Have An Active Date Night!


Just last year, a date with the love was going out and eating way too much food, hitting a movie and indulging in a little bit of popcorn (I mean come on, who goes to the movie without popcorn? Yes, that was my reasoning even when I was too full to really eat it), and then go home and crash on the couch and watch some more stuff on the screen because I obviously did not get enough at the big screen. I would wake up feeling miserable and gross, and date night just did not appear to be very much fun when you are stuffing your face so much you feel ready for someone to just roll you down the street.

With getting healthy, we have decided to get more active with our date nights. We have done a lot of walking and hiking this year which I have absolutely loved. I never come home feeling ready to die from a food coma but instead feel exhausted (in a good way). On Friday, the husband and I decided to indulge in some sushi and also go bowling! There is a bowling alley right near our favorite sushi restaurants that does glow in the dark bowling after 8:00. They also have this awesome deal where you can bowl for 2 hours and it only costs 20 bucks. Not too shabby! About on par with going to the movies. We didn’t think we would be there for the whole entire 2 hours… but time just flew by! I ended up being victorious because I am really good at distracting the husband with my boobs I rock at bowling. I even managed to get a couple shots of the date so it is like you guys were right there with us — cheering me on!

NOM. My hubby taking down that sushi like a pro — also notice his bowl of spicy mayo on the side. Gross. But I love him.


We also get a soup when we are there — sometimes the sushi chefs will even spoil us and give us Tuna Soup On The House. Heck yeah! It’s nice to be a regular.


Rocking the Bowling Shoes.


Sucking at bowling before the Glow In the Dark bowling started. Lots of gutter balls those first rounds!


My man in action! Go, go, go! Oh no… gutter ball…


Now we’re talking — this is how it looked once the lights went down! There was disco lights and rockin’ music too. Yee haw! The place also started filling up which was nice to see!

2 hours of bowling is definitely a good work out. Both the husband and I were a little damp with sweat by the time we were done. It made me feel a little less bad about gorging myself on sushi. Why does sushi have to be so delicious?!

Before we headed out, I actually took some full body shots of myself in the mirror. I haven’t done it before because I was so ashamed of my body and it was just a reflex to delete every single shot. Seriously. I couldn’t control myself! But this time, I was able to fight the urge and show you guys where I am currently at (and you can check out the outfit the husband picked out for me).

Frontal shot. Also, kitties were all over me. The shirt I am wearing is the medium one I could fit into. YAY


Side view! I still have another 40 – 50 pounds to lose but the progress is definitely there!


You guys are probably curious as to what the scale said too… and luckily it is some positive news despite the fact I ate out a lot last week and then drank way too much on Saturday… I was still able to go down a pound! Whoo! My current weight is 202.

So when you are thinking about what to do for date night, I recommend doing something active. Take a picnic lunch and go on a hike or swimming. Bowling is still a lot of fun, especially if you are competitive (just not to the point of being mean and obnoxious). Don’t do the every day dinner and a movie. That’s just way too much sitting and too many temptations. Sight seeing and window shopping are also great options and best of all, can be very inexpensive!

What do you guys do on your dates? Or when hanging out with friends?

(I have not forgotten Last Song I Heard about the award! Big thanks and I will get around to it either today or tomorrow!)









22 thoughts on “Have An Active Date Night!

  1. That’s cool you get to go bowling together, I wish my boyfriend was keen in doing thing like that. However I finally went to the beach and that if definitely a fun workout and way to hangout. Congrats on your weight loss and uour new designed blog ;)x

    • It was a lot of fun! I mean it probably wasn’t on the top of my husband’s to do list, but I really wanted to go and do something active. haha I am very persuasive.

      Thanks so much! =D It is looking good for me to reach my goal this month! To be under the 200’s. Finally.

    • Mini golfing is a BLAST. I love it. Even though I really suck at it. Like bad. haha I am usually way over par to the point that people take pity on my soul and kind of fudge my score so I don’t get sad. haha and I have never been laser tagging =( I really want to!

      • I stink at mini-golf as well..sports skillz was not one of the gifts I was given LOL I really enjoy it anyway though! Laser tag is SO FUN..and painless unlike paintball LOL

    • SWEET. I definitely want to do it more often. It was so much fun!! Even though the husband got a little upset because I was kicking his butt. He just needed to remember not to be like the incredible hulk and launch the ball down the alley because then it just launches itself into the gutter. haha I love the top too! Orange is my favorite and it is so silky!

  2. That sounds like fun!! I’m glad you had a good time πŸ™‚ BTW, just because you can’t see the ball roll down that gutter in the dark, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! πŸ˜›

    Congratulations, Fitness Nemesis thingy on the continued weight loss.. that’s truly awesome! I’m proud of you! You inspire me to work harder on my diet πŸ™‚ I burnt another 740 calories on the treadmill today, was on my feet for 8 hours training, am ending the day with 1,000 calories to spare and will hit the treadmill again tomorrow… so I’m hoping to continue my journey too…

    Lastly, regarding the award… take your time… it’s not going anywhere πŸ™‚

    • SHHH! It doesn’t count. No gutter balls happened for me once the lights went down. Unless it was my husband’s. Those counted. haha

      And don’t have too large of gaps in your calories or else your body will actually store everything you eat and you won’t lose a thing. I have figured if my calorie goal on MyFitnessPal is around 1400, and I burn 1000 calories, then I try to eat around 1700 calories. So that way I don’t have as large of a gap.

      • Yeah but I don’t eat over 2,000 calories a day regardless. So if I burn a crap load of calories, I can’t bring myself to eat too much over 1900 calories.

  3. 2 pounds away from the 100’s !!!!!! EXCITING! Inspiring! Motivating! You rock!
    And, I am OBSESSED with sushi, I really am. But, as long as it’s not deep fried, it’s extremely healthy! My ex-boyfriend taught me how to cook home-made sushi and now I eat sushi at least twice a week! haha.

    • I KNOW. I am so excited! I am really hoping to get there either this week or next week. I am going to eat the best I can this week and hope for the best. Unfortunately I am feeling a little under the weather… UGH. Don’t get sick now body!

      I have made my own sushi once before and it was a lot of fun. Definitely need to make it more often! It’s so delicious. Unfortunately one of the rolls we do get is shrimp tempera. But it is so tasty…

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