Let’s Talk About Boobs and Sugar Detoxes


Just an FYI, totally both completely different subjects. The boob thing doesn’t have much to do with the sugar detox except for the fact that they both involve weight loss. As many of you know (or about to know), I have lost over 60 pounds. That’s a whole lot of weight even though at times I definitely forget how much weight that actually is. Now when you lose that much weight, your body changes (I am so deep this afternoon!) in lots of places. I have never been a fan of the mountains on my chest and absolutely dreaded bra shopping (sorry manly dudes, you guys probably aren’t going to be such a huge fan of this post). Before the weight loss, every time I went bra shopping, I felt like I was getting a larger sizes and it was getting to the point that I wasn’t able to fit in any of the cute and pretty bras at the stores. I wanted pretty and lacy. I wanted colors as well as support. I don’t know if it is like a Northern Maine thing or something, but it is really hard to find nice big bras. So when I went bra shopping a few months ago, I got me a few “dream bras.” I was still a few sizes too big to actually wear them, but I wanted something to work towards.

Like all things I buy in advance like that, I forgot about them. Meanwhile, my other bras were getting too big but I was pretty terrified of even thinking about going bra shopping. I know how shopping goes for heavy chested women like myself. It’s not a fun ordeal. Then I remembered the pretty lacy pink bra I had bought a few months ago… and I wondered. Maybe I could fit into it now.

This bra is 6 sizes smaller than what I was wearing before. 6 sizes. So I thought, no way was it going to fit. Yet here I am, writing this post, in that bra. I know this makes me sound incredibly lazy for not going out and buy bras earlier… but like I said, it was never a positive experience. So my boobs has shrunk and I am going to say I am feeling pretty good about what I see in the mirror! Amazing what a bra that fits can do to the girlies!

Now for a quick intermission! Enjoy this song! These guys make me laugh and it is amazing how many songs use the same chords!


Ah, hilarious stuff. Love those guys. They have Awesome in their band name so automatically that puts them high on my list of people that rock.

Now on to the wonderful world of Sugar Detoxes. If you have read my blog for a bit, you may know that I have gone on quite a few of these little detoxes. It’s not as hardcore as I make it sound. Some people cut out EVERYTHING with sugar which is so hard to do, and I really don’t go that far. Basically, I don’t eat any desserts. No cakes. No ice cream. No refined sugars. I don’t have sugar in my coffee. I don’t have sugary drinks (including things like lemonade and iced tea). I drink water and almond milk, pretty much. My detox lasts for about a week, normally enough to just get me from craving refined sugars. So it normally comes after I have binged a little too much on sweets and cannot imagine getting through a day without something sweet. Now I do not count the sweetness of fruit, pure maple syrup, and vegetables when I do this. So I still chow down on Larabars made of fruit and applesauce and it really gets rid of my cravings.

I did not get to this point over night, though. A lot of people are addicted to sugar. It’s pretty much like crack. If you seriously cannot imagine getting through a day without sugar, you may want to think about cutting back and doing one of these detoxes. It’s tough, but you will feel awesome afterwards. I promise! I used to be just like you. I used to have 4 teaspoons of sugar in my coffee, and slowly cut back to 2, and then cut myself down to 1, and then when I detoxed for the first time, I had no sugar in my coffee. Instead I added almond milk which is actually really tasty in coffee. With sweets, I cut down to smaller sweets every day. I would end nights with a couple Hershey kisses which are only 35 calories a piece. Then I spaced out the days in between the last Hershey fix until I did the first detox. I went a whole week without some sort of chocolate sugary dessert.

Also, I am against artificial sweeteners. If it was made in a lab, then probably don’t want it in your tumtum.

So see, sugar detoxing doesn’t have to be that hard! Just make baby steps. See how long you can go without sugar, and work yourself upwards from there. I am on my last day of my 2 week sugar detox and so far, the results have been impressive! Like I said, not going to give any results until Monday just in case I blow it over the weekend. Then no one will know how badly I blew it. MUAHAHAHA.

Quick Review: Boobs are awesome when they aren’t too big and you wear a proper bra. Refined sugar every day is bad. Eat fruit. And vegetables. And don’t do drugs.



9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Boobs and Sugar Detoxes

  1. Love the quick review, but I also enjoy the entire post! I haven’t had to lose a large amount of weight, but I can tell you the two areas that are definitely where I have stored weight involve areas where undergarments go. 😉 Nothing worse than not having your fave undies fit, or bras getting too stretchy and/or not keeping the girls where they should be. I don’t know why people want implants, because even slightly-larger-than-comfortable boobs are not at all fun to have, except maybe to people who enjoy looking at them. :O

    I’m kind of glad I don’t tolerate sugar well, never have, so I don’t go overboard on it. Because of this, I have essentially being using artificial sweeteners most of my life. Most of it isn’t that great, anyway. I only use it to sweeten beverages; rarely add it to anything, and while as a kid my mom did bake things with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, maple syrup was actually one of the best substitutes overall. Nutrasweet/aspartame belongs in NOBODY’S BODY. In moderation, really even a tad of real sugar is probably still going to be most pleasing to the palate anyway. There are far worse things in food these days anyway, with GMO’s, HFCS and other crap they dump in for color that really doesn’t need to be there.

    • I know… I always told Kevin if there was one thing I was going to get done to my boobs, it would be to make them smaller! haha But the weight loss has certainly been helping, thank goodness!

      I definitely enjoy natural sugars over the added sugars. But yeah, so much added stuff to food… it’s kind of ridiculous. I have gotten away from a lot of processed stuff and we try to just make as much of our meals homemade. Safer that way! haha

  2. I used to be a size B but now I’m like an A or even AA… We have opposite problems, but I’ll bet you feel great in that bra you just fit into! 😀 How much more are you wanting to lose? 60 pounds is wonderful!

    About the sugar – My name is Leanne and I am a sugarholic. It has been an hour since my last sugar intake – wait, that’s church confession, whoops. Anyway, your words inspire me to think about this detox thing… But I keep rationalizing why I don’t want to. lol

    • Haha I am so excited to be down so many sizes! I don’t feel like I am carrying around a pair of sandbags attached to my chest anymore.

      I still have another 40 pounds I want to lose by the end of this year, and then I will re-evaluate and see if my body needs to lose more weight or if I will be comfortable there.

      Sugar is so addicting but the detox definitely helps get it a bit under control!

  3. You had me at boobs. What was the other topic? I have said it before I know it has to suck for ladies to shop for bras. It isn’t like you can try one on run around the store to test it out. But the good news for you is you are into some smaller and funner bras that may make bra shopping fun. Although I am just a man not really a manly dude, I like all sizes…Cheers

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