Revamping my Life


So I can say right now I barely followed ANY of my goals for July. I did not run 4 – 5 times a week. I did not do the 30 Day Shred every day. I just lived my life with those ideas always floating in the back of my mind so I did them occasionally. Not all the time but at least 3 times a week, but I have been incredibly active and I have a lot to be proud of. I am only one pound away from losing 60 pounds, and I am hoping to reach that milestone by the end of the month. Absolutely amazing! I have come so far in the past year, that it really isn’t even worth saying what I did not accomplish this month because I have accomplished so much more! But I also learned a lot of myself by making these goals in terms of exercise… I do not like rigid schedules when it comes to exercise. Nope. Not at all. I also really do not like running. I can do it because it makes me feel good afterwards, but doing it is not a happy thing. I love horseback riding. I love doing my 30 Day Shred. I love haying. I just love living my life and the activity that comes along with doing it. I am so much more active and focused than I have ever been before. The one goal I am a little sad about is not keeping up on my blogging and everyone’s blogs! Sorry blogging world!
But I definitely do like having things to aspire too! The goals did help push me to go that extra mile! So I am trying to make other bigger goals that applies to all faucets of my life. I don’t quite have it all figured out quite yet, but I will be posting them throughout this week.


One big goal I have been working on is cleaning and organizing the whole entire apartment! I hope to eventually have a yard sale before the summer is over and start saving money to another trip to California to hang out with one of my soulmates. I had so much fun in May, that I definitely think a visit with her will have to be a yearly thing.  Also, I just really want to make this place feel super homey since we plan on living here for another 3 years.  So far I have cleaned the bathroom, organized the bedroom and the kitchen! Tomorrow I am conquering the living room. I have gotten some picture frames and ordered photos so finally going to have some pictures of us around the house! I am so excited and have really been getting into it. This weekend I also plan to conquer the office and decorate my desk with lots of color and motivational stuff! I will take a before and after picture, and maybe even give you guys a tour of the apartment and let you guys know what I did to make it seem AWESOME.

Anyway, I will talk more about my goals and such tomorrow… sorry my posts are always so… not focused all the time! I write better in the mornings.


8 thoughts on “Revamping my Life

  1. You’re doing an amazing job and what’s really important is that you’re not beating yourself up over the stuff you didn’t do. I agree that you have accomplished so much more and it’s awesome that you recognize that. So many people don’t. Hang in there, chica!

  2. Okay, so I’m going to be the “healing white light” nemesis for a moment and say, it’s okay, we all stumble… I haven’t lost anything this week… I work as a corporate trainer but this week I’m being trained myself, so I’ve been sitting around on my arse and not burning calories. On top of that, they’ve been ordering lunch for us all.

    Yesterday I hit the treadmill but I was still over my calorie limit. Today was better… I chose a low calorie wrap for lunch and even though we went to dinner at a manager’s house, I was honest with my logging and I still came in with about 100 calories to spare…

    …so hopefully, when I weigh myself tomorrow morning, I’ll have lost *something*, even if it’s only my dignity 😀

  3. Who needs focused posts? And what are they? Also, if you figure out how to write them fill me in! I noticed that most of us seem to have Blog ADD. 🙂

    Sounds like you are pretty happy where you stand right now and that is totally amazing! You have been one busy bee lately!

    • haha Ok, I will let you know! And super busy! I just feel like something is always going on… and if something isn’t going on, I feel a little lost…

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