Forgive me, Fitness Father, for I have strayed. It has been over a week since my last workout session. I know you tell me to never use the word “hate,” but too late… and lets face it, you are here to forgive me, so lets clear the air now. I hate routine exercise. I get bored really easily. It’s good for a few days but then I just want to bang my head on the walls a few time and then cry. Sometimes I get so tired of Jillian, telling me I can do it. Sometimes I just don’t want to do it, okay?! You hear that Jillian? Sometimes I just don’t want to be strong enough. There, I said it. Now don’t get me wrong… I love being active. I love hiking, walking, horseback riding, and swimming. That doesn’t feel like exercise to me, though. Doing those things makes me feel like I am on an adventure. I have fun. I do not have fun lifting weights above my head as sweat stings my eyeballs. I do not have fun limping/jogging down the street and reciting “The Little Engine That Could” inside my head. Maybe it would be okay if I got some music… but I don’t know, Fitness Father. Is something wrong with me?

I just want an active life without having to worry about dragging my butt to the gym ALL. THE. TIME. And by dragging myself to the gym, I mean rearranging the furniture and having Jillian yell at me. Sometimes, I will do it because I want to. I just don’t like doing things because I have to. I am one of THOSE people. It varies, though… Sometimes like having routine and then sometimes I want to throw the routine out the window.

I know I am not the only one alone in this. Someone wrote that comic! I am just not going to be one of those bloggers that talk about exercise very much because I don’t really have anything set in stone. The only thing I really do a lot of is horseback riding and walking. Then I do occasional other things like hiking, swimming, haying, etc. I want an active life that does not center around some sort of routine…. Does that make me a terrible weight loss blogger person? I feel like everyone is kicking some serious ass… and well, I am sitting on mine. Not all the time… just some of it. 60/40.

Also, while we are here, yesterday… I also had coffee! I know, I know. I just wrote a post about positive thinking and power… and how I couldn’t remember the last time I had coffee…. but I really needed it. I had a long day of driving ahead of me and it was an early morning. Especially when one of the husband’s client-people call at 5am in the morning. Thanks for scaring the crap out of me random person.

Not having coffee for awhile really worked in my favor, though, because it really perked me up. I wasn’t drinking it because I needed to. I drank it because I wanted to. I am completely fine today without it.

I am doing awesome on the sugar detoxing (which I think I will explain more about it tomorrow). I don’t want to jinx what the scale has been saying so I won’t tell you guys any results until Monday! Might as well end on a good note.

The husband has been developing card games and I get to be his Guinea Pig (which I don’t mind)…. and he is currently waiting for me to test out his newest invention!

Also, he might be able to persuade me to try to run 2 miles today which I haven’t done for a long time. I am going to try it with music and see what happens.

Thank you for listening to my confessions. Please forgive me…. I know not what I do. Pleeeease forgive me… I can’t stop loving yoooooooouuuu. (The Italics mean I was singing. If you never read my blog again, I completely understand).



16 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. lol. this posts cracks me up. Not because it’s funny that you are feeling frustrated with exercise – but the singing part at the end — mostly. 🙂

    I am probably going to blog about something similar i’ve been going through lately soon. Maybe today – gotta see how time goes. But I often struggle to figure out the in between …like being active but not having a set schedule…but how do i stick to it if it’s not on my schedule? It’s definitely something i’ve been dealing with since i finished my turbofire program! Hopefully we can figure it out together in between the awesomeness of both of our blogs. 🙂

    • Haha. My singing is pretty terrible too. Sometimes I wonder if I should Vlog so it can be taken a whole new level of craziness. lol And it is a really hard thing to think about… I just really do not like routine when it comes to exercise. I like having a schedule… until I see exercise. lol

  2. I agree, gyms aren’t fun. I prefer dragging myself to the barn instead. I find that provides plenty of motivation, even if it’s only to clean stalls, and I’m definitely looking forward to the day I’ll be able to run all the way there. 🙂

    • Same… time passes a lot more quicker at the barn too for some reason. 30 minutes of running feels like an eternity, but an hour of riding goes by in a blink of an eye.

  3. Too funny, though I completely relate with the whole Jillian thing…there are times I yell back only to be terribly disappointed that she can’t hear my sass and rage.

    • I know. Sometimes I get so angry when she is like “We are here, doing it with you,” and I am like “No you are not! You recorded this and now probably don’t even think of all the people working out to this DVD right now.”

      • SO TRUE! I tend to add that she doesn’t know what it’s like to do it with more than 5% body fat. Sure you can breeze through it, you’re a fitness guru.

  4. I really relate to this! It is so hard to stay on track when the boredom sets in! There are a lot of different strategies I resort to–learning something new, doing yoga, paying for a series of classes so I guilt myself into action–but I think the biggest struggle is, like you’ve said, staying positive and not hating yourself. I don’t have any answers but I just keep trying to stay on a forward trajectory and forgive myself and remind myself of the bigger picture of success. Thanks for sharing, I really like your blog!

    • Thanks! And I don’t know if it is just boredom or what… sometimes I wish I had the money to invest in classes at a gym or something, but then I probably wouldn’t go every week like I should. Because I just never do things like I should. haha Sometimes I feel like I still have a little teenager inside of me so when I am like “Eat Your Vegetables,” my inner self is like “NO, you can’t make it.” And it is just a constant battle sometimes. lol

  5. OMG….I seriously was just thinking about this topic the other day!!! I was thinking about writing a post about it! I am EXACTLY the same way as you! I have five of Jillians DVD’s and I have never ever followed them the way you are supposed to because if I did I’d be bored to tears 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one who is a bit unscheduled when it comes to workouts! I read lots of blogs where the bloggers are following specific programs and I think “Huh maybe thats what I should do?” But I know if I try that I won’t stick with it! I’m with you….I just want to workout and be active 🙂 Here’s to getting off our butts and doing something :)!!
    P.S. I still love you Jillian!! 🙂

    • Whoo hoo! I am glad I am not the only crazy one! Sometimes I feel so pathetic when I read posts from people who like… exercise ALL the time… and run every morning… and are awesome. And I am like “Man, I should work out but I would rather walk on fire.” I like being active… and I will go walking and horseback riding… but when it comes to heavy duty cardio and stuff? I can’t follow a routine. Not really.

      But yay for not being alone in my thinking. haha

      And yeah, why does Jillian have to rock so much?! lol

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