A Tasty Dinner and Update


I forgot to post yesterday! Seriously not enough hours in the day sometimes. This week I have been fairly physical. The place where I board my horse allows people to work off some of their board by haying. This means we go out into the hay fields and stack bales of hay, load up the trailers, and then offload them into the barn. It is quite the work out especially when it was at the hottest it has been all year here in Maine… in the 90’s! The first couple times I did it, I definitely was wondering why the heck I was out there… but then I started to crave the activity. Me. The person who dreaded spending much time outside last year because when you are morbidly overweight… you are hot A LOT. I could not tolerate the heat very well at all 50 pounds ago. Now, it is definitely not so bad. I can wear jeans (which you have to or else your legs get all cut up… learned that the hard stupid way) and do physical labor out in the sun for 3 hours and it does not bug me too much. In fact, I kind of enjoy it.

I have not been too bad with my eating… on Thursday after haying for a long time and it being so hot, we did end up going out for ice cream afterwards. I was pretty good with my choice, though. I only had one scoop of ice cream! I did not get carried away. But then yesterday… yesterday was definitely not the best of days. We ended up having some leftover wings (oh yeah, we had bbq wings and then went out for ice cream on Thursday) for lunch on Friday, and then for dinner we made chicken quesadillas (which were not too bad) and then we finished off the night having a very delicious chocolate milkshake. It had been such a long week! I was feeling weak… you have to understand! Oh well. I will know better. Cannot have ice cream two days in a row! It is just a rare treat but seeing as I haven’t had ice cream for a few months now… it wasn’t too bad.

Today was a stressful day and I am not going to quite get into it. Despite the stress, I ate fairly well even though I went to a BBQ/Birthday Party for a friend. Why do people have to make such yummy foods that I just have to do try out?! I still probably ate a little too much… but tomorrow morning, I am going running and horse back riding! Back to business.

One of the best things I enjoyed this week though was this Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp. Oh-em-gee delicious.

I am just drooling remembering how good it taste! Sorry for the crappy picture.


I basically followed the same exact recipe from SkinnyTaste except I did add a teaspoon of brown sugar. I also made it with a brown rice/quinoa mix that I got from the Natural Food store and it was just absolutely amazing. I love the combination of ingredients and best of all, it only came out to be 300 calories! Definitely worth it. Tastes like Thai Food without feeling too indulgent.

Also, today the fiance and I saw the new Disney movie Brave. Loved it. Very cute, though it did make me cry because I just really envied the mother/daughter relationship.

How is everyone’s weekend going?


4 thoughts on “A Tasty Dinner and Update

  1. The Thai meal sounds delicious! will have to try – my hubby likes Thai food but we hardly ever make it!

    We had a cookout this weekend, too – but as usual i drank way more calories than i ate. Sometimes i think i will never learn!!!

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