What Do You Do…


When you are feeling spontaneous? Do you drop all responsible and hit the road?

Throw a party?

Drink a glass of wine and talk about Sweden?

I feel like I HAVE to do something.

Need to do something.

I just have no idea what.


Give me your ideas!

(I already went running so no run around the block stuff)


14 thoughts on “What Do You Do…

  1. Leave your phone at home and have a night out with your gorgeous HUSBAND. 🙂

    Oh. And buy some bras for yourself, and shorts for him. Cause his old shorts look like skorts, the way they have to get bunched by the belt.

    • I love that you called yourself gorgeous. That’s absolutely amazing. haha

      And we succeeded at buying pretty much everything else except bras and shorts. lol

  2. I like to go shopping… But can’t do that too often. :p My husband likes to just go for a random drive. Call a friend to hang out. And/or rent a movie and have a drink or two?

  3. Call a random friend I haven’t talked to in years…Warning, one time, the ‘friend’ seemed put out that I called and asked why I didn’t just look as Facebook to see how she was doing.

    • A couple of days ago. I really needed something new!!

      And yeah last night came close with the whole alcohol and eating part… but I actually was fairly smart about it. YAY. haha And had some retail therapy. Tonight is going to be bowling!

  4. LOL I usually do something random, something I haven’t done in a while… I used to turn to the significant other and say “let’s do SOMETHING” LOL But money and kids would often be a factor too…. I agree with Kevin… have a great evening out with hubby and have fun 🙂

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