The Number on the Scale


I closed my eyes as soon as I stepped onto the scale. I have not eaten badly the past week but I did have a glass of wine last night. I also had rice with dinner last night. Not much. Just a serving. But rice always makes me feel bloated. I was worried to see the damage of the wine and rice despite working so hard with hiking and horseback riding and haying. Lots of physical activity even though I have not really been doing any set exercises. I took in a deep breath knowing I was going to take that number how I always took it: a motivator. Whether it was good or bad.

And the answer….ย  GOOD. I am down to 214. I have lost 53 pounds. I am so excited! I still want to lose 7 more pounds before the end of the month but I am not quite sure that is going to happen… which is fine. I would love to at least get down to 210 before the month is over.

I am still astounded by how much I have changed… I have realized that my stomach is a lot less flatter. I don’t have to constantly pull down on my shirts to get them over my round belly. They just fit. For the first time in a really long time, I am starting to feel awesome about my body. I just need to remember I cannot become complacent because I feel good about myself… I have done that before in the past and the pounds just packed out because I thought I deserved ice cream or a sugary frozen drink… every single night in the summer. Then on top of that, I would drink alcohol. This summer is definitely going to be different. Ice Cream will only be a very rare treat, especially if I do a lot of outside activity on really hot days. No sitting in the apartment and just craving ice cream because it is sunny out. I must really work for it and know that I won’t be losing weight that time because of it.

This weekend there are no hiking trips in the works and that actually makes me sad. Am I becoming a hiker? Could I be craving that high every time we reach the top of a mountain? I think so. Even as I am hyperventilating as my fear of heights kicks in and my fiance is leaning over the edge of a bridge that helps cross a tall ledge… I am loving it.

The fiance and I are thinking about going on a road trip this weekend and that has me excited. I love road trips. I love going to new places we have never been before. We have almost gone on every single scenic route in Maine so far, which is really impressive. I love each of them in their own ways but I definitely love going to Western Maine. It is after all where we keep the dragons have some really beautiful mountains.

Sometimes I cannot believe I am doing this.

I am becoming the person I always wanted to be.

We made it to the top of our highest peak yet… and this was the second mountain we climbed! I am starting to realize I can do whatever I put my mind to and that’s an amazing feeling.


Happy First Day of Summer!


15 thoughts on “The Number on the Scale

  1. So proud of you and glad to hear you are continuing to lose weight. I am jealous that your number seems to go down every week and mine is so stubborn! ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s amazing when you finally find yourself and start liking what you see. What an awesome realization!

    • Thanks! And come on now, I have a lot more to lose! So basically I am always shocking my system…haha while you are already this kick ass machine so it takes your body a lot longer… I know I will be getting to that stubborn stage too!

    • I don’t know what it is… but rice never fails to make me feel like I ate twice as much as I did. Silly rice. haha I mean I love it and will always eat it at least once a week…lol

  2. That’s great! My numbers are going up…grrr but I’m in limbo until I see my Nutrionalist tomorrow. My goal is not weight loss but more pain loss, but I’d like my new drivers license to say a smaller number!
    Just wondering if you ever tried cutting gluten outta your diet? When I first did I lost a good amount of weight! Mainly cuz all I knew was safe was veggies, but now it’s a lifestyle for me, that and I’m allergic. It wasn’t as hard as I first made it out to be. And I’m off dairy too. I thought a whey protein would be fine…not…now I’m slowly purging it outta my system. But it really helps keep the pounds off! BUT….I was able to have my gluten free vegan cheesecake today, 1st time in over a year….it wasn’t exactly Cheesecake Factory tasting, but it was a desert I could eat without worries. :}

    • Bad scale, bad! And I haven’t cut gluten out entirely but I definitely cut back on it considerably. I know I am not allergic to it… rice just expands in my stomach and I always end up more than what I am supposed to. haha I have cut back on Dairy a lot too. =D and yay for vegan cheesecake! I have made some tasty gluten free desserts… especially cupcakes! I had a lot of people not even realizing they were made without flour… now that was an awesome feeling!

  3. 53? WOW that’s amazing! I hope that you are rewarding yourself, maybe if you get those last 7 you can get hiking shoes! I’m glad your proud of yourself because you really should be, that’s so amazing. Hiking is incredible, I’m quite jealous you have someone to hike with I have the hardest time motivating people.

    Congrats again! Even if you don’t get the 7 before the month is over, just think 53, how many people can say that? How many people can say they hiked a mountain? You are incredible!

    • That is an awesome idea… I am actually really bad at coming up with rewards for myself… ugh. haha especially when it comes to spending money. I am starting to get a little bit more tight on where my money goes.

      I would so go hiking with you! It is definitely a lot more fun when you have a group of people to go with you! At first I was a little skeptical, but I definitely did not want to be that person who chickened out all the time… I wanted adventure! Now I am actually craving hiking. I wasn’t able to go this weekend so it has made me a little antsy! Despite the fact that I lifted and moved around over 700 bales of hay this week!

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