Almost to the 100’s!


In more ways than one!

This is going to be my 99th blog post and on the scale this morning, I was at 200 pounds (Sorry, Nemesis. Looks like I won this one)! Even after eating a few not so good choice meals last week, I instantly got back on track and it definitely showed up on the scale. Damage control was a success! I am now one pound away from breaking into the 100’s. I cannot believe how far I have come! Also, I have remained committed to blogging! Which is huge for me because I am definitely one of those people that have a hard time remaining focused. You guys have been a huge inspiration for me! Every encouraging word and comment have fueled me to continue to do my best. So big thank you to all you guys for being awesome and helping me become awesome.
Since words cannot express how much I appreciate you guys, I am doing another giveaway! To enter, you need to tell me 2 things about yourself!

1.Β  Name a milestone in your life and how you felt when you met that milestone. (Such as reaching a certain age, meeting a goal, getting a promotion, crawling for the first time, anything!).

2. A Party Theme (I am looking for ideas for my 23rd Birthday!)

What am I giving away, you ask? 2 Amazon Giftcards for $20 bucks each. Sorry it can’t be more but I am a poor kid looking to go back to college in the Spring!Β  Yes, that means there will be 2 winners! They will be drawn at random on Thursday! Also, the gift card will be sent through email so you don’t have to worry about giving out your address to random stranger me! So comment your responses to be entered!

In other news, I saw Barenaked Ladies live in Concert! I also saw Ed in a Red Thong and it was magical. Awesome night. It was my second concert EVER, and it was perfect. I was rocking out and belting out the songs. It was so surreal, especially since a lot of those songs were ones that got me through long, depressing drives last year. I was so well behaved in terms of food, though! Even though the Fried Dough looked and smelled AMAZING, I did not have any. In fact, I did not eat at the concert at all. The husband and I had a large breakfast that consisted of eggs, bacon and cheese and then we didn’t eat again until right before the concert at a restaurant. I had a salad and sweet potato fries. Delish! So I was around 1300 calories yesterday and it was very low carb since I have been stuffing my mouth with way too much bread lately, and it was making me feel absolutely bloated (which makes me super cranky. Ask the husband).

For my 100th blog post tomorrow, I am coming up with 100 things I want to accomplish in the next 2 years.

So be excited! Tell your friends! Like my Facebook Page!


*Amazon is NOT sponsoring this giveaway. This is all me. So you can treat yourself for being awesome!


57 thoughts on “Almost to the 100’s!

  1. Woohoo, almost there! I like your idea of doing 100 things to accomplish. In response to your feelings on bloating, I also get really cranky. I haven’t made a connection yet with foods that cause it. Carbs, huh? I’ll have to pay more attention.

    • It was actually a pretty hard list to come up with. haha But I did it! Phew. And yeah, too much bread and stuff just makes me feel bloated. Like I was having bread pretty much twice a day for a few days there and it was not jiving well with my body.

      You gonna enter the giveaway? =D

  2. I LOVE Barenaked Ladies! They are from my neck of the woods! Scarborough ON πŸ™‚ That’s about 4ish hours away from me! Saw them in concert about hmmmmmm 20 years ago?? Is that possible?! Congrats on your successes! Keep on going!

    • It was such an AWESOME concert. So much fun. And I did not know that. How cool!! And their first CD came out 20 years ago… so you saw them when they were all brand new! lol

      You interested in the giveaway at all? 😦 It’s done all by email, I swear! And it’s 20 dollars to get anything on Amazon!

      • I googled them yesterday to see if 20 years was possible!! Man time flies πŸ™‚ Yes I meant to enter the giveaway yesterday! My brain=mush sometimes :)!

        1) An important milestone for me was when I graduated from College 14 years ago! I am the first ever and to this date only one in my family to do that πŸ™‚ I was very proud of myself! I paid for it all on my own and worked hard to get that diploma! I have worked in the field ever since and have been successful πŸ™‚ It is an acplishmenr that I am very proud of!
        2) Part theme idea!! Pinkalicious of course!!!!!! It is my all time favorite kids book! I read it to the kiddies in my class all the time. AND if you search it on Pinterest you get TONS of awesome ideas for bday parties! Who doesn’t like pink and glitter and cupcakes! I would love my next bday party to have this theme….who cares of I’m turning 30+ a few πŸ˜‰

      • YAY! Congrats on graduating college. That’s such an awesome feeling to be the first in your family to accomplish that goal. =D I just want to hug you!

