Stop Thinking and Do It

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I have spent a lot of my life, second guessing and pondering whether or not to do some thing. I would then over-think everything and get so stressed out by just thinking about that I would never actually get around to actually doing it. I sometimes still feel that pull to sit down and not do anything or say things like “I don’t want to” even though I really do want to, I just am too lazy to do it right now. But now when that feeling emerges, I am getting better as shoving that thought to the back of my mind and just doing it.

I have been kicking some serious butt since Friday. I feel almost unstoppable. I have been eating a lot better than I was before, watching my calories and making sure I am actually eating enough to keep my body happy and then working out a lot. This weekend was so much fun! The temperatures here in Maine were perfect, though a little on the “too hot to climb a 1500 foot mountain” side. We ended up hiking a smaller mountain this time around, only around 530 something but with the heat and everything, it was definitely comparable to some of the higher mountains we have climbed so far this summer. With the heat, we decided it would be perfect to swing by Sand Beach and see how cold the ocean actually was (which was pretty freaking freezing but so awesome!). A few of us ended up playing in the waves like kids for awhile while others just got their feet and legs wet (I don’t blame them… there were times I was wondering if I was going to keep my toes!). It felt so nice to just feel like a kid, though. For that whole afternoon, I felt like I had no responsibilities. Not a care in the world. Everything was awesome. I was surrounded by amazing company and people that always make me feel great about myself. The sun was shining. The sand was warm. I am in such a different place in my mind right now than I was last summer. This year I feel like I am really enjoying summer, even when there are rainy days. I do not feel like I am missing out on anything. This new active lifestyle has opened me up to so many things, and made me realize just how much is truly possible if you just put your mind to it.

Just do it. I know that is said way too many times to the point it is cliche… but it really changes your life. Instead of thinking about it, just do it. Thinking about going to the gym doesn’t burn calories. When it comes to health and exercise, the thought does not count. You need to put in the time and effort to make it work. Don’t put things off for tomorrow because you know something else will always come up.You will always find new excuses. There is no reason you can’t fit in a walk some time during the day, a 20 minute work out DVD, a quick run around the block. No reason. If you watch television or movies, you have time to work out. And it shouldn’t be seen as some sort of punishment. You should work out because it makes you  feel good, because you are worth looking absolutely amazing. Stop feeling bad every time you go shopping for clothes. You can change it by just doing something.

It is the second day of July and I am feeling as motivated as I did when I first started. I got a little off the path but I am forging ahead.

Yesterday was also a really nice day. I spent the morning horse back riding and then came home and proceeded to do my 30 Day Shred for the first time in months! Oh man, did it kick my ass. I was dripping in sweat! But it felt so good to kick some major butt! It definitely went a lot better than the very first time I ever did the DVD so at least I know I am in somewhat better shape than I was in March! After kicking my own ass, the fiance and I decided to go on a mini road trip. We love going down back roads with the windows down during the summer. It is one of my favorite things to do. We ended up seeing signs for an alpaca farm and they were advertising their babies. We just had to go check it out! It turned out to be a wonderful facility in Unity.

I just love the markings on the baby!


Then we did end up going out for dinner which wasn’t the smartest idea, but it was definitely delicious! We did Italian Food in Belfast, and I had the Pesto Gnocchi which was absolutely delicious. I did not eat it all, though! I ate half and took the other half home to have for lunch today. I actually think it was almost better reheated!

Today, I ran a mile, went horse back riding, did the 30 Day Shred and am going to be doing Yoga tonight! Phew!

My eating today has been really good too! I have currently eaten 1095 calories today, worked off about 700 – 800 calories, and have plenty of room left to have a piece of pizza at a friend’s house for dinner (don’t worry. Just cheese! Keep in mind it is meatless Monday!)

And now the big news..

The number on the scale…


Finally I am down a pound!


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