A Lazy Weekend With Awesome Results


This weekend was just what I needed even though my brain was telling me I should be on the “go, go, go” constantly. I need to remind myself that it is okay to just sit back and be lazy. I do not have to do something every single day. The world will not hate me tomorrow if I turn down plans. I know that sounds a little ridiculous but that always seems to be one of my fears. If I don’t do something every single day, the whole world is going to know the next… and they are going to think less of me. But this weekend, I pushed those thoughts away and just spent the weekend being pretty much a lazy bum (minus the whole horseback riding bareback and doing a few walks around the neighborhood). I ended up getting hooked on Vampire Dairies on Saturday. Ah, the wonders of having instant netflix… I watched way too many episodes that I am ashamed to say. Those are hours in my life I will never get back… but oh my, those were hours spent watching some pretty sexy vampires. That do not sparkle. Ahem.

Then we also spent Sunday evening driving around and through neighborhoods to get ideas about our future home. I absolutely love dreaming and scheming! My dream home has about 10 acres, a small horse barn (maybe 3 – 4 stalls), a wrap around porch, 4 bedrooms, an island in the kitchen, and an oven that is off the ground. I am not so picky about color but I really love yellow, a dark green, or also a dark sort of blue. Not like burn out your retinas kind of blue. I would even go white with some kind of darker trim. I would love to have a pool but it will probably end up being one of those above ground pools which is totally fine with me. I also like thinking about our future children. Somehow, someway, I want kids in my life. Either adopting, having them myself (if I can), or taking them off the street (shhh… I didn’t say that), I really want the laughter and memories of kids to fill my home and life. It is going to be a few years, though. Not settling down until after I complete school so we are looking another 4 years.

Meanwhile, we are finally starting to save up money. Our spending was getting a little out of this world. The way we are thinking about our finances is that our spending was “obese,” and needed a whole overhaul on how we were treating it. So it is pretty much like losing weight which I know I can do… so I should also be able to save. It’s actually a little bit harder than I thought! We started by making a budget. We are spending 50 – 60 dollars a week on groceries, we are setting aside $100 every month for eating out, and we are putting $100 into savings every week (hopefully). We started the budget thing last week and already have done our weeks worth of shopping. It was tough but the key is to make meals that last a long time. On Saturday, the husband made taco meat with ground beef and drained out most of the fat. We got yellow corn tortillas (24 of them for only 3 bucks!) and we had left over guacamole from a few days before that, so we put a tablespoon of meat on each tortilla, 2 tablespoons of shredded Mexican Cheese, a handful of lettuce cut up into slices, and a little bit of salsa. We each had 2 tacos for a total of 380 – 400 calories altogether. The best part is that it made enough for over 4 days of meals… coming out to average around $1.50 a meal or something like that. It’s really cheap. We also got some black beans that were made up yesterday (did not realize it was such a process!) but I will be having that today instead of the taco meat since it is Meatless Monday! So now that we are getting our budget into shape, I will be posting more budget friendly healthy meals for you! Because that is definitely one of the things I hear the most is that you cannot eat healthy because it is too expensive. I am here to say otherwise!

With the combination of the first week of my two week sugar detox, thinking about finances, watching how much we are actually eating… I was able to drop quite a bit of weight. I haven’t lost this much weight in a week for a very long time! The magic number is…


That’s right, folks! I have lost 62 pounds. Surpassing the 60 pound mark, and still kicking some serious butt. I lost 3 pounds in a week which I am still not quite sure how that happened but it definitely feels awesome. I only have 6 more pounds to go to be under 200, and I know that I can definitely do it. So excited right now!

How was YOUR weekend? Did you stay shut in and cuddled with blankets while it rain outside? Did you go dance in the sun rays? Lie out on the beach?


18 thoughts on “A Lazy Weekend With Awesome Results

  1. Awesome job on the weight loss! It’s nice when you get a big surprised on the scale and it’s a GOOD ONE, right? Budgeting is no fun – but totally necessary and i think it’s easier to do it in the beginning of a new chapter of your life (marriage!) than later on.

    Sometimes it is good to just relax and not over-exert yourself. I had sort of a recovery week myself this past week, although i did not lose weight! haha So maybe relaxing isn’t for me. 🙂

    • It was awesome! I was like “Noo… that can’t be…” but I normally don’t admit to a weight loss unless I see it on a scale two days in a row… Just in case. But it was a real weight loss! So I was super excited! And yeah budgeting isn’t quite fun… but it makes for a challenge. I am glad both the husband and I love to challenge ourselves.

    • I don’t know… I feel like Damon has potential but where I am at in the series, he is such a jerk. lol But I mean I guess right now he is being the classic vampire… by killing people and stuff. lol

      • That’s what I like about him 🙂 He’s SEEMS like a total jerk, but there are just so many more layers to him!! Then again….I always tend to like the “jerks” in shows! For example….I love Eric in True Blood!

      • I dunno about this whole SEEMS. He better start getting…like less jerky or else I am going to punch him in the face. Which of course means he would probably break my neck… and eat me. And I love Eric too… but I could actually see he had some decency in Season 1… he is very good at being the Anti-Hero. And it doesn’t hurt that he is super sexy. Bill on the other hand… I just want to punch him this season.

      • Ohhhhhh just you wait!!! As the show goes on he becomes irresistible 😉 Of course that’s just my opinion 😉 Ugh….never really liked Bill…..seems too “good” if that’s possible for a vampire!!

    • Exactly! When the weight is hard to get off, that is when you need to hold on and push through the hardest. That is when you cannot give up… because as soon as you give in to a temptation because you think “Meh, haven’t been losing anything anyway,” that’s when you gain like 3 pounds back… AND IT SUCKS. True story. Did that ONCE and never again. Those were the hardest 3 pounds to ever re-lose.

      • Don’t worry, I won’t give up. Especially now I have a nemesis to keep me on the striaght and narrow. I was talking to a colleague today who’s lost a ton of weight and he said there’s no rhyme or reason to weight loss, you just have to keep at it. He said he doesn’t weigh himself because that’s the easiest way to get discouraged. He goes by his appearance and his clothes and that’s where I’m noticing the difference… so yes, I’m sticking to it 🙂

        At the end of the day, to quit would only make me unhealthy and I don’t want that, so I can only benefit by carrying on 🙂

      • See, having a nemesis works! It’s been motivating me to drop crazy amounts of weight like a hot potato. But… I HAVE to weigh myself. I have an addiction. I love scale. Too much. Like I always have to know….

        I am a terrible person aren’t I?

        But you will continue kicking butt! Because weight loss is just a mountain, begging to be climbed!

      • LOL Wanting to weigh yourself daily doesn’t make you a terrible person… I know you’re only supposed to do it once a week, but I can’t help myself… I weigh myself every day…

        …if it doesn’t change or – arrrgh – goes up, I just think “stoopid scales. Must need resetting again.”

        …if I lose weight then I think “woohoo!”

      • But sometimes I weigh myself 3 times a day! I have an addiction. I just get afraid that I overeat and it instantly turns to fat that goes on my hips! I am crazy. haha

        But that’s smart. Just blame the scale. lol

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