A Weekend Forecast


Just so you guys don’t get the wrong impression with my whole confession and stuff, I am still a pretty darn active girl. I just don’t like scheduled work out routines. To show you how kick butt I have been and will be, here is how the weekend has been looking…

I did go running on Thursday because I guilted myself into it (what the crap, guilted isn’t a word? Oh well. It is now. I am sure you guys understand what I mean). My legs were killing me because I got it into my bright head that even though I haven’t been running for almost a month now, that I could do 2 miles with a bunch of hills and stuff. I did it… but I was seriously dying by the end! There were a few times I was afraid that people would stop me and tell me to sit down or if they should call 911. Moral of the story: Run more frequently.

Friday I went horse back riding and worked a lot on my balance and trotting. Unless you are a horseback rider, you may not understand how much muscle work that takes for both you and the horse. My legs ended up getting even more sore, but it was an amazing ride! So I was happy with that.

This morning, I have wandered around a farmer’s market, gone book shopping for my future niece/nephew (be afraid, this girlie is becoming an aunt!), got some crafty stuff for my mom to learn knitting and had a yummy sandwich. On the more active side of the day, I am going to be swimming most of the afternoon! Yee haw!

Then tomorrow, we are going to be going on a 4 mile hike along the ocean. Expect pictures.

Meanwhile, I will also be eating some bad food but that’s okay because it is summer, it’s the weekend, and I just went 2 weeks without sugar… and that’s really hard for me!
Also here is a quick progress picture!

Close to Starting Weight: 267

60+ Pounds Lighter!



12 thoughts on “A Weekend Forecast

  1. Hahaha….I cracked up at the “call 911” phrase 🙂 Running is something I just can’t seem to get into?! Great progress pic!!! You look awesome 🙂 Have a great weekend 🙂

    • I was afraid that is what some of the people I passed by were thinking! My face all red, pure determination/crazy look in my eye…. I was definitely a scary sight to see. lol And it is REALLY hard to get into running. I like it just enough to do it a little bit. haha And thanks! I have come such a long way!

    • Haha. This is my second time having them. First time was a fail. This time I am actually getting surgery for my jaw so my teeth never get screwed up again. Aaaand, I don’t really know how your teeth look. You are one of those smirkers… but I am sure your teeth aren’t as bad as you think they are!

      And it was a good day for progress pictures! I sometimes don’t think I am actually taking a picture of myself… because now I look at a picture and i am like “Wow, I look good,” when I never thought that before. haha I am starting to become a little vain…

      • Not I. I went with James to Cold Stone yesterday and had a Cheesecake Fantasy… only 500 calories LOL

        Actually, I’d been on the treadmill that morning, burnt 737 calories, and I don’t eat much on Sundays anyway.. so I still finished the day with nearly 800 calories left… so it’s all good.

  2. I went horse riding with my friends once on my 18th bday and my bum and legs were really sore, in the evening we went to a restaurant and we all looked like zombies when we tried to sit down because we all has sore legs hehe. and by the way you look amazing, great job

    • Haha yeah, the first few times horseback riding will definitely do that to you! And thank you so much! Sometimes I feel like I haven’t changed much at all… so I need a little reminder!

      • Ur welcome hun, u have changed you look more beautiful then ever .Your husband will have a huge problem chasing off men 😛

  3. Wow looking good! Congrats on your running, that’s a nice accomplishment. Sounds like you’ve been pretty active without a stringent routine.

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