        And that is an awesome theme. The guys would all love it so much. Especially my husband. Since he hates glitter. A lot. It’s like the STD of the art world. lol

  3. 1. A milestone in my life was meeting my ex boyfriend and having a relationship with him. It was my first one and it was exactly how I expected it to be: amazing, wonderful and blissful. I felt like I was living in a dream…until he returned to France.

    2. One of the best parties I’ve been to involved a music repertoire of oldies: songs from the 50’s, 60’s even 70’s (Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Doors, Elvis, etc). Everybody knew the songs, danced to them and there was not a lot of alcohol involved. Most of the people who attended the party knew each other, so it was awesomeness !. I think a right mindset about parties has a lot to do with the success of them. πŸ˜‰

    I get EXTRA cranky when I stuff myself! Like, people don’t wanna be around me when I am having one of those days.
    I am so very happy for you almost reaching the 100’s!! Yaaaaaayyy!!!

    • Oh bummer! That sucks that he moved so far away… definitely puts a damper on relationships. 😦

      And that is such an awesome idea. I love the oldies but goodies. And I definitely need to dance more often!

      Bloated crankiness is one of the worse… because there is like nothing you can do about it after the fact! It just lingers in your belly. :/

  4. Congratulations! That is really awesome!
    1. Name a milestone in your life and how you felt when you met that milestone. (Such as reaching a certain age, meeting a goal, getting a promotion, crawling for the first time, anything!).

    Hmms I think for me was getting married! My husband and I had been dating long distance for about three years (him in England and me in the U.S.A) so finally getting to properly be together was a big deal! We have been married four years now and are still very happy.

    2. A Party Theme (I am looking for ideas for my 23rd Birthday!)
    I have always wanted to do a 1920’s style party with jazz music and getting dressed up like a flapper..but it’s a period in history I am obsessed with anyway!

    • Thank you!!! =D And that is so awesome that you and your husband were able to make that long distance relationship work! How freaking exciting that you guys got married!

      • The immigration process was expensive and pain but it was worth it πŸ™‚ We spent WAY too much on phone calls until we discovered Skype πŸ™‚ It worked out for us somehow..can’t imagine ever being with anyone else but him πŸ™‚

      • Awwah… I can totally imagine the phone calls getting outrageously expensive. Ooops. But that’s so sweet… that totally warmed my heart! I love when long distance relationships work out!

  5. Congrats on reaching 100 posts! And on your weight loss!!!! I may have to snag that blog idea from you if I make it to 100 πŸ™‚ Here are my contributions for the giveaway:

    1. This actually just happened to me last friday! I’ve been running since the beginning of the year. I start out doing C25K on the treadmill and was making progress… or so I thought.. One day my husband agreed to run outside with me… and it went HORRIBLY.. I didn’t realize how different running outside was and I ended up crying the entire time.. it was so traumatic. Anyway… I ended up injuring myself and had to take a break from running… but I started again in June and I decided I wanted to try to do 5k runs every saturday so that I could eventually do a race (mostly for the race swag)… I was not use to running that far because I do interval workouts during the week… so when I would do my 5k’s I’d have to take a few walking breaks. As I kept going I was able to put off the breaks for longer and they didn’t last as long.. and then this past friday I completed my first 5k without taking any walking breaks. My time was 28:29 and when I finished… I’ll be honest… I really didn’t care and I really just wanted to die but I had to walk the rest of the way home… but once I got my protein shake and sat down I was pretty darn proud of myself… considering a few months ago I was crying after running 1/4 mile.

    2. Party Theme… hmm… I have a strong love for doing age inappropriate things… so I’d go with all our regression…. have your party of one of those trampoline parks… or rent a moon bounce. Play pin the tail on the donkey… have a pinata (but maybe fill it with those mini alcohol bottles… the plastic ones of course). Just say… “what would my 6 year old self do?” and do that!

    • Whoo hoo! Congrats on you running milestone! Running outside is crazy hard. Lucky for me that’s where I started running… but it still seriously kicks my butt all the time. haha

      I love the party theme idea too! So cool! I love acting like a little kid!

  6. Alright! That’s awesome! I’m happy to lose to you, I truly am. And congrats almost hitting 100 posts too πŸ™‚ I’m proud of you πŸ™‚

    RE the gift cards… that’s very sweet and generous of you… but I won’t partake. I’ll let you give them to someone deserving πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Nemesis! Better luck next time. Maybe we can do a weekly challenge instead?

      And come on, it’s totally random so who says you will win anyway? I need more entries and party ideas!

