Don’t Stop Believing… In Yourself


Firsts things first, I want to give a huge big BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT to Trying Not to Be Fat. She is absolutely amazing and I hope she has a kickass birthday! What’s even better is that her birthday is on a Friday, and my birthday will also be on a Friday this year (see, the similarities between us just keep adding up!).  I am so excited for all the changes that are taking place in her life right now and together we are going to become awesome registered dietitians. Just you wait and see! We will take the world by storm and make the world a healthy, beautiful place! Yeehaw!

The exciting news doesn’t stop there people! It keeps getting better. So last night, the husband treated me to a lovely dinner of steak and this really delicious strawberry feta salad which I had no idea was going to be as tasty was it was! I barely ate my steak since I got so full on the salad! It was just so good. I am definitely going to have to make that salad myself some time! I am drooling just thinking about it. Then we decided to do some clothes shopping because I needed some new bras that actually fit and weren’t 6 sizes too big, and he needed shorts that didn’t look like kilts because they were gigantic on his muscular legs. Well he found a really nice top that he wanted me to have (it’s orange and silky… I will try to get a picture of it later). Well the large looked a little too big, so I decided to give a medium a shot… And you guessed it! It fit! I fit into a medium shirt! Totally blew my mind. Even despite the fact my boobs are still fairly large… I am able to comfortably fit into a medium shirt. To boost my self esteem even more, the husband picked out a pair of shorts. Once again, mind = blown. I have dropped two pant sizes! No more 16’s. Here come 12’s.

My husband also had fun shopping. He is almost at the point where he can pull off a medium, and it makes the muscles in his arms and chest really pop! I was almost tempted to be naughty in the dressing room, but I restrained myself (just barely). It was definitely a wonderful ego boost!

Tonight we are having an “official” date night that is going to involve sushi, possibly some bowling, a few drinks and just being together. I am feeling absolutely wonderful about the changes in my body (and attitude). My horseback riding skills have definitely gotten a lot better as well (with my new and improved balancing now that I don’t have so much flab!) and Daisy is looking awesome, even though she doesn’t want to be fit and trim, and would prefer to be lazy and just eat treats.

“Mom, it’s too hot to ride… and you’re embarrassing me. What’s with the pictures?”

“I’m gonna eat your phone. Just you wait and see.”

“Ok, Fine. I will Cuddle.”

These victories remind me  to always get back up when you have fallen down to end on a good note. Because you will always eventually end on a good note if you keep trying.


16 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Believing… In Yourself

  1. YAY! Sounds like you had some big wins yourself this week! It’s so great to be able to shop smaller sizes. I still feel that way when I can wear a smaller size than normal – hopefully i’ll be wearing consistently smaller sizes soon so that smaller sizes ARE the norm! YAY us!

    • It definitely feels SUPER awesome. I never though I would get to this point! A part of me has always been afraid that I would just remain large forever…. But with each success, I feel more empowered!

  2. Strawberry-feta salad?!!?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!? are you kidding me?!?! MY mouth is watering! It’s so awesome you get to have date nights! I love reading about happy (and married) couples! You are definitely starting to take over the world 😉

    • It is absolutely delicious! Definitely something I am going to have to make for myself using low-fat feta and lite raspberry dressing. But it was absolutely divine!

      And yay! =D Being a happy couple is way better than the couples that yell and argue all the time. =(

  3. I peeked over to see your blog and get some inspiration…I am trying to lose weight..I have a wedding I am attending in June and I really want to lose a few before I go! Nice to see success stories!
    I love Sushi btw! It’s one of my favorite foods..wish my husband loved it but he hates seafood in general!

    • Whoo hoo! You have plenty of time between now and then to lose some weight! How much you planning on losing? Definitely start out small. I am thinking of doing a post about the first steps to weight loss… things you can do without going absolutely crazy. haha

      And sushi is DELICIOUS. oh man. I am so thankful every day that my husband introduced me to it. haha But bummer that your dude hates seafood. He is missing out!

      • My plan to start is about 40 pounds…and that would take me back to pre-marriage weight LOL I am stress eater..I eat when I am tired after work and wanting to vege..but it’s not healthy at all! I would love the advice!
        LOL No matter how much I try and convince him I can’t get him to want to eat sushi…alas!

      • Whoo! Good goal. Well definitely start small. I used to be a huge stress eater too, but then I challenged myself to do some sort of activity first before eating. So I would go on a nice stroll first, and clear my thoughts, and then I would find I actually did not end up eating as much! Also have healthy food that is quick to grab. Larabars/protein bars are AWESOME. You can munch on that while planning out what to have for dinner. =D

      • I need to bring those protein bars to work…I find I get so busy with my day that I sometimes forget to eat so when I get home I am RAVENOUS…I am trying to start small but it does feel like a large mountain to climb!

      • Definitely not a bad idea! It is good to have an emergency health food storage. Almonds, pistachios, fruit bars, pop chips, apples, etc.

      • At least the bags are small and not too many calories. Even if you eat a whole bag it’s only in the 300 calorie range which is probably less than a bowl of ice cream. Or a whole can of pringles.

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