On Yoga, Motivation, and Rainy Days…


I have to admit, I am pretty darn blessed. I definitely have a lot of stuff in my life that could make me want to be a complete debbie downer, and I am sure people would say I had a right to be upset or down… but the thing is, I don’t like concentrating on that stuff anymore. I used to, though. I used to be one of those annoying people who liked to win “my life sucks more” competitions. I am not sure why. Why should I be proud of that? Why do I feel entitled to my “most sucky” life? Even if it is definitely not the most sucky life to begin with. It was just the way I viewed things. I would ignore all the wonderful things in my life and as soon as something bad happened, I just thought that further proved the fact my life sucks. But I was never happen and I soon realized I would never be happy with such an outlook. So I changed it. I make it sound so easy, huh? Well it isn’t. I still struggle with the upsetting thoughts where I just want to break down and hate myself… but then I have to think about all the amazing things I have going on in my life.

So lets get back to the being blessed part… I have been so lucky to meet some fantastic people in my life. I have absolutely by far some of the best neighbors I will probably ever have. You know how people normally complain about their apartment complexes? Not me. The fiance and I have made friends with everyone in our building and they are all wonderful people. It is pretty powerful to have such positive energy in one building, let me tell you. There just never seems to be any tension in the air which is nice (though I hope I haven’t pissed anyone off with my blender in the morning. The beast is powerful but SOOO loud. So sorry neighbors!). Then we have our lovely neighbors that live around us, especially Pat. She inspires me every single day. I love how she is independent, kind, helpful and is not afraid to dream. And one of her dreams is to be a Yoga Instructor… more accurate a Svaroopa Instructor.

Svaroopa is a type of yoga that specializes in core opening and decompressing the spine. It is both physically and mentally relaxing and also very therapeutic.  Instead of having a yoga mat, you have blankets. Instead of stretching the body, you are more releasing tension from the body.  It is just a really wonderful experience and you definitely feel really refreshed after it (especially after hiking!). So the fiance and I got to be Pat’s “guinea pigs” which is totally fine by us because we love trying new experiences and also helping out a friend. She is an absolutely amazing teacher, and I really hoped we helped build up her confidence because we would definitely love to see her succeed! We are definitely looking forward to our next yoga session. I can tell I can benefit a lot from it because I have a hard time with letting go. I just get so stressed out all the time and just always feel a bit wired. It is really hard for me to just release and realize that there is no need to worry about things I cannot control.

The thing is… I probably would have never really tried Yoga if we weren’t presented this opportunity through a friend. It just blows my mind the experiences I have been able to have because of the people around me. Reaching out to other people that open doors to new things are priceless. It really helps in building up your confidence and self-esteem and is wonderful when you are on a physical and mental transformation. I have changed so much this year, and I really have the people around me to thank for that. Their support has helped me come out of my shell a lot more and actually be successful. I love how open my friends are and aren’t afraid to be like “You look great” or “you’re coming so far.” It really helps to keep me motivated.  I know you should have inner reasons as well as outer reasons for getting healthy and believe me, I do… but the outside support has been tremendous.

I really needed to write this because I was feeling a little bit down and then remembered I really needed to write about my first yoga experience… and then I couldn’t write about it without Pat… and then it got me all emotional thinking about all these awesome people in my life… So sorry for the sappiness of this post! But I hope it inspires you to reach out more because there are just amazing people everywhere (including here in the world of blogs!).

On a completely unrelated note, today is rainy and I am feeling a little blah. I was going to go horseback riding but my horse was all wet from the rain, and she already was cranky… and I just didn’t want to make her more cranky. So I just groomed her instead and came home to do some cleaning. And by some cleaning, I vacuumed most of the apartment, organized, and mopped. So that burned some calories right? The weather is supposed to clear up tomorrow so I will probably go running then! I needed an off-day anyway. I have been pretty much been going non-stop since last Thursday! Phew. And now there is talk for another hike this weekend? Bring it on.



10 thoughts on “On Yoga, Motivation, and Rainy Days…

  1. I definitely agree with focusing on our blessings, not on what is going wrong in our lives. I have only been blogging since April and I am also finding the blogging community incredibly valuable and powerful! By reading people who are really making an effort on being better, loving themselves more, or helping anyone they can, it is becoming easier to have a better attitude towards life and any situation it brings along. It’s great that you chose to write about how good your life instead of falling into the negativity pond haha.

    • Same! I have only been blogging for a couple of months and all the support and being surrounded by all these strong people has been such a huge help on keeping me motivated and trying new things!

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