Random Thoughts in my Head…


1. I am sooo done with the 200’s but I still have 16 more pounds left to lose before I am out of the 200’s. It is a bummer and I am losing some of my patience… but I need to refocus!

2. Yesterday I climbed 2 and a half mountains… last year, I couldn’t even go up a hill. Big difference!

3.  I am not 100% certain what I want to do with my life… I definitely want to be a mother, I would love to help coach people in their weight loss journeys, and I also would love to someday run a bed and breakfast (looking for investors now!).

4. My eating habits have gotten a little sloppy lately… I haven’t been too bad, but I definitely have not been great either.

5. I did survive my week long sugar detox! But my weight did not really change much this week. I am holding steady at 216 for a 51 pound weight loss.

6. I am glad that bout of depression went away rather quickly. Last year, I would be depressed for months.

7. Father’s Day is making me a little sad. We are celebrating by making some ribs and baking cookies with my mom.

8. I love sunshine.

9. And the ocean.

10. I kind of hate how pressured my mom is making me feel for buying a house and settling down. I would love to own a house but it is a big commitment.

11. I love that tired feeling that comes from a day of full activity.

12. Lobster is delicious. Definitely need some more of that this summer.

13. I should fold laundry but I really do not have the motivation for it.

14. In one month and a day, my fiance and I will have been together for 4 years.

15. The one thing I am absolutely sure about is the fact that I cannot wait to be his wife.


12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts in my Head…

  1. Well, we folded the laundry! Woohoo!

    This post is definitely relevant to me, from the eating habits to being married to you.

    Love you Cassy!

  2. This post is so sweet! Congrats on the sugar detox; I don’t think I could do it. I really need to though, because I eat way too much sugar and I’m hypoglycemic so it literally makes me sick. Do you have any tips??

  3. I NEED to visit the ocean soon!!! I can’t wait for you guys to be married tooooo! Please don’t forget to invite me ; ) I miss you tons! And just wanted to say congratulations! You’ve done such a good job making your life better, and you’re such a great inspiration to everyone who crosses your path. You should be so proud. Love you!!! ❤

  4. You’ll get there before you know it! So many great accomplishments already – from the weight loss to the mountains, etc. I’m excited for you!

    When are ya’ll getting married? Has a date been set? (Yes, I’m being nosy!)

    • Thanks so much! I just get a little impatient! =D And we are going to hopefully get married next month — just elope! And then have a ceremony later on once we have more money.

  5. Nice random thoughts! You should be so proud of losing 51 pounds – that is amazing. And you will definitely go through some valleys on this weight loss journey – but just keep hanging in there…it will be amazing when you hit the next peak! 🙂 (dont you like my hiking mountains reference?)

    • I am trying! But I am just so excited to see a 1 in front of that number! =D It will happen soon enough as long as I stay focused and don’t lose track of the bigger picture! And I love the hiking references! haha It is very true…

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