So This is Crazy… But I Just Got Married!


Reason I have been slacking on posts lately?


My fiance (now husband) and I have been talking about tying the knot for a month now and we knew we really wanted to get married on our anniversary (July 18th). We just did not know if we wanted to do it this year or wait until next year…but a week ago, we decided to just do it! I know we are super romantic. I have never dreamed of having a huge crazy wedding with all the stress and stuff… so we knew there wasn’t going to be much planning that was going to go into it. I just wanted to be surrounded by a few of our closest and dearest as we exchanged vows. My friends were absolutely incredible and supportive. We ended up having the ceremony in my “second” mom’s backyard. She was awesome and even found the person who would perform the ceremony for us! YAY! It was absolutely perfect! It was also my first time wearing ANYTHING strapless. Please ignore the crazy tan lines. I am a country girl. I spend a lot of time outdoors with out much thought to tanning and what not. But I think I pulled the look off pretty well! I cannot believe it. I am a married girlie now! I am a wife. Crazy. Anyway, here are some more pictures!

The Ceremony Area!


Walking down the aisle

The Rings!


Feeding each other cheesecake (I know… cheesecake… but it was my wedding day!)

And Cheesecake kisses!

Also in other great fantastic news… I am down to 209! I am 2 pounds away from a 60 pound loss and now there is a zero in the middle of it. That means I am SUPER close to being in the 100’s. Oh man. I am so excited!


What an amazing week! And just to give you guys a little idea of how much this has changed from last year…

This is me and my barn mom and one of my best friends… last year for a friend’s wedding!. I had to be close to my high weight… so around 260 pounds.

The barn girlies! And I weigh 209 pounds!

What a wonderful year it has been so far!






31 thoughts on “So This is Crazy… But I Just Got Married!

    • Haha It is just a good year for weddings. I definitely wanted to be married before the world ended in December. lol Just in case it does. I didn’t want to go out without at least completing that on my bucket list. lol And it is really weird…it makes me feel… older? :p

  1. Congratulations! Impromptu weddings are the best! My husband and I had a conversation and were engaged by the end of it… We were going to have a fancy wedding some time after we went to the courthouse… But it became less and less important. So we went to a courthouse with our parents… And bought rings afterward! I hope you enjoyed your beautiful day! Congrats again!

    • That’s really sometimes all you need! I definitely didn’t want the big huge celebration. I get easily stressed out, and I just did not want to worry about something like that. Luckily I have really awesome friends that put together everything for us. It was small and intimate, and just how I always wanted it.

  2. oh my! this popped up on my phone earlier and i couldn’t comment or read the whole thing so I had to jump on here and get the full scoop. How exciting! A huge congrats to you and yours – marriage is a wonderful thing when you find the right person. So happy for you – and it’s great to see your progress and the big smile on your face. You deserve it all!

    • Thank you so much! It was perfect… last minute and awesome. Everyone was sooo supportive and great, and made the moment spectacular. I couldn’t imagine my life without my other half… we have been through a lot already so I am quite sure we can make it as a married couple!

  3. Exciting news. Sending a mega load of congratulations your way. You guys are a great looking couple and I wish the absolute best for you! And congratulations on the weight loss. Good news on two fronts.

    • Thank you! We are something special! I definitely can’t imagine my life without him. =D

      And yes, finally getting close to one of my biggest goals… the 100’s!

  4. Congratulations, Cassy!!!!!!! Yay to growth! And, you are sooooo close to de 100’s !!! 😀 You can do it! I’m a fan! (60 pounds, whoaaaaaa)

  5. Oh Wow! Congrats Cassie!! You looked awesome! Beautiful! You look so happy!! And the cake looks too delish! You really are on a journey to awesomehood 🙂 (Big kiss for you! MUWAH!!!)

    • Haha! It is really awesome and really inexpensive. The most expensive part was the rings, but even that was under $300. It was so relaxed and just a lot of fun. Not much planning went into it so nothing could really go wrong. And the cheesecake was even a surprise! Totally sweet!

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