Oh, Burn…


Sunburn is a big fat meany-bo-beanie pants (no idea what that really is… but that’s my description and I am sticking to it). I was a little too lax in my sunscreening of the bod on Saturday when we went to the beach…and I am paying for it now. Especially in my shoulders!


Look at that burn line! And my puppy dog face! Pain! So much Pain.


So Sunday, I spent the majority of the day without a bra on… and this morning, I really want to do that again but I have a lot of things I need to do. Gosh darn it all. Why am I not sunburn proof?! Can’t I have that super ability? Please? I don’t want to fly, or be invisible, or read minds… I just want to run out in the sun without worry of becoming a lobster. Anyway, it is looking like I won’t be doing much exercise today either which means I am really going to have to bust my tooshie into full gear as soon as I am recovered… which I know I can do! Right now I am just watching what I am eating and making myself some pretty drastic food goals!

Yesterday I went the whole day without caffeine.  I am trying to ween myself off coffee entirely (only as occasional treats). This will be my second day. So far, no side affects but I am sure they will surface some time! I am also going to go the whole entire week without alcohol. For some reason in the summer time, I just want to drink sugary drinks more often. Weird. So I have just been drinking TONS of water.

It has been paying off, though! As of this morning I was at 212! YAY! I am so excited. Only 4 more pounds to go to be at a 60 pound loss! Amazing. I am so happy. Despite missing a few work outs and eating a few not so good for me dishes… I was still able to drop some weight! Yay!

Ow. Just tried to stretch my arms. Cannot move my arms above my head. Ow. Ow. Ow.

But I am going to do my best to stay positive and not let this sunburn bring me down!

My hair when I am too lazy to brush it. YAY


Time to kick some butt this week! Also today is Meatless Monday! So I am going the whole day without Meat… even though I did that yesterday too. Oh well! Lots of vegetables. It’s good for you!


6 thoughts on “Oh, Burn…

  1. Ouch! Sunburns suck – i am very fair skinned, so I’m always pretty prone to getting burnt when i spend time in the sun. As i’ve gotten “older” i’ve tried to be more aware of actually applying and reapplying when i’m out in the sun!

    Good for you on the weight loss – how awesome, almost 60 pounds!!! I am hoping for some weight loss this week on my new food challenge. I guess we will see. I held steady last week despite a severely off track Wednesday due to all the July 4th shindigs. I’ll admit that i secretly weighed in on Saturday after weighing in on Friday and I was down a pound. Hoping i can see that plus some this week!

    • Thanks for the article! I was just really lax in putting it on after going into the salt water… and salt like makes you absorb the sun faster because it dries up your skin… and it was just a mess. Ooops. lol

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