      • LOL I’ll think of some party ideas but you don’t have to worry about drawing my name. Give it to someone who’ll benefit from it πŸ™‚

        As for the challenge… I’m not losing *anything* at the moment… grrrrrrrrrrrr

      • It doesn’t have to be a weight challenge. It could be a “who works out the most in a week” contest, or a “who eats the most vegetarian dishes in a week,” “who walks the most in a week” And you may find out these other challenges can help you lose weight too!

      • I don’t, unfortunately.. I definitely need to invest in one. lol Starting next Monday, I challenge you to a walking competition. Whoever can walk the most miles next week is the winner, and the loser has to write about how awesome the winner is on their blog. :p And the treadmill doesn’t count.

      • Yup! I couldn’t start now because I am gimpy and I am also probably hiking this weekend, so that would be a super unfair advantage to you. So you should be grateful. :p

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  8. 1. A momentous day for me was when I bought my townhouse. I had a feeling of new found stability when I walked in and said “this is my home”. It’s perfect for me right now because there is a pecan grove and so much green space and I don’t have to mow!! That was four years ago, and I still love it.

    2. you could do a pirate party and even have it at a lake or something. I just like the costumes and a good excuse to talk funny. : )

  9. It seems like a lot of people want this voucher, hehe I am commenting because I am a bit late on the reading not cause of the voucher. I would give them back to you and make you buy a nice sexy dress instead that makes your husband stop a beat :P. I am so proud of you girl, you are one of the reasons that keeps me going πŸ™‚ x

    • Awwah! And come on, if you want a gift card and to give me a party theme idea, go ahead! =D I am not that much of a poor kid and I feel other people deserve awards too! And it makes me feel good about myself to give stuff away. lol

      • hehe well I am going to give it a shot. Well you said that first I should name a milestone in my life. My milestone was getting the degree. I was never good in school, so I had given up on the idea of ever graduating. My expectations were very low but with the help of my bf and my family I managed to get a degree and I am graduation soon :). It reminds me how you should never give up on anything because you can actually succeed.
        Now regarding ur bday party. I honestly don’t have a theme in mind because I don’t know ur tastes but I do believe you should surround yourself with things that the new awesome Cassy would love. You are no more that Cassy which used to feel bad about her weight now ur the new Cassy which is fabulous, healthy, and active. Never look at the past, just the future. Wait I think I come up with a theme hehe Futuristic

      • YAY! Congrats on graduating soon! You will have to throw a party for that! God, I love parties. Need to celebrate everything!!

  10. Ok here goes:
    1. A huge milestone for me was my 30th birthday this last May. I was at my ultimate goal weight and felt amazing. I don’t think there is any other birthday that I remember feeling that great. I got to spend the day with friends and the evening with family.

    2. A party theme… I’ll start by connecting my last answer to this one – How about a party bus? Ok, it’s only fun and appropriate if it’s friends and not family, and alcohol should be involved. lol Another idea might be a pirate or zombie theme. Those two topics seem to be popular these days!

  11. 1. A health-related milestone for me was running my first half marathon. I was well over 200 lbs and had injured my hip (and therefore not run AT ALL) two weeks before the race. But I was DETERMINED to run it anyway.

    I had to alternate running and walking the whole race due to my hip. I stopped at mile 10 because they had a group playing the big Japanese drums on the side of the canyon road. One of the ladies playing let me bang on her drum. I LOVED that!

    After FOUR hours, I hobbled across the finish line, exhausted, in excruciating pain, but ecstatic that my body (that weighed about twice as much as nearly every other female runner there) was able to run/walk 13.1 miles! It was an incredible feeling and I was in awe that I accomplished it!

    Then I ate something, took Lortab, and collapsed in the back of my car so hubby could drive me 4 hours back home. 8)

    2. I adore murder-mystery parties, so that’s totally the theme I would go for. It’s so fun to dress up in costumes and play a character who may be completely different from your real personality.

    Congrats on 100 posts and nearly being in ONEderland! I hope to meet you there soon myself. 8)

    • Oh wow! That is super impressive. I don’t think I would have the stamina to do 13.1 miles. I would have probably died around the 6 mile marker… or gotten side tracked like you did. That’s neat you got to hit a drum! lol

      Hmm… mystery detective has come up often. I am quite intrigued. I am wondering how exactly I would play it out… and ideas are kind of forming in my head. lol

  12. I hit my 30th birthday last year and it was depressing. My favorite band was playing 2 hours away and I hinted to everyone I knew that I wanted tickets, but was sorely disappointed. We ended up going to walmart, where my husband told me to buy myself a candle so I could quit telling people he got me no gift. As far as party theme ideas go… I have small children so all I can think of is cartoon characters.

