What I’ve Been Nomming


My food repertoire is not all that exciting normally but I wanted to give you guys a little run down about what I have been enjoying lately. Normally the only meal that changes pretty frequently is dinner… but anyway. This is what I have been eating this past week.


1. Smoothies: Yummy. With my surgery coming up, I have been preparing by having more smoothies. My mouth is going to be wired shut for 6 weeks. No, this is not a weight loss scam or anything. It’s because I have an extreme overbite (in pictures, I will try to correct this because I am very self conscious of it and bring my lower jaw forward). Because of this overbite, I only chew on four teeth (my molars) and get really bad migraines because of how I grind my teeth. So in a few weeks (the surgery is on September 26th), I will be on a liquid diet. So lots of smoothies! My favorites right now are Pumpkin Pie Smoothies and Peanut Butter Cup Smoothies.

So Yummy for only 255 calories. Part of a tasty breakfast!

Larabars: I absolutely love these fruit bars! My favorites are the Peanut Butter Cookie and the Blueberry Muffin. They range in the calorie range of 180 – 220. If I am in a hurry, I usually just grab a bar and drink some almond milk and go off about my day in the morning. Since yesterday I was doing a lot of driving, I just munched on one for lunch. I seriously do not go  a week without having at least 3 of these.

Curry: My husband made this big delicious batch of Coconut Chicken Curry. It has red potatoes and carrots in it and super filling! You can put it over a bed of rice or eat it by itself as a sort of curry stew. I love it. Even if my husband accidentally put way too much curry powder in it.

Oh man, I am drooling just thinking about it…


Pesto: I absolutely love Pesto. Love it. Love it. Love it. I could eat it ALL the time. It’s so easy to whip up. About a cup and a half of fresh basil leaves, some salt and pepper, 3 tablespoons of pine nuts, a half cup of grated Parmesan cheese, 3 cloves of garlic blended in a food processor with some olive oil added in. Then on the stove top heat up a 3/4 cup of heavy cream and a tablespoon of butter until the butter is  melted. Add the Basil mix with the cream mixture and then mix over the top of cooked noodles. I use the Smart Taste Rotini. I have been having this a lot lately. Of course I have no pictures because I just devour it.

Bacon: Yes, I still eat bacon. I think I have had bacon twice this week for breakfast. Real bacon too. Not made from turkey or chicken or whatever. As long as you are smart about it and don’t eat a whole package of bacon, it’s really not that bad. You need fat and cholesterol in your diet so what better way to get it?


So that’s pretty much what I have been chowing down on lately. There’s been other things too… like taco dip and low fat brownies (which you guys have already seen).

I eat relatively normal for being on a “diet.” I never feel deprived. No, I can’t have ice cream every single night… but I can have it once every two weeks, and really, you don’t need ice cream that often. If you are craving fast food, you can just make it yourself. You can have fries, just have them baked instead. Go ahead and have a burger. Just don’t have a half pounder because you do not need that much. Feeling like you are going to explode is not what feeling full feels like. That’s not a good place to put your stomach. Eat slowly and when you feel content, like “Yeah I could eat more but it won’t make much of a difference,” that’s when you stop eating. Listen to your body and you can enjoy a lot!


18 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Nomming

  1. I don’t like the word “diet” – it’s just “die” with a t at the end LOL Having said that, I still end up saying it… and like you, I’m still eating relatively normally… I’m just trying to eat more sensibly and get more exercise.

    I know it’s a little early, but I hope the surgery goes well. I have a slight overbite myself but I was lucky because I wasn’t even really aware of it until I was a teenager and I went to get my teeth straightened. If you’re not made aware of it, you tend to accept things as “normal” a whole lot more.

    • Muahahahahaha. It’s a torture device.

      And yeah my overbite is super extreme, though. Like if I don’t get it fixed, I will need dentures. Before I am 50. Not good.

      So yeah definitely not normal.

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