In Search of the Mystical Beast: Motivation


When you are looking to lose weight and get fit, people all tell you the same thing. Exercise and eat right. What they don’t tell you is how all the above is going to suck for awhile. How you are going to absolutely loathe it for at least 3 months. Ok, that’s not completely true. Maybe just a month and a half. Why? Because you are changing how your body has adjusted to live. Even though your body never liked being lazy, it has learned to adapt. Remember when you were little and you could just run around for hours? That’s how your body wants to be. How it was meant to be used. To be active and go hunt down food because back in the day, you couldn’t hop in your car and chugchugchug along to the local grocery store.  You were made to be a lean, mean, killing machine, my friend! But right now we just want you to be lean and mean. So back to being a kid again, remember how you didn’t really need motivation to run around like a complete goober? You just did it because it was fun. You did it because you wanted to do things. Being a kid was the best because you just did a lot of things because you WANTED to do them. Not because you had to do them to live a happy, healthy, full life. Then you start getting responsible forced upon you as you grow up. Suddenly wants become needs, and needs become have to, and you find yourself shoulder deep in responsibility and chores! BORING. So then you pray to this mystical being, Motivation, to kick your ass into gear and help you do stuff. Then when Motivation does not show up, you blame the poor guy for leaving you hanging.

“Oh Motivation, why don’t you want me to work out?”

“I don’t care whether you work out or not. Why are you the one who does not want to exercise?”

Good question. Why don’t you want it? Are you bored? Are you afraid? Are you tired? Hungry? Stressed out? Depressed? Sad? Angry? The possibilities are endless! The problem is we concentrate so much on the thinking and feeling that we totally forget to actually do it. We concentrate on those feelings, get worked up because we HAVE to exercise but the clock is ticking away, and next thing you know you are freaking out and don’t save enough time to work out anyway. Congrats. You just gave into the 2 year old that is your mind.

All motivation is drive. An incentive to do something. And exercise does have a lot of incentives! It makes you feel good, it makes you feel stronger, gives you energy, makes you look good, helps you lose weight, etc. The problem is your ATTITUDE. It’s just like going into work to a job you may not really like. If your attitude is crappy, you aren’t going to be looking at the benefits that job gives you (money to survive and spend on pretty things, maybe even some health insurance). The time is going to drag by and you aren’t going to feel inspired to even do a job well done. Attitude is not just at the work place. It’s about your whole entire freaking life. Attitude will decide whether or not mystical beast, Motivation, will show up. Attitude will decide how that work out makes you feel. A good attitude can prevent you from sounding like a complete whiny little child who just got denied a candy bar and refuses to do anything else until it gets it. So what is your attitude towards your work out? Are you happy to do it? Or are you just going to do it because you have to? Because having to do something will not make you like exercising anymore.

Do things that will make you active and are not always routine. Pick up a sport, go hiking, beach combing, swimming. Things that you can accomplish and really gauge your progress whether then just seeing it all on a machine. Feel free to mix things up, but most importantly, watch your attitude. 98% of getting healthy and exercising is mental (ok, I have no idea the exact percentage…. but it sounds good).  The rest is actually just doing  it.
















12 thoughts on “In Search of the Mystical Beast: Motivation

  1. All it took me was an attitude change, and it all just flowed from there. its the same with quitting smoking or any addiction, you have to first want to do it and be ready to do it.

    • Exactly. Same here. Now I just do things because I want to do them. This is the life I want so these are the things I do to live that life. =) No big.

  2. What a great post! I can relate to so much of what you said.
    When I first started my change to a
    healthy lifestyle I absolutely dreaded every part…every minute! Working out when your body is not used to it feels foreign and hurts like crazy. Some days I could barely move. The beginning is definitely the hardest but at this point I honestly look forward to working out and I love eating healthy because it makes me feel so great!

    • True story! Getting into the routine is definitely difficult at first… but it really pays off in the end! All you need to have is the right attitude! =D

  3. All really good points! Attitude makes such a big difference in motivation! One other thing that has really helped with my motivation is surrounding myself with people who are active. If you have a group of friends who expect social stuff to be a little physical, it can start the ball rolling on more activity all through your life. Plus, having a friend to turn to when you need someone to hold you accountable is a serious help.

    • It is definitely awesome to be surrounded by active-minded people that help get you off your butt and doing active things around town! I love going hiking with other people. It makes for a super fun experience and makes you push yourself a little bit harder!

    • Thanks! And it is so true… I forgot about my attitude until I finally started on this journey for good. Though I still have my ups and downs, I have a much better “I Can Do This” outlook that shows through in everything I do.

  4. Cassy, I’m serious now. You HAVE to write a book. Picturemereading can illustrate it 🙂

    I like reading about your life and I like to see you happy, but just recently you’ve written some stellar inspirational stuff.

    I’m motivated, but you’re absolutely right, I had to *get* motivated first… it had to be an attitude change, a lifestyle reversal, a mental and a spiritual regeneration… I always knew this… and I know you have the power to change people’s lives for the better with your words.

    Write that damn book, already 😛

    • Eeep! I don’t know if I am book material quite yet! Maybe once I reach my goal and get some nutritional background on me… then maybe I will write a book and take over the world! =D

      And yup. Motivation comes from within. No one else can motivate you. Just no one else can force you to lose weight. This is a solo journey. We are just all by standers giving moral support, but that’s the most we can do! =D

    • Whoo hoo! I am trying to get some more direction in my posts! Hopefully I can keep it up. :p Sometimes I feel like there is only so much to write about. haha

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