  13. Yay, congrats on the hundreds! Both are so awesome!!! Also, I was obsessed with BNL in high school. I think I need to rock out to that this afternoon!

    Ohhh, giveaways, I will totally enter.

    1. A milestone in my life: Two years ago, when I decided to drop everything and move across the country. I was at a real transition point in my life, where things could have turned out very differently (read: badly) if I had made a different choice. The move turned out to be the key I needed to start doing the hard work of recovering and getting my life back. I’m so grateful every day for that decision.

    2. Okay, I love theme parties, so I’m just excited you are doing this. Here are ideas: a future theme (people dress as futuristic people/creatures, make predictions about the future in art/food form, write a letter to their future selves which you can mail to them later as a thank-you for coming, etc); Mystery/noir theme (people come dressed as detectives/noir, can solve “crimes” to get prizes, etc); I also second the idea for kids’ themed party, which is especially fun if you make kid-themed adult drinks (speaking of which: )

    • BNL is absolutely amazing, and so much fun to rock out to.

      And I love that you dropped everything and moved across the country. How amazing! Wow. Totally an inspiration! Sometimes there are parts of my life where I wish I could metaphorically move across the country from. Maybe some day!

      And I absolutely love your party ideas! So many good ones! I definitely have to pick one soon so I can get the ball rolling. haha I really love the future idea…

  14. I guess I should enter this..
    1: I’ve only really made milestones recently. So, my current weight loss is a huge achievement.

    2: Robot box fort party. Everyone makes cardboard robot suits. I’ve done it. There’s pictures.

  15. Wow the big 1-0-0! I’m not sure where my number is at. I just like to get my random thoughts out and my sugary sweet recipes…that don’t help my diet. Ha!
    So, the giveaway… I totally thought today was Friday and I missed it. Glad you put me back on track!

    1.Β  Name a milestone in your life and how you felt when you met that milestone. (Such as reaching a certain age, meeting a goal, getting a promotion, crawling for the first time, anything!).
    My milestone was doing well in college. I totally ditched out on high school (even after my parents said if I get all A’s & B’s they would take to to Europe…kicking myself now!) so come college, they said they would pay 3/4 of my tuition if I got all A’s & B’s. I took them seriously! Got all A’s and a 3.9 GPA. Woohoo! I was shooting for perfect attendance, but food poisoning the 1st day of 2nd semister killed that one. :-/ and after 10 years, my portion of my student loan is paid off. Woohoo again! So I guess that’s a bunch of milestones all in one. Now if I can only land a job at the moment… I’m being patient.

    2. A Party Theme (I am looking for ideas for my 23rd Birthday!)
    Knock one of your 100 list off and have a fancy dinner theme with family and friends. Get out the candles and learn some French with a French cooking theme, fresh lobster, dressed to the nines…wow! A bunch off the list knocked off! πŸ˜‰

    • Man, missed out on Europe! But it is nice to get part of college paid off! College just has to be way too expensive. What kind of job are you looking for?

      And that is a really swicked party idea! I don’t think I would have the funds to do a big fancy party with 12 or so people… but maybe for a smaller gathering. Hmmm…

      • I totally had this big long reply written out and forgot to “sign in” so it deleted it all. I just love when that happens… >:-/
        So long story short.y parents went to Europe without me and left me home with grandma. 😦
        And I’m a Civil Drafter. Designing roads, utilities, site plans.. All the construction stuff, in the comfort of a padded room (cubical). I laugh at the thought that I blow things up with the click of a mouse. KABOOM! But oddly enough, I’m a totall tree hugger. πŸ˜› (see my last post for an example)

  16. Ooohhh so want to win this! Im addicted to Amazon lately. πŸ™‚

    1. Graduating college was a really important milestone for me, and I felt like I had the whole world ahead of me.

    2. Party theme… 80s dance party!!

      • Don’t buy CAH for $25 on Amazon – You can get all the cards free in a PDF on the website! Take it to Staples and have them print it for $5. Of course then you have to cut them up yourself, but still. :p

      • I already did… my husband is a hobby game maker, and he likes to support other game makers. It was worth the investment. =D

      • Oh wow! That’s awesome! My husband would love to do it for a living, but right now, he just does it for fun and we play the games amongst friends. =D

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