Bet you can’t say the title without singing it! I know I can’t… though I know people around me wish I wouldn’t sing. Suckers! You must tolerate my singing. Enjoy.

As you may have noticed, I beautified my blog a bit! I have been doing this whole writing thing for a few months now and decided I was worth it to have a nicer blog. It’s basically like my secret-not-so-secret lair and you are more creative when your secret-not-so-secret lair is beautiful. I feel pumped to face another day of taking over the world control of my weight and life. Since losing weight and upping my confidence to a level 11, I have definitely been in the mood to make things pretty. I actually enjoy taking time to primp, do my nails, wear pretty clothing instead of just sweatpants 24/7 (yes, that was pretty much my style last year). I look at fashion pins on pinterest and daydream about skirts and pretty tops and knitted sweaters. Then I realize how expensive my life is going to be now that I am losing weight and want to wear lots of pretty clothes! I have promised that I am not going on any crazy shopping sprees until December when I go back to College and have lost most of the weight I want to lose anyway. So rest assured my lovely Husband, I won’t be putting us in the poor house quite yet!

Other changes that have occurred over the past 24 hours… I updated my About Me page a little bit, my progress photos, and also my Monthly Goals since August just came out of no where! These goals are a little less strict than my previous ones without any crazy schedule to follow since we all know how well that went. The one goal I want to keep from last Month which was a huge success is Meatless Mondays. I really enjoy the challenge of just eating fruits and veggies and planning meals to revolve around that. What is even better is that we normally have left overs and that means Meatless Tuesday too! Hurray! I have really been cutting back on my meat intake, and I do believe it has  been making a huge difference in my lovely intestines. Yay Happy Intestines!

Now the moment you have all been waiting for…

What the scale said when I stepped on it this morning…

Drum roll please!


baaaa baaaa daaa da da << my drumroll since I can’t do the whole vibrating tongue weirdness (I know that sounds wrong and dirty)


Down another 2 pounds since last week! I only have 4 more pounds to lose to get below the 200’s! YEEHAW! I start dancing in my seat just thinking about.


18 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes!

  1. Woohoo congrats! Almost into Onederland. 🙂 I can’t see your revamped blog from my phone app, but I’m sure it’s great. I also can’t roll my tongue. Everyone I know thinks something is wrong with me, as if the ability is there but I just can’t do it right – Which is so untrue! Anyway I think it’s awesome that you’re confident and happy and want to dress up.

    • I know! Onderland seems like such a wonderful place to stay in for the rest of my life and I can’t wait to make it there! And yeah… I think not being able to roll your tongue is just… something you are born with. You can’t help it. It’s a disability. haha

    • Agreed .. and just as an aside (and a by-the-way), I am pretty sure that being able to roll your tongue is an inherited trait .. so if you can’t do it, there is nothing wrong with you, it’s just not in your genes!

  2. awesome job! love the new look of the blog and I can just feel your happiness jumping from the page. Sorry i’ve been MIA – work has been crazy and so has life. 2 more weeks till students are back on campus and things go nuts around here! I’m working on getting caught up over the next few days.

    • Thanks! I felt it needed a bit of a face lift! And I completely understand! I bet this time of the year gets insane! I can’t believe school is starting up so soon! I wish I was doing classes this Fall but I am content to wait until the Spring semester. =D

  3. I’m the same! Thinking about pretty clothes, spending time on my hair in the mornings.. where did this girlieness come from, it’s freaking me out!

    • I KNOW. Where did the girlieness come from? I used to never be this way. I hated skirts and dresses, nail polish, hair stuff… and now I love it all and can’t get enough. And I want someone to teach me how to make my hair pretty because all I know is how to brush it. haha

  4. Because of you I hummed that song ALL DAY LONG! Hahaha. Awesomeness, I love repinning fashion pins!! Your confidence level is getting contagious 😉

    • You’re welcome! At least it is an up-beat song? haha And I know! Pinterest is going to make me poor. I just know it. I am becoming too girly. It’s getting out of control!

  5. Bowie! Brilliant! And so’s the new look! I like! I’ve been thinking about creating a banner for my blog since it’s a bit bare…

    ..and last, but certainly not least, many congrats on losing a few more pounds! 😀 I’m still stationary but I hit the treadmill again today and I still have 1,000 calories left for the day… so I’m hoping to have lost something by the weekend…

    • Thanks! I needed a change and this definitely seemed more me! =D And I know. I am so excited. Hopefully the scale keeps moving in that downward direction even though I have been a little bit bad on the food this week. Oops! It happens. haha

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