Winners & Why Evil Masterminds Deserve More Credit


Thank you all for participating in my awesome $20 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway to Celebrate my 100th blog post and also breaking into the 100’s weight wise! -throws confetti- (I really wish my scale threw confetti when 199.6 popped up… or at least sang a happy song to go with the naked happy dance I was doing. Oh well. Maybe next time!). I bet you all have been sitting on the edge of your seat, chewing on your fingernails, just waiting for the results! I was sneaky and didn’t reveal what time I would be announcing winners to add to the suspense. Also because I suck at deadlines. The little procrastinator in me always does that. Even if it is deadlines I make for myself. So without further adieu…

The winners! What I did was go to and put in 1 – 12, since only 12 of you entered. Awesome odds for you guys. And then I just match up the number with the comment with the information on it that I wanted. I guess. Close enough. So the first number was…

3! Which means congrats to PictureMeReading!

The next number is…

5! Which means congrats to Jenny @ Sister Lifestyles!

I will be sending the Amazon Giftcards through E-mail. If you have a particular email you want it sent to, please tell me either in comment or to my email: (you can order  baked goods from me too!)
Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I am currently really torn between a few ideas… but I have until this weekend to decide.

In other news, today has been a really long day. Any day where I have to drive 2 hours North for a 15 minute appointment and drive 2 hours back is a super long day. It  is made even longer when on the return trip you really have to pee but the exits are so spread apart and you are afraid the gas station won’t have a public restroom if you do get off the interstate… it’s torture. Absolute agony. I couldn’t even drown out my pain with the sweet serenades of Lonely Island. But when I was not thinking about peeing, I was thinking about my party. And when I wasn’t thinking about my party, I was thinking how cool it would be to be an evil mastermind.

You see, the evil mastermind starts it all. You can’t really have the awesome hero without the evil mastermind. They aren’t going to make a movie of Superman or Batman just chilling out in their secret lair, maybe going out and ruffing up some thugs here and there. No, the evil mastermind is what makes the heroes awesome. Best part is, you can have an evil mastermind and not even have a hero. You’re not an evil mastermind because superheroes want to take you down. You’re an evil mastermind because you are a fucking genius. You get to make cool gadgets that later get stolen from NASA or the Military (because they need protection from your evil mastermindedness, but we all know it’s because they are jealous). You also never have to worry about what to do with your Friday night because it’s the same thing every Friday night: How you plan on taking control of the Universe (yeah, you think it’s just the world. But real evil masterminds want everything. Even Pluto).

The best part is… you don’t even have to be a mean evil mastermind. I feel like evil could be interpreted as “going against the norm.” When you are trying to take control of everything, a lot of people can take that the wrong way. But by being this super evil mastermind and trying to take control of everything, you are also motivating people to step up and really shine, which makes people believe that there truly is some good left in the world. I mean seriously. Evil masterminds are doing us a huge service. They challenge us. They motivate us. And they invent cool gadgets. Sometimes I even feel a little sorry for them  because they can have traumatic childhoods.

A part of me even wants to throw an evil mastermind party. Everyone gets together and tells their ideas on how they would take over the Universe, and I steal all their ideas, get them copyrighted, and just do it myself. Would evil masterminds even get together? I think they would. It’s good to know what kind of competition you have… and they are all so secretive, but at the same time, they would want to know.
So the next time you run into an evil mastermind, remember to say thank you and give them a hug before they turn you into dust disappear into the shadows. They’ll appreciate it. They may even feel a little regret for turning you into dust not being able to stick around longer.


True story.



14 thoughts on “Winners & Why Evil Masterminds Deserve More Credit

  1. Yes, evil masterminds get together! Haven’t you seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog with Neil Patrick Harris? If not, omg go on Netflix this second. lol

  2. Congrats to the winners 🙂 I’m willing to bet picturemereading a $20 Amazon gift card she’ll buy some books with it… 😛

    RE the evil masterminds thing… you’ve given this a lot of thought, haven’t you? Do yourself a favour – take a leaf out of Dr Doofenshmirtz’s book and start with the Tri-State area.

    …oh… one last word of advice… NEVER use the public restroom in a gas station. Have you *never* seen Trainspotting???

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