I really don’t know what to title today’s blog. I am really not sure what today’s blog is even going to be about. I just felt like saying hi.

The husband and I aren’t honeymooning for awhile, but we did go on a nice road trip to the Rangeley Lake area over the weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous up there! We stopped and saw some waterfalls which were appropriately named “Smalls Falls.” Deep, right?

It was nice just spending the whole entire day with him. We actually haven’t gone on many road trips just the two of us and have been spending lots of time with other people (which is awesome because last year I was too insecure to really hang out with other people. YAY GROWTH). I was feeling a little gross because I was eating TONS of cake after the wedding. Why do I have to bake such yummy foods?!

Strawberry Shortcake Cake. 2 Layers of Ultimate Strawberry Goodness.

So pretty much my diet since Wednesday has been cake until yesterday when I said NO MOAR (because there was no cake left to be had… but shhhhh), and I am going on yet another sugar detox because I am craving it bad. Why must you be so tasty, sugar? WHY? So I haven’t had any sugar for the past 24 hours. And I hope not to have any sugar for the next 336 hours. Yes, my friends, I am going on a 2 week sugar detox. No alcohol (which sucks because I love alcohol in the summer time), no cake, no ice cream, no refined white stuff. Because the truth is, I need to beat my nemesis. You heard correctly, I have a nemesis. From England. Which is awesome because I believe nemeses should have foreign accents, don’t you agree? Anyway, you can check out his blog here.

Anyway, he has challenged me to see who can get to the 200 pound mark first.ย  I have a little over 9 pounds to go but I definitely think I can do it if I watch myself closely. I am super competitive. Even if there is no reward, I like knowing I came in first place.

I noticed that I pretty much always start a new paragraph the same way. Either Anyway or So… I need to get more creative. I know a lot of you are worried that I have forgotten to read your blogs… but I will get around to them! Gosh darn living life and being busy… I didn’t realize how much losing weight would change my life.

Catch you guys tomorrow! Promise, lots of comments will be made!


7 thoughts on “Sooo…Chicken.

  1. That waterfall looks really pretty! I want to go on a hike with a water fall – that may be my next adventure when we can actually make a day trip out of it!

    I think it’s okay to eat cake after your wedding. I was (and okay – still am) sort of upset that i didn’t get to try and single bite of food from my wedding. Not any cake or appetizers, nothing! And we left the day after so I didn’t even get to have a leftover cupcake from our cake. *sigh* Everyone said they were good though! Anyway, i digress.

    Sugar detox sounds good. You know that if you can make it past the first few days your cravings will go WAY down .You got this! Also – i’m placing my bets on you for the 200 pound mark! ๐Ÿ™‚ GOOO team Cass!

  2. WOW! This is awesome. Good luck on this ๐Ÿ™‚ Something I really need to do but can never stick to….

  3. Your Nemesis may be English but I live in Kentucky now so the accent is a little off… especially when i say “y’all…”

    But I’m still going to beat you to 200… mwah ha ha ha

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