. I know a lot of people are like “No, can’t eat bacon. Losing weight.” In which case, I respond with “Wait, what? Why not?” And I get looked at like I have five heads trying to fit under one hat. I am losing weight too, but I also like bacon… and I am not going to give it up for the rest of my life. Not going to happen. Sorry. This is my lifestyle forever and always. This is not a “try to get to my goal weight as fast as possible” diet. This is me forever. Bacon, dessert, alcohol, fries, all of it are going to be a part of it. Just not fast food. I draw the line there. Ick. We also got garlic that went into the chili, and we picked up some sort of asian noodley dish to have for lunch. Apparently the noodles are made out of beans?! So they had lots of protein. The lady definitely loves to use basil so the whole dish had a fresh basil taste. Oh well. I love basil but I could have done with a little less of it.

After the farmer’s market, we headed into town to get my blender! Yay smoothies! We didn’t want to go cheap but we also could not afford the crazy $399 mega-blenders either. So I had done some research and decided on the Ninja Pro. It’s pretty sweet so far and have had smoothies yesterday and this morning as well. I am still trying to figure out some really good green smoothie recipes. So far they have been “ok” but nothing that blew my mind. I also ended up getting some new belts since my old one was just way too big! Yay new belts! No more butt crack for right now. Then I cleaned out the fridge since a lot of moisture was caught inside and was making everything wet? It was weird. And then, I went for a 5k run and went horseback riding while my lovely fiance made his tasty chili. That night we got invited out to a bar in town and though I was going to go on a no alcohol/processed sugar detox, I ended up having a glass of wine and tried some Maple Coffee Mead. Oh well. It was still a fantastic, busy day.

Sunday the weather was absolutely perfect. My neighbor had invited us and another friend to go hiking down in Acadia (right near the ocean and about 45 minutes from where I live).  Since our first hiking excursion had ended up in a muddy misdirection, we were happy to have a clear path in mind and also have someone along that had been there before. I did not ask many questions when we got asked to go hiking. I pretty much agreed without knowing anything about the path (a big change from before I got into shape). The trail started off right next to a pond and you walked along it for about .4 miles (I think?).

“Everything I see reminds me of her.” Name that movie. Beautiful sight even with the booby mountains. (BTW, All Photos taken by the wonderful Peg. I lack photo skills. True story).

After walking along the pond, we crossed the road and headed up Pemetic Mountain. It is about a 1.1 mile climb to the top but it is definitely a climb. We had to take a few breaks just because we were not used to the incline. My legs were definitely feeling it, especially after the run and horseback riding on Saturday. Phew.

Ah, resting spot… God, I wish I would lose some more weight from my boobs. Get smaller boobs!

View from halfway to the top of Pemetic.

Look! More View!

The weather was absolutely perfect, but being in  the sun and going up the incline… we were definitely happy when we hit shady areas and the ocean breeze picked up. I could not have imagined going up this mountain back at my starting weight of 267. No way that was going to happen.  So I can definitely appreciate how my body has changed and how much more it can do… I am definitely not going to mistreat it again and miss out on these wonderful opportunities and views!

Almost to the top of the mountain!

Made it to the top! Ignore my dorky pose.

I cannot get over how gorgeous it was from up there!

My legs are the middle one! Look at those toned calves! Way better than what they used to look like. Ick. And look at the sign! See! We climbed 1248 feet! Amazing.

And… I am going to leave you with that before this post gets too long and I will continue with the adventure more tomorrow! Since going down was definitely more scary than going up.

I will say that I was down to 215 this morning, though! I am also going to be trying yoga tonight which I am super excited for! Here is one last gorgeous view photo to end this wonderful post. And seriously, hiking is some of the best exercise ever. My whole body was sore this morning. Legs and arms for going up. Legs, arms, and abs for going down. Whole body strength training and cardio. Not bad.

Come to Maine. You will be Amazed.


12 thoughts on “Not The Mountain We Did Not Climb and Other Weekend News!

  1. Beautiful pics! We are trying to take a day trip or weekend trip sometime soon and bring our pups for an outdoorsy weekend in the mountains! I want to hike, let the dogs swim in some water and eat outside! Love your post – you are making such progress.

    And I know what you mean about wanting to lose weight in the chest – but one thing that helped me was going to a nice bra place and getting measured because you probably HAVE lost weight but perhaps aren’t wearing the right bra so you aren’t noticing the difference as much! I know that happened to me at least!

    • The view was amazing and my friend happens to be a fantastic photographer. It’s nice having her around as our own personal photo person. lol And your doggies will love it! I saw so many doggies on this trail… even tiny little ones that had to climb and jump down from tall places.

      And I don’t know what it is… because I went down a bra size, but it is still kinda small. I am in a weird in-between phase :/

    • Haha Thanks! And there was probably some kind of shout. I was kinda terrified because we were up super high! lol And oh man! That’s a bummer… one great thing about Maine is that there is a little bit of everything!

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  3. Well done with everything! You are truly becoming a real powerhouse!:)
    And I hear ya about the boob thing, I threatened that this weekend to my hubby when I was trying to squeeze them into last years sun-tops.. I mean seriously how did I get to gain 3 sizes in a year! The conversation stopped abruptly when I saw how mortified he looked! haha!

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