Giveaway! And 100 Random Things


It’s my 100th blog post! Yay! -throws confetti- It has been awesome writing for you guys, and I am so glad so many of you have stuck around! Despite my crazy wordiness! So because you guys are so amazing, wonderful minions followers I am giving away 2 Amazon Gift Cards. Go to this blog post to learn more.

Because this is my 100th blog post and because my birthday is 3 weeks away (yay, less than month!), I decided to come up with 100 things I want to accomplish before my 25th birthday (which will be 2 years from now). So enjoy!



100 Goals To Accomplish Before My 25th Birthday


  1. Be at my goal weight and maintaining it
  2. Have a 3.5 GPA in College
  3. Go back to California to hang out with my other soulmate, Lindsay
  4. Take more Yoga Classes
  5. Go on a Yoga retreat
  6. Show my horse
  7. Hike Mount Katahdin
  8. Horseback ride in Acadia National Park
  9. Visit Florida
  10. Have $5000 in Savings
  11. Hike Cadillac Mountain
  12. Try Zumba
  13. Buy a bike
  14. See the sunrise on a beach
  15. Treat myself to a shopping spree (New Clothes!)
  16. Go to at least 2 more concerts
  17. Learn how to do something with my hair
  18. Go to a cooking class
  19. Volunteer at a hospital or in a setting that involves nutrition
  20. Take more walks
  21. Throw a themed party
  22. Make a 5 course meal
  23. Go kayaking
  24. See a live Orca
  25. Spoil my future niece/nephew
  26. Visit my brother more often
  27. Re-watch the whole seasons of Friends
  28. Re-beat Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2.
  29. Go to Disney World
  30. Go on a Rollercoaster that goes upside down
  31. Get my passport
  32. Plan a trip to either Greece/Ireland/France/Italy
  33. Have a romantic weekend in Quebec City
  34. Do a motivational speech
  35. Worry less, Laugh more
  36. Dance (every day)
  37. Prepare a romantic dinner for my husband
  38. Eat more often by candlelight
  39. Be more spontaneous, less afraid.
  40. Be cantering on Daisy
  41. Give a homeless person all the money I have on me.
  42. Learn a winter activity (ice skating, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, etc)
  43. Make more excuses to have more parties (even just dinner parties!)
  44. Decorate the walls with pictures/memories
  45. Make a Souffle
  46. Go to a Comic-Con.
  47. Take more pictures
  48. Make my own sushi (again)
  49. Make a snowman
  50. Also a snow angel
  51. Be an awesome blogger
  52. Reach 200 blog posts
  53. Dress up for Halloween
  54. Have a Christmas Party
  55. Do Secret Santa
  56. Boil my own lobster
  57. Read the entire Game of Thrones series (Currently on book 2)
  58. Read Fifty Shades of Gray (just because I am too damn curious)
  59. Send more birthday cards
  60. Remember people’s birthdays (would help with the last one)
  61. Run a 5K
  62. Dance in the Rain
  63. Go down a Water slide
  64. Go to a blogging convention… particularly Fitbloggin’
  65. Brush up on my French
  66. Say yes to more opportunities
  67. Join the Equestrian Team when I go back to College
  68. Buy a little black dress
  69. In fact, just buy more dresses in general
  70. Have a mini fashion show to see how far I have come
  71. Donate the clothes that no longer fit
  72. Take time to celebrate each victory
  73. Have more giveaways!
  74. Start writing a book about my journey
  75. Eat more smoothies
  76. Be a vegetarian for a week
  77. Be a vegetarian for a month
  78. Get dressed up and eat at a β€œfancy” restaurant
  79. Send out Christmas Cards
  80. Write more handwritten notes
  81. Say I love you to my husband every day
  82. Make him breakfast in bed
  83. Throw a surprise party (I really like parties!)
  84. Learn how to really use Twitter
  85. Have a slumber party and feel like a little kid
  86. Get good at painting my nails
  87. Have a yard sale
  88. Clean the car (needs to be done)
  89. Become the very best, like no one ever was
  90. Master how to make fudge
  91. Bake a delicious apple pie
  92. Survive my jaw surgery
  93. Find the Last of the Great Whangdoodles
  94. Hug more often
  95. Get good at applying on make up
  96. Make a kick ass resume
  97. Start collecting something (I need more dolphins or corgis in my life)
  98. Get more organized
  99. Sing in the shower
  100. Make a list of 100 things to accomplish! (Whoo! One down! Completed on 8/21/2012)

30 thoughts on “Giveaway! And 100 Random Things

  1. Congratulations sweety you have have already reached aswomehood xx πŸ™‚ and that is an amazing good and long list hehe

  2. Congrats on your 100th post! I love your 100 things list. By the way, if you want the perfect fudge recipe that can’t ever go wrong, use the Fantasy Fudge recipe on the back of the Jet Puffed Marshmallow Cream jar. Perfect every time.

      • Yeah the chocolate is too hot if it gets grainy. Bummer, but if you know the problem then it’s easier to fix. You could try using a double boiler. Those are supposed to make it easier.

      • Except I can’t fix it because I have no idea when it gets too hot… but I will figure it out. This Christmas is going to be the Holiday of Fudge. haha

  3. This list is awesome. I am totally stealing this idea when I get to my 100th post. I think it says something cool about you that you have such a variety of goals. By the time you are 25 you’re going to have so many awesome experiences!

    • Thanks! It was really hard to come up with everything. I was like wow… what do I want to accomplish? So it really made me think about my goals…haha Lets see how much I get done!

  4. Congrats!!! I love this idea πŸ™‚

    I’m lucky, I’ve already been to Florida… and you can already strike #51 off your list… #52 surely isn’t far off… #61 – me too… #71, yes, I keep meaning to do that, a trip to Goodwill is needed… #64, let’s have our own… #74, yes, please, hurry up already LOL… #84, does anyone really use Twitter? πŸ˜›

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