Where I Say A Couple Thank Yous!


So normally I don’t do awards, not because I don’t care but because I have done them in the past and I don’t have enough random facts about myself to make it interesting (I am a really boring person!)… but I always make sure to link back to the person who linked to me because I feel like it is a two way street and they deserve recognition for being sweet and awesome enough to nominate for an award! So first things first, a big shout out to one of my newer blogging minion buddy, Natalie over at Randomness Happens. Like I said she is one of my newer minions friends, but I know she has an awesome sense of humor because she called my blog funny which totally made my day. She is also on her own weight loss/healthy journey and seems like a totally sweet person (though it may just be an act to suck you in… but that’s just a risk we all have to take). So stop on over there and give her a big hug and cheer her on because becoming healthier is a lot easier when you have a large support group!

Next, my nemesis over at The Last Song I Heard also had to give me an award… though this one is a little different since he dedicated like a whole blog post to me. Gosh darn you and your kind words! Though I know it is all part of your secret plot to reveal my weakness. Anyway, I thought it was a cool award even though when I first saw it, I thought it was call the Regurgitation Award and I was quite intrigued. Turns out it is actually the Regeneration Award. Ooops. Still pretty cool! Less gross at least. So thank you my nemesis for giving me work to do. I appreciate it (seriously, not sarcastically though it may sound that way. Promise).

So… apparently I can’t blink… oh crap. I did… does that make the award void?


So then I had to think about who to pass on this award to because it is kind of like the stick-thingy in relay races… you just keep passing it on. Without the racing part. And I really wanted to give it to a person that has had some drawbacks but is really building herself up (oh snap, we know it is going to a girl).  She inspires me every day because she has overcome a lot, and even though she sometimes has occasional falls, she always stands back up. Always. Sometimes she forgets that little fact and forgets how strong she is, but you can always see the strength in each of her posts. And it just makes me so proud of her to see how much she has grown in just the past couple of months… she has come such a long way and I hope to see her journey continue towards a lifetime of happiness and health. Without further adieu, I pass on this award to Erika over at My Recovery Diary. I hope you continue to be strong, Erika, as you plow ahead in being healthy. She has come a long way from having a very severe eating disorder…and though the mentality of that eating disorder still lingers and you have some binges here and there, you always pick yourself up. Everyone has slide backs… everyone. It’s how you overcome your slide backs that make you awesome. Keep writing and keep being yourself. You are an inspiration to me every single day.

Now like all these awards there are some rules, I guess… so I am just going to copy and paste them and then pick and choose what I feel like doing!

  1. Keep calm. Don’t blink. Firstly, you have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. << Keep Calm – Check. Don’t Blink = Fail. Thank person… kinda sorta. I did link back. Looking good so far!
  2. You have to state that bow ties are cool. And Fez’s. Welllll… if you don’t like Fez’s, that’s okay.
    Uh. No. Unless on a corgi. Everything is cool on a corgi.
  3. Nominate one other blog for this award. Say thank you to that person. Just one person. It’s not a chain letter .
    I did it! I am rocking this.
  4. Answer the following questions:
    This sounds like work. But I will do my best.
  • Who are you?
    A small town girl from Maine.
  • Are you happy?
    Super happy. I have my down days but there is an overall happiness to my life now.
  • If you could change just one thing about yourself, right now, to make your life better, what would it be?
    To not be in debt. Ugh school loans… and here I am wanting to go back to school and spend more monies.
  • Who, or what, inspires you?
    My blogging friends — seriously, I followed a lot of weight loss blogs before I actually started losing weight myself. I would read a blog for months and see the difference people were making, and I was like wow… it can really be done if I am dedicated and allow it to take time to really improve. There is no way I was going to lose 50 pounds in 2 months, but I could definitely lose that much weight in 6 months if I just kept at it.  Surrounding yourself with success and positive people is a great way to stay motivated and I am so thankful for the community I have found here.


So questions are answered! YAY. Once again, check out all the wonderful blogs I have listed on this post, especially Erika’s. She is a big inspiration and I am so glad she had the courage to start blogging about her recovery! She is making big changes every day even though she may not always see it.



9 thoughts on “Where I Say A Couple Thank Yous!

  1. Oh my God Cassie!!!! I read this a few hours ago and was so overwhelmed, I’ve been thinking all day how to reply to it. Flattered would be understating how I’m feeling. I can’t thank you enough, seriously, you made my day, my week, my month!!!!!!!! This gives me strength and energy to thrive! You are an inspiration and I am glad I have found such wonderful in the blogosphere. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, dear friend! I’m soooo super-duper honored!
    Lots of love, Cas! You rock!

    • YAY! I am so happy to hear that! You definitely deserve it because you have come such a long, long way and it makes me so happy to see you get stronger and healthier!! Keep up the awesome work and just keep being you!

  2. Hey Cassy… thanks so much for taking the time to follow up on the award and nominate someone… that’s super cool – I appreciate it 🙂 And Natalie is super nice too 🙂

    BTW, are we all just minions to you??? 😛

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