Summer Snackin’


Today is your lucky day because you get two posts! Yay! Granted the other post was mostly just pictures to make you jealous want to visit Maine and hang out with me.  This is going to be another sort of quick post just for anyone that may be craving something a little sweet but is terrified of calories (which you shouldn’t be terrified of but that’s a completely different post!).

Back last year, I was a huge baker. I love creating tasty yumyums and then eating them, which unfortunately packed on the pounds even more. Since my weight loss journey, I have gotten less creative in the kitchen and it has been a huge bummer. I definitely miss it but I have been so afraid of making treats because I really do not want to eat them all. I do have to admit, I can make some really tasty sweets. I even have the apron to prove it!

Apron? Must be official.

When the weather is really warm out, you don’t want to bake so I came up with a great solution… Not baking! I am pretty amazing like that. Instead, I decided to make a chocolatey dip/pudding/thing. It’s super easy to make and won’t break your calorie-bank. I definitely don’t feel guilty or bloated after devouring it in my kitchen, chocolate coating my whole entire face and a crazed look in my eye. Just another day in my journey to becoming awesome. So enough of the jibber-jabber and on to this…


The Promise Land! I mean Dessert.

Step One: Buy Something to Use for Dipping. Strawberries are divine.

Step Two: Grab a 6oz thing of plain or vanilla Greek yogurt, mix in 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s Special Dark because it sounded mysterious), add a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a tablespoon or two of maple syrup (REAL maple syrup. I will know if you use the corn syrup kind and I will be disappointed! Shaking my head at you from around every corner), and stir. I also added in a few chocolate chips because I am a little naughty. Let it sit for awhile in the fridge (I find it tastes a lot better when the flavors have a chance to sit and mix on their own).

Step Three: Devour like a maniac.

If you eat the whole entire thing with a cup of strawberries, you are looking at 200 – 220 calories depending on how much maple syrup you add. Not too shabby when compared to ice cream and other desserts. Definitely a little bit of an indulgence, but not as bad as other indulgences… and it’s better for you anyway! It’s definitely filling enough that you could probably split the serving into 2.

Quick, simple, delicious.


14 thoughts on “Summer Snackin’

    • Whoo hoo! I am glad you approve of my lack of duck faces, though I am sure people are starting to get annoyed by the fact I keep taking pictures of myself… but I am just so proud of how I look now! I sometimes can’t believe it’s me!

      • No annoyance here. You seem like a real person as opposed to a superficial person who just wants to talk about themselves.

        Keep it up. : )

      • Phew! Good, thanks! I get worried sometimes… but I know people who are losing weight probably feel the same way… “OMG, I have collarbones now?! Collarbones!” I mean that is pretty much one of the most exciting things going on in my life. haha

    • But the recipe isn’t baked! Didn’t you read the post at all? lol It’s too hot to bake so I made a yogurt dip. Add ingredients and stir. Come on now. You can’t be that lazy. :p

      • Weelll… I use bake / make interchangeably… sorry for the confusion LOL You have to also understand that for the next year, I’m supporting the entire family… and although we have a living arrangement like room-mates, “my” money pays for “my” gas and car insurance and phone… the money I earn goes to the household and it’s a very tight budget. I don’t have much money to play around with. We made this arrangement so that my halfway-ex-wife can still homeschool my son and it delays them moving away for another year.

        Next year, when my son, then-ex-wife and stepson move away, I’ll be on my own finances and budget again…

      • Yeah that’s a big confusion since they aren’t similar. haha Bummer with the finances but seriously, lots of cheap alternatives that I think even your son would enjoy!

  1. Ohm nom nom! This sounds delicioussss. I have a total obsession with Greek yogurt these days. My favorite is to take some yogurt and then stir in about a tablespoon of almond butter (not like mix in, just like stir in so that it has an almond butter swirl) and then stick it in the freezer for a bit. It’s like literal frozen yogurt. I will have to try that with your chocolatey version! I assure you that I will be very good at step three.

    • It is sooo good. And you are totally right. This would probably taste fantastic if I put it in the freezer! You are a genius! Well done my weight losing minion! =D This is why I keep you bloggers around. haha

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