Eat Your Vegetables…


This post may get a little gross… just saying… because I am going to talk a little about bowel movements! Yay! Everyone’s favorite subject, right? No? Everyone ran away didn’t they? Oh well.

So in June, my diet was a little all over the place. I was definitely eating a lot of meat with almost every meal… and though I stayed pretty close to the calorie range I was supposed to be in (though sometimes a little bit too low), I wasn’t losing much weight. Then I started reading this Crazy Sexy Diet and discovered that animal proteins and dairy products can actually stick to your intestines! Gross. You can have anywhere from 6 to 10 pounds of ickiness in your body that isn’t even fat! So I have decided to start incorporating a crap ton of vegetables into my diet to the point I am only trying to have meat a few times a week and only once a day. Doing this for only a few days so far has helped a lot… I am a lot more regular in my bowel movements and I feel a lot lighter on my feet! I have also been doing a lot better with drinking water. It helps when I just have a large bottle of water that I bring with me so I can really gauge how many ounces I have been drinking. So far I have gotten myself up to about 75 ounces of water, which feels great except I always have to pee! Good lord.

If you are not passing a turd at least once a day, you may want to revamp your diet. Think of all that waste that is building up in your intestines right now! I was starting to go only every other day and it was driving me absolutely bonkers. I was even eating a lot of fiber so I had no idea why this was happening to me… but as of right now, it just seems like it was too much animal products just clogging up the system! Hopefully I am getting back on track… and we will see what sort of weight loss I have next Monday!

Told yah… it was a little bit gross! But I am feeling positive that fruits and vegetables will help me kick some serious butt this July! Unfortunately I need to get back into exercising and doing my 30 Day Shred. The sunburn is finally starting to go down, and I was tempted to do it today but I am going haying first… and that is quite the work out! So I am going to do that and then see how tired I am… if I can manage a quick work out after that, I will try it. If not, I am not going to push myself too hard seeing as I haven’t exercised for a few days now! Ooops.

So how many servings of fruits and vegetables do you have a day?!

Hope everyone has a great Hump Day!




14 thoughts on “Eat Your Vegetables…

  1. Thanks for the info! Sometimes TMI is appropriate for the purpose of sharing important information. I aim for 64 ounces a day but often get a bit more. I think naturally I eat meat a few time a week and I eat a lot of fruit. I pretty much eat very little to no vegetables. Is that bad? lol

    • That’s awesome! Yay water! And it depends on what kind of fruit you are eating… if you tend to eat more citrus-based fruits, then you probably want to cut back and lean towards fruit like apples and berries, that tend to have less sugar and more fiber. =D

  2. I need to incorporate more vegetables to my diet. I enjoy eating them, but I enjoy carbohydrates way more! haha, no wonder I’m overweight! thanks for sharing a little from that book. I wanna buy it, is it as good as it appears to be?

    • I really enjoy it! It does try really hard to turn you into a vegan which I know I will never do, but it at least makes me more wary of the stuff that I am putting into my mouth!

  3. Haha, ever since I was little my mom has always said “bowl movements” and I always got embarrassed and told her “Mom!!! Just say poop!!!!” Anyway– I am bad at eating vegetables (and fruit) and have been making an honest effort to change this. Same with water! I always bring a bottle with me now, and find that I’ll drink a lot more that way. Having to pee all the time is pretty annoying though!

    • Yeah I find when I have a big jug of water next to me, I definitely tend to drink a lot more! And it is definitely hard to eat more fruits and vegetables. :/ I have been having like vegetarian breakfasts/lunches. And then maybe have meat at dinner….

  4. You know, that actually makes sense. The part that sucks the most for me is that I simply can’t seem to manage to eat vegetables much even though I LOVE them. Is that weird or what? Gonna go out and buy myself some cucumbers tomorrow. And water… I suck at drinking water. 😦

    • What you are supposed to is when you plan meals, plan your meals around the vegetable and not the carbohydrate or the protein. Those should just be side dishes to all the wonderful colorful vegetables! =D and yeah I am definitely not the best at drinking water…

  5. Ew! I never realized that meat products would just have a little hang out in my intestines. I looked it up and you are absolutely right. Carrots and broccoli here we come. : )

  6. haha I love this post!! I’m also so weird when it comes to bowl movements, I seriously love my daily poop cause I know it means I’m lighter and healthier. Which I think is so awkward, but so normal.

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