I Choose You… Muscle Pain!



Yesterday was a close one. For the past couple days, I have had a hard time sleeping and I am not entirely sure why. A lot of tossing and turning. Bad dreams. Too hot. Too cold. I just have been feeling a little off. Unfortunately when I have nights like these, I end up waking up with a pretty bad headache. And yesterday was a struggle. My head hurt and I just felt totally lethargic. I did not want to do anything but lay on the couch and watch movies and eat junk food. Yes, you heard me right… I wanted junk food. I wasn’t too bad but I definitely ate a lot more yesterday than I normally do. For my junk food, I order bbq wings. I was really craving the wings dipped in ranch sauce. But I would not let myself have it for nothing. I had to do something…

So I did 80 jumping jacks, 40 crunches, 10 push ups (I remember when I couldn’t even do one), and some strength training with a 10 pound weight. Doing exercises definitely helped and I only ate a few of my wings because I didn’t want to make myself feel guilty… just enough to satisfy my craving. I decided I was feel well enough to go horseback riding, and I am so glad I did. I broke an old habit. Before when I would get into that funk with the headache and such, I wouldn’t do anything about it. I would sit there and feel miserable. This time I knew I just needed to do something and get my blood flowing.

And boy… my muscles are feeling the push-ups today. I have not done any chest exercises for awhile (which is bad I know), and my muscles are just screaming at me. Ooops. But it feels good because I feel like I accomplished something.

This week has been pretty bad with eating. I have gotten into a complacent phase… I just know it. I am thinking I am going to go on a quick run around the neighbor to burn off some energy.


Also, fantastic news… I got accepted into Human Nutrition and Dietetics. This girl is going back to school in the Spring of 2013! I am so excited!


9 thoughts on “I Choose You… Muscle Pain!

  1. Congrats on your acceptance into the Dietetics program. I help out with some of the internships for that major here on our campus, so it’s cool to see all the interesting things they end up doing!

    And bravo for not giving in to your bad feelings and trying to turn your day around. I’m sore today from an intense strength training workout yesterday….and I’m assuming my 55 minute cardio workout this morning added a bit on to that, too. Gotta keep working hard as I’m seeing family tonight and going to be eating a few meals “away from home.”

  2. Anytime I am feeling crappy physically (or mentally), as long as I am not truly ill, I always try to get up and do something, even if it’s just for a little bit. It makes me feel so much better! There are so many times where I have wanted to just stay in bed or lounge around, and once in a while that is definitely the best choice, but most times it’s not!

    Do you ever have a “cheat” day? Jesse is more lax on his diet now since he’s lost the weight he wanted to, but when he was working to lose weight, he’d count his calories pretty religiously during the week and follow a fairly strict diet, but one day a week he’d have a “cheat” day where he’d have what he wanted. I like his idea, but I also like that you were able to realize that you just needed to satisfy that initial craving for the BBQ wings. Good for you!

    I have personally been finding that sometimes I am eating just to finish what’s in front of me, and not because I’m hungry. I hate feeling like I’m “wasting” something when I don’t eat it, especially if it’s something I just bought (like out at a restaurant), but I HATE feeling so full and bloated and knowing that I didn’t need those extra calories. So, I’ve started to just stop eating when I feel full, regardless of if there’s anything left!

    Sorry this is turning into a really long comment! I was just also going to add that I am a TERRIBLE snacker, so I have been trying to find food that is really filling. I have however, found some really good snacks that you can have a fair amount of without loading up on calories. I’m going to do a blog post on this really soon, actually, but they sell these chip type things made by a company called Sensible Portions. They have tons of different flavors, but they are so good and the serving size is HUGE for only around 130 calories. They are a great snack!

    Okay, sorry for the novel 🙂 Oh, and a huge congrats for getting accepted into the program!!!

    • Haha! That’s fine! Don’t worry about the long comment! I really appreciate it. Getting active definitely helps in getting you out of the slump… it is amazing how a little blood to the brain can make a huge difference.

      I don’t have a cheat day exactly… Unfortunately I have been really bad with counting calories and such. I am getting back into it now though. I really want to have this be a lifestyle change so it is not so much a diet but something I can do with the rest of my life without worrying about a cheat day… but I think I am going to have to go back to that because I slowly fall back into old habits and forget how quickly calories can go by!

      Unfortunately, we are the end of an era where it was considered rude not to eat everything on your plate. How many times were we told as a kid “eat everything and then you have dessert,” no wonder we have such a problem with weight these days! And parents are still teaching this to their children… but at least now more resource and knowledge is coming out about it. I either take less than what I want when I am serving myself (and then if I am REALLY hungry, go back for seconds, but it will make me think more about if I really want seconds) or I always try to leave at least 2 bites of food left on my plate.

      Snacking isn’t bad though! It helps keep your metabolism up just as long as you don’t eat too many calories. =D I have never heard of Sensible Portions before! So I am really looking forward to that blog post. Right now, I eat Larabars and Pop Chips for snacks.

      Thanks again! I am so excited to go back to school… it is such a huge difference from when I went to school because I thought I HAD to, to now where I want to go to school to for myself.

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