A Weekend of Adventure


Most Photos Thanks to the wonderful Peg!


Quoddy Head State Park – Close to the Most Eastern Part of the United States


Our First Hike as a Married Couple


Nature’s Staircase – We had to Climb Down It


We’re A Lighthouse!


Our Starter Home! Isn’t it a beauty?


In Front of the Lighthouse




My Huge Zucchini!


I also found a vertebra on the beach. Anyone have an idea on who I can contact to get it identified?


I am going to do my “official weigh in” tomorrow. Just enjoy the pictures for now!











7 thoughts on “A Weekend of Adventure

    • You visited Maine?! Where did you go? And yeah the coast can get pretty misty and chilly! Normally when we have been at the coast this season, it’s been perfect and clear. haha

      • I dunno… it was out in the woods somewhere… which really narrows it down in Maine 😛

        It was a nightmare to get to… an hour off the highway, close to the Canadian border (the tolls took Canadian quarters and dollars) and I had to drive through country roads in a storm so bad I was driving at 25mph and following the car in front because otherwise I couldn’t see the bends in the road. No cell phone coverage. Thank God for GPS and Dad, my co-pilot.

        All I know is that it was near Brownsville (?)… ish


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