My Mind is Everywhere…


I have so many things going on in my mind right now that I am finding it really hard to just focus up and get things done. I do not know why I have such a problem relaxing… I feel like I am not being productive whatsoever when I am just chilling on the couch even though I never just chill on the couch anymore. And I even have a good excuse… SUNBURN. Everywhere. Yesterday we went to the beach to soak up the rays and try to handle the cold of the North Atlantic Ocean… which is brutal. It gets up to like 55 degrees MAX or something like that. Anyway it makes your toes hurt because it is that cold… and yet we go in multiple times to cool off because when you are out in the sun… you warm up fast! I was trying to get rid of tan lines but I went overboard and just… got crispy instead. Not as bad as I have been in the past, but enough to make me not really want to wear a bra unless I really have to.

Did I tell you guys that I am no longer an extra-large girl? That’s right! I went bathing suit shopping before we went to the beach and I fit into a LARGE. Oh my god, so excited! It shows a little more cleavage than I would want but it is actually not too bad. I actually felt a little sexy… which was pretty awesome. The shorts were even a little big too. I am definitely changing! Which is a good thing. Even though I would wish for it to be much faster… ah well.

So because of the sunburn, I am not really able to move around too much. I will probably suck it up tonight and go on a walk in the neighborhood because I cannot stand the idea of NOT DOING ANYTHING. Ugh. Must do stuff.

I have been pretty bad on my eating out and I really need to work on that. I ate out 3 times this week. I know in hindsight that is not too bad… but I really like to make most of my meals and know exactly what I am eating. I also had a HUGE strawberry daiquiri yesterday which I am kind of regretting. Need to work on that sugar intake again. Oh well… at least it was a lot of fun! Definitely hoping to never get sunburned again this summer… at least not this bad. I don’t like it when I cannot really do what I want to do without being in pain. I won’t be able to do the Shred today either so that means I am missing out on it twice in a row. Ooops. Oh well. 5 out of 7 this week is definitely not bad!

I know I will be feeling better tomorrow so I will start off Monday strong.

Lately, I have been reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr, and she brings up a lot of interesting points. So I am going to be doing my best to cut back on meat and start upping my intake on vegetables.Ā  I definitely don’t think I can become completely vegan/vegetarian… but I am going to do my best not to eat meat ALL the time.

Goals for this week:

Try to go for 7/7 for the 30 Day Shred

Run at least 4x this week.

Eat out once.

Tomorrow is my official weigh in day to see how well I did. Keeping my fingers crossed for some results!


10 thoughts on “My Mind is Everywhere…

  1. I bought some bathroom scales today… I kinda feared them before LOL I found out I’ve lost 20 pounds in the past six months… I’d like to lose another 70 in the next year…

    According to the app I downloaded today as well, if every day was like today, I could lose another ten pounds within a month. I’d love to do that… but it would mean getting up an hour earlier to hit the treadmill…. hmmmm… I do like my sleep… but it’s great to see the weight disappearing too… LOL

    • haha yeah… it took a lot of courage for me to buy a bathroom scale! But it definitely gauges how you are doing a lot better than just how you feel…. before I would always say “I did a wonderful job… I can splurge!” which meant…I lost one pound, I can gain 10. haha

      • Yeah, I’ve been good about that… or tried to LOL Do you use the MyFitnessPal app? That’s been great for keeping track of calories, weight, exercise and nutritional intakes… I’ve just started using it but I like it. Apparently it snitches on you to your friends if you go over budget on your calories, ha ha.

      • That is what I use! I love it. I love how it keeps track of everything! Though sometimes I am not always as diligent as I should be with putting in what I eat or exercise. Ooops!

      • It’s not always easy to enter everything accurately so I take my best shot. I try to be honest though. I tried another one from Amazon, called Lose It but their database wasn’t nearly as good.

  2. Hey, I just wanted to say that this was great, but what is the Shred thing you mentioned? As you can tell, this is my first time reading your blog. I love how you post your weekly goals. Might take a bit of my blog to do that. Maybe every Thursday- my Weigh Day. Thanks. šŸ™‚

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