Don’t Write Off The Day…


It’s so easy. Whether you sleep in a little too much, feel a little achy, or it is just a rainy gloomy day outside… there are so many excuses as to why today should not count and you do not have to follow through on your healthy living schedule. I am not 100% sure why we do this because we know when we eat healthy and exercise, we end the day feeling pretty darn good. We feel tired because we actually wore ourselves out. We are not tired because we are bored. So why is that some mornings we just wake up and instantly want to give up on the day?

Today it was raining. Not a really bad rain… but enough to make it kind of gross. And what I mean by gross is that it was humid and sticky kind of rain. It would have been very easy to say “No, I don’t want to run in that.” A part of me really wanted to. A part of me did not want to do anything all day. Yet I knew I would end up regretting it. So I made a yummy strawberry blueberry smoothie, let it settle in my stomach and hit the pavement. I haven’t gone running for over a week now! Ugh. My legs were pretty much fine though my knees get a little upset… I think they are still angry from all the hiking. It was my breathing that was ALL over the place. But I pushed myself because I needed to. I want to get on the scale tomorrow morning and be proud and know I did my best this weekend. So I ran 2 miles which was tough… I definitely need to get into the habit of running more often. I will probably try to do another 2 mile run tomorrow morning, give myself Tuesday off, and then run 3.1 miles on Wednesday.

It felt awesome to run, though. I was hitting my stride towards the end and it made me crave more activity as well. I spent the afternoon at the  barn and riding my horse. It was nice to have that activity and I know if I had written off running, I probably would not have gone horse back riding either.  And then I would not have been proud about what I had accomplished at all.

Also, the day totally cleared up. The clouds rolled away and it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day.

So remember, it is worth it to just go through with being healthy. Don’t let your mornings throw you off because a beautiful, productive day just might be awaiting you!

And here is an awesome cute video to help make your day even better! A Corgi performing “Call Me Maybe.” I know what you are thinking… what? why would I watch this? But all I can say is do it… because it will make your day.


13 thoughts on “Don’t Write Off The Day…

    • I know… the song gets on my nerves… but that Corgi just nails it! I think the acting is way better also.. I felt way more sad for the Corgi than I did for the chick who actually sings it.

      • Exactly! I think for me it’s because, sadly, my whole life up until about a year and a half ago was spent being sedentary! So my brain still wants to have a nap rather than go for a bike ride!!

  1. haha boy – that sound has been reproduced so many different ways. kind of funny. my sister works for an animal rescue group and she was this other group with little business cards for each pet that said “Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my tag number – adopt me maybe?” haha makes me laugh even though the song is overplayed.

    I agree that forcing yourself to work out is sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself. Most the time once i get started, i forget that i didn’t want to start in the first place!

    • haha I know the song is totally overplayed and silly… but having a corgi bark the song and act it out… just melts my heart!!!

      And definitely… it just takes that moment to actually just do it (as Nike says) and then you normally are golden for the rest of the day!

    • hahaha… you can totally do the corgi video… even if you don’t like the song… just turn off the sound and look at the cute corgi acting! lol

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